I heart Anne Curtis’ boobies

It’s funny how people refer to this as a “nipple slip”

It was a whole, albeit small, boob that popped out for all of Boracay to see. God, I love that boob. I have not been affected this much by a “boob-bu,” hey, I coined a slang, since Marian’s—and that was a whole lot clearer (video) and bigger (boob).

I heart Anne Curtis

I have always liked Anne Curtis. I’ve been placing myself in all these imaginary sexual scenarios since I saw her all drunk and flirty (with Luis Manzano) during the heydays of Mustang, the bar. I like her look; she looks like a nice person who can punish you in every evil, conceivable way possible. I like her skin tone, I like her curves. And this photo, Jesus Christ.

So, what now…

Now, because you took the time to read my post up to here, and because I heart Anne Curtis’ boobies so much, I’ve decided to host said “boob-bu” video here, and photo here—and none of that RapidShare crap also—self-hosted, and will be archived here for all eternity.

Just remember though, such shall be called “boob-bu” from hereon after.

Marian Rivera, the sexiest?

With Marian Rivera clinching the title “Sexiest Woman” in the Philippines, responsible of course for placing her in such high a pedestal is FHM, I find it hard to ignore the issues and questions surrounding this unwanted race for “the most,” in God-given, ergo, not man-made gifts – to the people, the organization and to Marian.

Enough with the drama. Let’s take a minute here and compare the Philippines Sexiest, Marian Rivera, with the global race winner, Megan Fox. Marian Rivera versus Megan Fox, now that’s something; wait, strike that, “nothing.”

When asked to crown the “sexiest,” let us not forget the first three letters which spells “sex,” or, more appropriately, “sex appeal.” Let us then consider how much of Marian’s skin we’ve seen to help us place her even in our lowest of fantasies – granted she has not appeared in any of the three major men’s magazines. Like all which involves voting and ballots, it has obviously turned out to be a popularity race.

It’s tough for FHM as well, borderline “low-blow,” to crown someone they don’t even have pictures of. How credible is a leading publication about women who awards a leading woman they know nothing of? Consolation – they did not let politics get the best of them.

And to the taray queen, who obviously is the winner in all aspects here; not much can be done except to hope that in the future, the title will be given to a deserving someone who bared for the people (just imagine how much a Katrina Halili or a Diana Zubiri had to go through – Dyesebel costume not counted), has no “scandals” doubting her true being, and lastly, is sexy.

I’m not gay nor a hater; Marian, honestly, is near-perfect. She has everything (rather, has been given everything but has yet to accomplish “something”). She is gorgeous and beautiful – in an “I will love and keep you forever, and give everything you desire” kind of way, but once Megan Fox takes off her clothes in front of me… I WILL cheat. But, this, and everything else you read here, is just me.

Photo below was stolen from someone who stole it from somewhere.

Marian Rivera

Agent Sarah Walker from Chuck

Played by Yvonne Strahovski

And also because I have to make two consecutive posts related. Yes, here we go again with the ladies, but this time I’m really in deep. And just because, I separated her into two posts – Yvonne Strzechowski, screen-named Yvonne Strahovski, is that lovely Polish-Australian actress who plays Agent Sarah Walker in the TV Series, Chuck. Have I said she is lovely? So people, do yourself a favor and watch Chuck. Season 1 just finished in the U.S. and I’m already seeing it on local cable channels. She just has this unexplainable charm that goes with her character and is aided by her acting. Be sure to take note of her Wienerlicious outfit; and oh, her Princess Leia-costumed Halloween scene from episode 6.

Sarah Christophers is back

I heart Sarah Christophers

Remember Sarah Christophers? Berks fame? She’s back. Sarah is UNO Magazine’s April 2008 cover girl. I know, I know… I already have a spin-off blog about the ladies, but this is an exception. I’ve always envisioned writing about the girls I interviewed for Bembang! – the experience, first hand impression of their personalities, etc. So far I have none on Sarah.

Remembering Sarah

For the uninformed, the interview archive is still here. That was almost four years ago. It was during Karel Marquez’ interview when we first spotted Sarah – Karel had a gig in Dish, Quezon City; Sarah watched. I believe it was my friend Singapore Clear who approached her and asked permission for a future feature. “So, number ba ito ng manager mo?” Asked Singapore Clear. “Ah no, personal number ko yan.” Whoa. How trusting is Sarah?

It was obvious even back then that she was not caught up in the trappings of celebrity life. During the interview, she was as simple as can be, but insanely, stunningly, silently, gorgeous. She answered questions without hesitation. She laughed, she laughed… She made us feel like we were just what we looked like from other people’s eyes – close friends having casual coffee.

Me and my Bembang! crew probably ran into Sarah 2-3 times after that interview. She’d say hi. She’d remember our names. She’d ask for whoever it was who wasn’t there but was in the interview. She introduced us to Ketchup Eusebio. She’d say she remembered every detail of the interview clearly in her head. It felt like Bembang!, my pride and joy back then, was already “malakas” with Sarah Christophers.

News spread that she was back in hometown Australia one day. Maybe for good, maybe for school, I don’t know. Her fans (count me in) felt a certain sayang compassion because she had not reached her full potential locally. However, she stayed connected (with fans) via her already-closed blog and her Multiply.

Thoughts In Binary

In person, you’d easily get the notion that she is deep – a thinker. And she is just that. I can also probably accurately attest that she is a bookworm. As far as looks is concerned, well, do you like tisay? If not, I honestly feel that if you see her, she can make you think twice about your taste. I remember her hair, her brows and lashes were jet black. They were gorgeous. She was and still is, gorgeous.

Truth is, I can rave about her all day and you still would probably not care. If it weren’t for UNO, most people would probably still have no clue who Sarah Christopers is. She went cold. And although her “comeback” method is sizzling hot and sexy – add “sexy” to her arsenal, she lost weight; only time can tell if she is really officially back.

The Search for Miss Ugly

(No More)

I just saw the most demeaning thing ever. Last night, on one of the most traffic nights ever in history, I almost bumped the car in front of me when I saw this huge billboard over at SLEX that had three women, posed as if they were finalists in a beauty pageant. I mean, sure they were not beauty queen material, more of like your average Filipina, then I saw the huge inscription on top: “The Search for Miss Ugly (No More), Who will be the fairest among the three.”

Apparently it’s a sponsored contest by Beverly Hills 6750 – a new Cosmetic Surgery franchise endorsed by Ms. Dayanara Torres. The winner gets a free makeover. Something like that reality TV show before in the U.S. – The Swan. See, even that show had not the balls to say “ugly.”

I saw a press release in Yehey! while searching for more information. David Bunevacz is the president of Beverly Hills 6750. He says “… the ‘ugly’ in the search does not conform to the stereotype physical defects.” Man, this is just so wrong in so many levels; it’s also the exact opposite of Dove’s campaign for real beauty thing. I’m trying to be open-minded here and understand their side, maybe you could help me with some comments. I’ll say no more… …well, maybe except for go lick your own hairy balls David Bunevacz.

Gretchen Barretto and John Estrada

The Scandal

Holy rusted metal Batman! So here I am telling you about my new babes’ playground and before you know I’m at it again. Well, it’s not yet up anyway. I just came by this really odd thing.

Apparently there are some scandalous photos of John Estrada and Gretchen Barretto circulating in the internet. They are locked-up in a kiss. Watch the video in YouTube first. To tell you the truth I’m dissappointed that there’s no sex. It’s not worthy of scandal fame. I mean imagine that if Gretchen had a sex video! I know I will. And by the way, kudos to you John Estrada. Good choice.

There will always be someone prettier than the last

When in doubt, in love, in hate, in landi mode, I always go back to that line uttered to me by a dear friend who back then had twice my wisdom in years. “Mark, there will always be someone prettier than the last.” Of course, pertaining to that remarkable creation of a higher power – woman. Women alone, for me, is enough proof that there is a God, and yes I believe that the all perfect creature was created in her likeness and being.

I am no cassanova. I have engaged in successful relationships throughout my years with utmost loyalty; but neither do I wish to entice you with my perfection – I am just human. And so are you, male reader, but I honestly doubt that the opposite sex is just that – human. More of like angels without wings, living goddesses, walking masterpieces.

Let’s take time to think of the most beautiful women we’ve seen in our lifetime, whether in person or otherwise, acquainted or not.

Ah, perfection. Passion. And, before I drift further from my article’s title, let me just remind you that this is written under the premise of admiration. Not desire.

It has become clear to me why women, generally, are less concerned with looks as compared with men. Men only reach this level of maturity at a point popularly known as that time to settle down. Like settling down really means finding that one person, when in fact all it really means is that one is sick to the brim of fooling around. Yes, I believe in the importance of compatibility and that concept of having one that is “right for you,” but how many times have we lost that would-be “right for us” because of our worldliness. Then, to make our reasons even more shallow, we find someone “more beautiful” and move on.

I have seen people desire even those whom we would normally consider undesirable. Foreigners come to our land and adore those in our race who are normally considered unappealing. Then they consider our trophy girlfriends or wives as “plain” to their eyes. Show me your dream babe and I will introduce you to ten people who will think otherwise.

The way I see it, I’m bound to use “There will always be someone prettier than the last” in one of two ways. First would be to enjoy life as a free man jumping from one relationship to another, ending each one in “acceptable” reasons; second would be to stick with the current and sum it up with those nine words. From there, the only mistakes I can make would either be – being with someone I do not personally consider beautiful (pretty) or, being with someone who does not have a good heart.

Lougee Basabas in person

Probably the least exciting In Person post I’ll do and here’s why. Lougee is a public performer, she lives to perform in concerts and gigs accessible to anyone; therefore many people get to see her if they really want to. Like that, I have seen her countless of times performing with her band, Mojofly. There’s no question she gives one hell of a performance on stage. She knows how to connect with the audience, her voice is excellent and she moves gracefully. I saw her at the Alabang Town Center yesterday around 8:00 p.m. at Food Choices. She was with her boyfriend and a couple of other friends. Her boyfriend, I think he is “someone.” I’m not sure. I always see them together – I’m talking about the one with long hair and a full beard. Lougee’s hair was short, semi-boyish. White skin tone like most celebrities, but not freakishly white. She has a look that is distinctly “Lougee,” I mean, I can’t say that she “kind of looks like… and a little bit of…” In my opinion, seeing her without a microphone is like seeing your typical babe; watching her perform, she becomes a totally different insert-your-favorite-word-to-describe-a-hot-female here. Here is the only semi-decent picture I have of her, taken back in 2005.

Lyndsey Custodio in person

Here’s a funny bonus. Remember Lyndsey? Remember AngTV? For those of you who do, well, I saw her yesterday as well at the Alabang Town Center. If I remember correctly, this is already the second time, at almost the exact location – near the cinema ticket booths. Then I distinctly remember what my companion said: “Kung hindi mo pa sinabi, hindi ko mapapansin.” Well, I’m an AngTV fan so… It’s weird how old she is already. I’m not saying she looks old, in fact for her age she looks young. She probably has kids now, which promotes her to one of my favorite age groups – MILFs – this one word sums up my report.

69 Jaymee Joaquin pictures


My friend, Australian Wengz – Super Surfer, sent me a message in Yahoo! Messenger containing a link to a YouTube video – Mike’s Apartment’s Nagdedeliryo music video. He then followed it with a one-word message – sekswal. Intrigued, I decided to devote 4 minutes, 59 seconds of my time to watch it. Unworthy of the first 3 minutes of the video was the word sekswal, until 3:23 – which featured an act of titillation I am used only to seeing live. A striptease; the stripper – Jaymee Joaquin.

In Person

Almost two years ago I was given the chance to interview Jaymee Joaquin. She was the Dream Bembang! feature right after Jennylyn Mercado. Back then she was doing the show Bora, was hosting a tech-based television show, was omnipresent as hostess of all sorts of events, and was the ex-girlfriend of our batchmate in DLSU. In person, during the interview, she had the appeal of that which was normally reserved for amboys – which even she later on attested to. She had a LOT of things to say – borderline talkative. Her dream career path was that of Pia Guanio’s – smart, beautiful and sexy; I honestly believe she has what it takes. I distinctly remeber her stories of impulsive travelling – alone – all over the Philippines. I rank that interview high in terms of those I enjoyed the most.


Australian Wengz’s timing was impecable. It provided me a much needed push in order to cross out an item in my ever-accumulating to do list. The photo below will lead you to more in my gallery. I have around a hundred more; it was a time when my camera was fairly new and what I lacked in quality, I made up in quantity.

This post is confusing

I apologize. This is just a combination of an In Person post, a promotion of my gallery, small-time promotion of the band Mike’s Apartment, and mediocre story-telling. The title, well, I couldn’t figure out how many pictures to post, so I based it on a number that is dear to me. So there you go.


Leah Dizon

Who is Leah Dizon?

Everytime I search for my missing Maria Ozawa post in Google, I always see this name oriented with her in the search results. I visited a couple of sites and found out the following.

Apparently, Leah Dizon is part Filipina (and Chinese, and French). She hails from Japan as a tarento, or simply put – a multi-talented celebrity. She did not start her career in Japan though; she was doing covers of popular import car magazines such as Super Street back in the U.S., after which her Asian fanbase grew and she was advised to start a career in Japan.

Her look is uniquely beautiful. A fine example of that new breed of Asian beauties popularized by the likes of Devon Aoki and The Fast & The Furious franchise. “She looks like a doll” is what I imagine me saying if shown a picture by someone. I wish she would find time to explore her Filipino roots, maybe visit us here someday. Get started on your quest for Leah Dizon by visiting her two “official” sites – one, two.