My YouTube channel

Video blog?

Whatever they call it these days. Wait, wouldn’t it have been more appropriate if I meant Iyot Tube? Anyway, I have always wanted to have the ability to take videos instantaneously, which is one of the reasons why I chose a Sony Ericsson P990i. Yes, I know the quality of the videos are somewhat subpar but it’s a start. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up buying a camcorder in the future – depends on how much I enjoy this. I’ve decided not to embed my videos here, in fact I’m not going to embed anything here. It’s just redundant that way. And, the way I see it, YouTube viewers who chance upon my videos are potential blog (and other sites) visitors.

For now, majority of my videos are reserved for relatives and close friends. All videos are public though, but you might end up saying “What the hell are these?” if you don’t really know me personally. For future blog visitors and everyone else, this post will end up in a 1-post category called videos. To view my videos, visit my YouTube channel below. And hey, if you have a YouTube account, add u me!