Manila International Auto Show 2010

Naks, 2 blog posts in 2 days

Here is my “coverage” of the the recently concluded Manila International Auto Show. I went on the last day, April 18, 2010, Sunday, at about 4:30 pm. Manila International Auto Show or “MIAS” is not really known for customized cars. Although there are, they are separate from the the major car brands’ booths. And if you’re familiar with the World Trade Center, the custom cars are at the smaller building at the left side. MIAS is also known for Russ Swift—that precision driver dude who drives cars on their sides, and parallel parks like there’s no tomorrow—all of which I have not seen in the 3 years I’ve been going.

What’s special about this year’s show? Tough one, but WilCars is at the top of my list. WilCars is a collaboration between Alex Restoration and, wait for it, Willie Revillame. In other words, there is a space there with a Ferrari, a Porsche, 2 Mustangs and an Audi R8—all of which are Willie’s, all of which have “WIL” in their license plates. Papi, idol ka talaga. More about cars in the gallery, click below.

Thoughts In Binary’s “Mahal Ko Na Siya Bebot of the Show”

Go figure. I don’t know what it is about these promo girls, but with all these blogs covering them, they’ve become celebrities in their own right. Phrases like “uy, si Mica Atanacio” or “uy paps, si Jem Milton” come out of our mouths like rapid fire. And in each of these shows, there is always someone, often a new discovery, whom I’d like to take home and… Usually she’d be the one quietly taking her job seriously, while most “Pinoy parazzi” hoard the likes of Paulene So and Abby Poblador.

Meet Ms. Sherlyn Gonzales. By the way, that’s a really funny name. I know she might not look much in the photo below, I was shocked too when I downloaded them, but believe me, she is damn fine. I then googled “Sharlene Gonzales” after remembering how much I laughed when I asked her name, and this was the only link I came up with. I’m not even sure if that’s her, because Jesus, the bangs ha. Pero ganda niya, pasok na pasok sa criteria. Click below, marami pang kwento sa gallery.

Trans Sport Show 2009

Went there Saturday afternoon, April 25, which most probably was the busiest time of the show’s 4-day stretch. I don’t think I liked anything in particular that much; before, when there was so-sweet-a-ride, I’d go as far as visiting it a second time. This year, none. Maybe my taste has gone where my age has, I don’t know.

Another crazy thing worth noting, people were like paparazzi on viagra. Remember the time when having a DSLR was cool and unique? 2-3 years ago, it went from that to being the “in” thing, to being just regular. Now, it’s just annoying. People were lining up and “bunching” up to take pictures of the girls which would’ve made even Britney jealous of the attention. Noong araw, I needed to compose myself and suck up some gut before I could even ask the girls to pose for pictures.

But there were a lot of hot girls. Because I could not find any “worthy” cars, I devoted my time and attention to the models (yes, I proudly took advantage of the paparazzi movement). There were high-class (and high-priced) promo girls, gro-looking girls, then some so-so girls. Ms. Abby “red head” Poblador (Playboy February 2009) won Ms. Trans Sport Show, and the only other one who seemed to have some form of fame was Ms. Paulene So, who appeared in Maxim’s March issue. I’m sure there were other notable figures.

Anyway, I was also there in support of our El Presidente and Phat Audio big boss Alvin Cu, who shook the whole Megamall with his “King Kong” Mitsubishi Space Wagon. Congrats, parekoy. Click below to see the whole photo set and to have a first-hand feel of my trip (and the show) as I say it how it really is in my commentaries.

trans sport show 2009 sm megamall

Manila International Auto Show 2009

MIAS 2009; whoa, an update

The car show season is upon us. Good thing I was able to catch the last day (yesterday, April 5) of “MIAS” 2009. I was there in 2007, but last year, I don’t remember (and can’t believe) how it passed me. Anyway, MIAS is not a Trans Sport Show – tuner and custom car-wise, which means majority of the displays are latest offerings from manufacturers, although there were still a lot of cool “customs.” After all, they need to pack the World Trade Center.

What I really want to see however, is a Trans Sport Show-type show held there (WTC). The World Trade Center is just perfect for such. Imagine a full week’s worth of cars, activities outdoors (e.g. Russ Swift’s demonstration, competitions), food, honeyz (naks), the whole shebang. Someone please create the perfect Philippine car show.

Thoughts In Binary

The photos will tell the story. I was only able to take photos of 2 promo girls. Damn it. I encountered a small hassle issue with the kumander, plus, it was almost closing, so less girls. I did however take photos of all the motorcycles there (haha) – my new “thing.” Click below.


Discovery Real Time rules

For the quintessential Petrol Head

Just the other day I while was doing my usual before-sleeping channel surfing – already expecting to bitch once more about Sky Cable’s incompetence and lack of cool channels, I chanced upon a rare too-good-to-be-true program which featured metalworks, custom fabrication, wheels, chrome and paint. The show, American Hot Rod. What the hell channel is this? Discovery Real Time. What should have been an hour’s maximum tube time became five.

Car show after car show after another. If not cars, motorcycles – which rules as well. If not motorcycles, then maybe a hint of boats and planes sometimes, which is not too bad either. Overhaulin’, Fifth Gear, Biker Build Off, The Kustomizer, War of the Wheels, just to name a few.

What I could not seem to digest however, was the running announcement on the bottom. Basically, it says the channel will last only until June 30 (today), unless we upgrade to Sky Cable Platinum.

The solution

This totally sucks. I hate this setup. I find myself watching less and less television since Sky Cable dropped bTV, Solar Sports and the other RPN-owned channels. The whole ruckus between Destiny, Sky and Solar drains the life out of Philippine cable television. I don’t really know who’s exactly to blame, but we still enjoy and like Sky Cable’s Zpdee, which is why we remain with them.

To upgrade to Sky Cable Platinum we’d have to pay an extra Php 840 to our Php 520 monthly-worth Silver subscription. With that much I think I’d rather pay for an extra (different) cable provider (e.g. Destiny), with broadband internet – to be dedicated to torrent downloading. Well, all of The Discovery Real Time shows are available for downloading, which is what I’m already doing anyway, so screw you capitalists. Pirates rule.

The best Toyota Vios review ever

So, my mom bought a new car – a very practical one; a 2008 Toyota Vios, G model. “G” is Toyota’s way of saying the car is in the top of it’s class – all the amenities, mag wheels, higher displacement engine, the works. Only thing we didn’t get is the insane 40+ thousand upgrade for leather seats. Ours is an automatic with a 1.5L engine, so basically, it’s the 2nd most expensive Vios (Php 765,000.00) around.

In this review, I will not bore you with numbers and 0-100 km/h statistics. I took pictures of the car from all angles, and added captions and commentaries for each picture. I took into account the average small and young family looking for a daily driver for “pops” and a weekend ride for mom, pops, and the yet-to-go-to-school bulinggits. In my opinion, the Toyota Vios does not serve any purpose better than this.

Of course, there are choices. Basically, the Vios is a level lower than compact cars. Compact means Honda Civic, Toyota Altis, Nissan Sentra. Of course, in the Philippines, smaller is better – easier to maneuver through traffic and parking spaces, and better gas consumption – which reminds me to include here the 15 km/l it gets on average. 15 km/l – that’s nearly twice what we used to get from the 90’s Civics, Corollas, etc., and a Php 50 costing trip from Alabang-Nichols. Technology is getting better in producing more kilometers per liter, but gas prices are getting higher. Ergo, everything stays the same.

Back to the choices. The only other sub-compact in my list is the Honda City. Of course there is the Honda Jazz, but it became more of a “porma” car than a family car. The Honda City has a 1.3 engine. In Toyota’s defense, a 1.3 liter engine consumes more gas because it’s hirap. I say, Honda has VTEC and other advanced engine technologies so basically they consume the same amount of gas and produce nearly equivalent power outputs. Brands-wise they’re both Japanese. But to put it in a more apt perspective, a Toyota will surpass at least twice it’s life expectancy and a Honda, is well, a Honda.

This is slowly becoming the most boring Toyota Vios review ever, so let’s proceed to the more exciting life in color. Click on the picture below to view the review and do share your knowledge and opinions about sub-compacts for comparison.

Trans Sport Show 2008

April 20, 2008 update

Visited the Trans Show on it’s last day earlier; we arrived late, around 8:30 p.m. I just have to say though, up until 9:30 p.m. when we left, people were still buying tickets. Tickets now cost Php 60 for adults; if I remember correctly, last year it still cost Php 50. Still the usual suspects – Civics, Japanese tuner cars. There weren’t any notable supercars except probably for the Dodge Viper. I don’t even recall seeing a Ferrari or a Lambo. There were a bunch of really nice restored Buicks including a Buick model Eight. Anyway, moving along, what I really want to comment on – you’ll read below.

The girls of Trans Sport Show 2008

I just have to say, the quality of this year’s show girls improved dramatically. If I may, most probably threefold. In this year’s batch, 80% could make it as commercial models. And that’s saying a lot. Tisays, chinitas, pinay beauties, schoolgirls, and everything in between. To even more clearly get what I mean, here’s an excerpt from me and my girlfriend’s conversation – “Ang daming maganda ngayon no?” “Oo nga eh, saka hindi katulad dati na parang mga galing Pegasus.Here is most’s favorite, because of the Jav Idol appeal, here is Ms. Trans Sport Show, but this one, is my pick.

Original post below

Just remembered I’m usually first on this one. Trans Sport Show, that car show I’ve been going to 12 years in a row now, is turning 17 this year. Imagine that; or rather, imagine SM Megamall is now also 17 years old. Yes, it’s still going to be held at cramped-up Megamall, not the new SMX Convention Center, even if Tradeshow International, Inc. (organizers) have already utilized it for Manila Auto Salon 2007.

With all that out of the way, here are some details about this year’s show. April 16 – 20, Wednesday – Sunday @ the Megatrade Hall. This year’s theme is “A Tradition of Auto Restoration Excellence.” Then there are the usuals – seminars, awards, Ms. Trans Sport Show, etc. Tradeshow’s site is under construction; you can contact them directly at 6718381 – 82 or 6713122. This post will be updated regularly.

Yamaha Evolution 2008

SM Mall of Asia, February 7-13

Checked it out yesterday. First time to one of these (bike shows), except for those car shows with motorcycles. Definitely not that last show I’ll go to especially now that I’m a “biker,” but I’ll probably go only to “motorcycle in general” shows since there were too few bikes to look at at this one. It only needed the atrium part of Mall of Asia for the display. There was also a free test drive at the IMAX parking area, but unfortunately we were too late. Bamboo was already playing when we arrived – at the open field nearest the IMAX parking. Highlight of the show? Definitely the Valentino Rossi M1 bike. Here are the pictures.

dubshop now in Alabang

DUBSHOP, Automotive Lifestyle

That nice little shop along Timog Ave., the one with all the bling wheels, the one I’ve always wanted to check-out, is now in The Alabang. Yeah, yeah whatever, but this is important for me. The one in Timog Ave., well, I can’t seem to catch it open since I only find myself within the vicinity during nighttime. Anyway, I got the idea for this post, since someone over at bilyar.NET posted what I had first thought was something really off-topic. Then I saw this picture. Yup, that’s a Brunswick Metro in their lounge area, the exact same thing used in the World Pool Championships.

Anyway, I checked out dubshop Alabang a couple yesterday. Unfortunately, there was no Brunswick Metro, but, I finally got to see some nice dubs. I estimated their display stocks to be around 100 unique wheels. They are located within Minerva Tyre Gallery – something I thought and hoped had already closed. They just rent out the display area of Minerva; it’s just beside Total Gas Station, over at Westgate, and you could see the display from Commerce Ave. or Petron. I’d rather not post the poor-quality photos I took with this post, but here’s one, and here’s another one.


Just a really, really short story about Minerva Tyre Gallery. A few months ago I went there to have some tires mounted on my mags. I arrived early and was advised by the counter to wait for their general meeting to end. I noticed the manager was really, really pissed. He was yelling and cursing all over the place, and me plus some other waiting customers could see easily see and feel his wrath on the poor employees. When it was time to entertain me, I noticed his tone had not changed. “Sir, customer po ako hindi empleyado, kung pwede lang paki-babaan boses nyo.” In fairness, I was asking something really hard to pull-off done – but it was doable. Toned down and all, he said, “Boss, 20 years na po ako nag ma-mount ng gulong, hindi po pwede yang pinapagawa nyo. Masyado makitid ang mags at masyado malapad gulong nyo.” I proceeded to my suki in Sucat. Boom. Done in 5 minutes. My attempt to save a little gas to go to the nearer Minerva did not pay off. And besides, Minerva was charging me Php 400 for what cost me only Php 50 (per tire) in Sucat.

The First Philippine International Motor Show

There’s another a new car show in town. The 1st Philippine International Motor Show; keyword, “international.” It is organized by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI) and started last August 9, until the 12th at the The World Trade Center. The event which carries the theme “Shifting to Higher Gear,” will unveil the latest car models from the best brands in the country. It is also presented by Shell Philippines, and will showcase the unity of the Philippine automotive industry.

I heard of this show from my kumpare, Eric. I was not aware of it until later today. I searched for some information, then I also found this site of the organizers. Apparently, it is an “international” show, so it is one that acts as a venue to showcase the latest innovations from manufacturers, concept cars, weird inventions, etc. It’s not really my kind of show, I go more for one-of-a-kind custom creations, but I might drop by tomorrow. Word is hot on the latest Mitsubishi Evolution or “EVO.”

Solar powered car made by La Salle students

The Philippines’ first solar powered car will be open for public viewing tomorrow at the De La Salle University campus. The car will also participate in an international competition featuring cars with alternative means of power. I was not able to catch that much information from the news, all I know is that the finished car was not shown on television. It looks similar though to the usual solar cars – the one that houses only one person inside a clear glass bubble. The car from what I heard is also supported by regular car batteries for extra power. Props to DLSU and it’s engineering students.