Balik blogging!

Hello World! I’m back to blogging. I’ll give this one more try. See, according to my old blog, which used Movable Type, I started blogging in July 24, 2005. I think my last post was in July 25, 2005. Now, I’m going to try to update this POS blog everyday… Why? Because I can earn from this! A bunch’a Noyps out there are blogging for a living. I want a piece of the pie… You know why I wasn’t able to continue my old blog? Because I’m an O.C. SOB who can only look at and update a site if the design feels right. If IT feels right to me. And believe me, what looks good to my eyes is not even pretty to most of you. It’s a sickness. I might have already been Big-Bucks-Mark-Verzo if I prioritized form over function. But NO! SOB!!! Check out that dude who earns about $300,000 a month from Ad Sense. The stupid site’s design is FUGLY! F that SOB! Oh, by the way, I’m Mark Verzo, I’m pogi, I’m always single but never lonely, I make and maintain sites for a living and I love Mini-Trucks! So join me in this journey… Because most of the time I will put a lot of sense into this blog. I need visitors to earn from the G’damn ads!

P.S. I’m now using Word Press (Obviously).

P.P.S. And I will NOT modify this F’N default theme!!!

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