Corteza settles for second place

2007 Guiness 9-ball tour

Chang Jung-Ling of Taiwan defeated Lee Van Corteza 11-5 to win the opening leg of the Guiness 9-ball tour held at the Sultan Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. Corteza gets $6,000, Chang pockets $15,000.

Lee Van scratched in the first rack and produced three dry breaks. In the 11th rack, while running-out, he was called for a foul due to his shirt touching a ball. Chang then cleared the table and led 7-4, then won 4 of the last 5 racks for the win.

The Guiness 9-ball tour  is a ranking tour in Asia for players to qualify in the 2007 World Pool Championship; the top 10 players for the whole tour qualify. The total prize money for the Guiness tour amounts to $320,000. Winners of each leg will receive $15,000 and the Grand Final Champion gets $36,000. The next tour stop will be held at Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei on May 18-20.

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