Restructuring bilyar.NET


Launched April of 2006, I originally installed the forum software on the root folder of It was sort of a trial and error thing. People registered but I have been unable to get new and unfamiliar users to participate in the forums. “Unfamiliar” being people who are not already registered in other billiards forums. The forum is quite active, but spam is more abundant. But, along the way I have met new friends and fellow pool addicts. Which is good. 

Now part of Bembang! Blogs

Most of the stuff I talk about in this blog anyway is about billiards. In the beginning I blogged mostly about personal billiards experiences but lately, I’ve found myself blogging about current events. Like reporting, not blogging. Now, bilyar.NET has an articles portion. And since I’ve fallen in love with WordPress’ simplicty and power, I didn’t even give other CMS’s a look. I moved the forum, installed WordPress in the root, etc. in less than 2 hours. And well, for leverage I added bilyar.NET to Bembang! Blogs as a “bilyar blog.” So now I have two blogs, billiards topics will be lessened here but not removed.

The links

New forum location – WordPress location (root) – Bembang! Blogs –  

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