Who is Ellen Adarna?

February 25, 2009 update

Broke the 400-picture mark late last year. Sorry for the late update.

October 2, 2008 update

Is Ellen back on the cover of UNO Magazine?

September 1, 2008 update

I’ve taken over the duty of hosting the most comprehensive collection of Ellen Adarna photos. Currently, 360 photos. Check it out – Ellen Adarna gallery.

March 21, 2008 update

Ellen Adarna UNO March 2008. Plus, an Ellen Adarna Yahoo! Group.

March 1, 2008 update

Check this out. Finally. Original post below.

One day

My friend, Bulate, led me to a Gagong Rapper video in YouTube and, little did I know that he really meant for me to listen to the song; I took notice of the girl in the video instead. I’ve seen that girl before – Friendster, MySpace, forums, blogs, you-name-it. I just thought she was one of those new celebrities that no longer appealed to our age group. With little left in my schedule, I then proceeded to read all the comments below the video – 8 pages worth.

Philippines’ Queen of MySpace

Ellen Meriam Go Adarna, who appeared in the July 2005 and June 2006 covers of Candy Mag, is a model, a chinita beauty sometimes resembling Maxene Magalona, and a self-made internet celebrity. Her online celebrity status started from her obsessive posting of self-portraits taken from camphones, sometimes even with a male partner in a bedroom setting. This led to numerous fake social networking accounts that used her photos, and an army of yet-to-reach-puberty perverts posting obsessive and disturbing messages all over the internet.


Again, I’ll leave you with links to get you more acquainted. First off, an 8-page long thread in TipidPC.com entitled “Post your Favorite Ellen Adarna Pix here.” A video in YouTube for CandyMag, proof of her second cover feature and a rare chance to hear her talk. A self-made video in Photobucket, her plea to disregard fake accounts. 101 search results in YouTube for “Ellen Adarna.” A no-proof-of-authenticity blog in Blogger. A 341 picture collection in a .zip file, imagine that. And, her official sites: http://www.myspace.com/567626, which will lead you to http://www.myspace.com/ellengoadarna, and a no-longer-exists http://ellenmeriamadarna.multiply.com.

Final Thoughts In Binary

She is really, really gorgeous though; especially for chinita lovers. A suiting description would be angelic. But, maybe she’s just really photogenic. I’m not posting her picture here, let’s not fall into that cliche.

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  1. yeah..she is pretty though in her photos, really photogenic but there are a lot more cebuanas who are prettier and appealing than her./ its just that she is more exposed than the others, ryt?

  2. ryt mitch! there are lots of pretty pinays out there

    i think she enjoys all the attention from her “supporters”

  3. The blogspot account is hers, but she doesn’t use it anymore. It was discarded along with her ex-boyfriend.

    I defnitely agree with your description of her as “angelic” – which appeals to many Pinoys, thus, explaining the obsession over this fair-skinned beauty. But I have to admit, she doesn’t fall under my category of “gorgeous”. Pretty, yes, but gorgeous, no. Gorgeous would be Angelina Jolie. Ha! Cliche is everywhere baby. If it’s not this one, it must be another. Haha!

  4. @ mitch: right on!

    @ kat: I guess I’m just easy to please (gorgeous). You’re also right though. Anyway, thanks for sharing some more info. Thanks! Drop by again sometime.

  5. Wow I didn’t know someone would really write a blog post about Ellen. She’s one of my very good friends and one time both of us were talking about all these publicity she’s getting online which just started by her posting pics just like any other normal teenager.

    It’s kinda bothering that these kind of ppl have nothing more important to do (referring to the fakers, video makers, and thread starters and such). Hehe =)

  6. she is really pretty specially on her right angle view…she know how to post …she’ll be a very good image model…hope she just protect the image she created…she made her fame by showing off her face and smile…not her body…her other picture with a boy companion might ruin her sweet image and become an object of lust (this is bad specially at her young age)

    I’m a lover of beauty like an art paint collector…i like to see beautiful Filipinas…i know the limit…i admire but i don’t desire!

  7. maganda sya sobra nababliw na nga ako dyan pero sana wag ng gayahin kawawa kase sya pls!!!!!!!hinde naman nya kasalanan maging maganda

  8. well she sure is pretty, as much as i dont want to admit it i have spent countless times marinating on her pics.. i hear al green songs in the background everytime i see her, i mean shes all over the place. poor girl. *hoboy i suck..just like i suck @ handball. this is pathetic.
    wish i could get back in time though and pose as her bestfriend.. w/ an evil plan

    yes i have a pet turtle..


  9. Can I just say I love her? Yeah cliche, every Tom, Dick and Harry had said that before, pero yeah, what’s not to love?

    Sana I could get to know her!! Anyone know how?

    And Queen of Myspace sounds really fitting. Queen of Hearts pa if we can add. 😉

  10. Honestly, I am amazed with her looks. Plus the fact that she’s pinay, makes it more interesting for pinoy guys like me to desire her ( I mean a lot of times, hehehe.) I wish I could see her face to face and say to her that she’s definitely worth talking about cause she’s full of mystery. Kaya nga sikat sya eh!

  11. She’s beautiful… seen her a lot of times here in Cebu specially Vudu. There are really a lot of beautiful cebuanas other than her but does not have the charm of her angellic face.

    But the truth is, it’s her loss because she can never get a hold of me. She’s just a silly girl who’ll never know me!

  12. alam nyo? ang papangit ng ugali nyo?? inggit lng cguro kayo sa beuty niya… kc mga mukha niyo kamukha ng puet niya.. hahaha ang eepal niyo kc… pinapakialaman ba kayo ni ellen???? sagutin niyo nga!!! o dba ndi kayo makasagot…. eh kc wala nmang paki c ellen sa inyo… kaya y do u nid to criticize a person who never criticize you??? its simple… bcoz ur jelous of the way she looks… wala sanang pakialamanan… dba peaceful… im tired of hearing this shit about ellem… eh kesyo ganyan…. ganon.. what so ever… in short.. ang eepal niyo mga mother fuckin KSP people!!! get it??

  13. ellen is really pretty..but i dont know her attitude.. but still she seems to be really shy to her pictorials and when interviewed by the Candy magazines’ photographers and other staff..

  14. yeah guys!this girl is so pretty!i mean soooo pretty.kaya lang sana wag natin syang ijudge agad.kc d nmn ntin sya kilala personaly d b?
    to ms.ellen,gudluck sau!

  15. Hindi ko alam…pero when I 1st saw her face…uhm…un na…araw-araw tinitingnan ko yun…Di ko talaga alam…pero para syang drugs…nakakaadik ang sarap balikbalikan

  16. this girl is so flirt talaga..as in. if ur reading dis ellen..pwede tigilan mo na kaka flirt sa bf ko!!makontento kna sa 2 years plus mo na bf!!!!pwede!!

  17. modelling? here in cebu? i dont think so.. hey stray dog…as if ur not from cebu.. there are A LOT OF pretty charmers here…dont you know that?? OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE…and anyway, have you seen ellen’s legs??=P hehe. theyr not that good but hu cares.. she’s pretty though.. but anyway, just an advice dont be that “kaloka” to her beauty.. coz you know what, you’re like an ignoram who havent seen such a pretty lass like her… why dont you come and visit here in cebu if you want more pretty chinitas…=) “walay gwapa sa inyu?? kaluoy pud ninyu uy..=P”

  18. Ellen, i think is rude to “some” people she doesn’t know, i think she should also understand or be considerate, not all the people who wants to know her has a bad intention, on the other hand maybe i could not blame her for her comments/reaction, considering all the ellen adarna wannabies. Yeah, she’s beautiful, but beauty don’t last, it’s the attitude that counts most.

  19. ah… i don’t think those obscence pics are faked… anyway… just don’t judge her like she’s one hot item… she’s all flesh and bones… a human…

  20. ellen is really beautyful .. i dnt care if shes a whore, slut , flirt ! as long as she has the face that ol boys want ! boys like pretty , sexy nd white girls ! they dnt like those girls who are ugly , fat nd dark ! they’re too yucky to watch !!! attitude does not matters ! while beauty does !

  21. without a doubt the most beautiful starlet in Hollywood. everyone in hollywood look like crap and manufactured these days, and she’s just an air of fresh breath.

  22. well i think she’s gorgeous… ive been been dreaming about her all day… well… not with what you think…. i really adore her face

  23. hi..don’t say something bad bout ellen…la nman xa gnagawa sa inyo dba, so plese. stop it…im her present bf kaya concerned ako sa kanya.i hope, respect her naman poh, plz….that’s all..thank you..

  24. don’t judge ellen, you all don’t know her…don’t say bad things on her,..i am concerned bcoz im her present bf.. so plz,, stop it.that’z all…thank you…

  25. Well dante we do respect her, but it seems she doesn’t. Please tell her not to be rude to someone she doesn’t know, if she want other to respect her she should also do likewise, i understand her situation with regards to her “wannabies” of “fakers”, but she should not treat everybody especially, people she doesn’t know, like that.

    I think she’s all beauty, and that it nothing more.

  26. the fact is.. ellen adarna is already engage to his bf edmund.. she’s from cebu! 19 yrs old and a candy model teen search winner so please stop that you are his bf.. you just making up things ang banit bangit si ka..

  27. the fact is.. ellen adarna is already engage to his bf edmund.. she’s from cebu! 19 yrs old and a candy model teen search winner so please stop that you are his bf.. your just making up things ang banit bangit si ka..

  28. pano ko ba maview ang kanyang pictures sa zip files!! pasensya na po medyo internet ignorant ako eh!1 paki guide naman ako para makita ko din tong girlush na sinasabi nyong pretty di ko kasi ma visualized and face nya ..thanks po

  29. she’s from cebu ryt? or is my friend lying to me so i will search the whole city of cebu for eternity…

  30. where do you think is ellen now? and how is she doin’???.. im just curious because all previous sites and accounts of her are no longer updated and she no longer uses it.. kmusta n sya???

  31. yes she is pretty but the only reason why she is so popular on the internet is because she herself is a computer addict..she joined a lot of websites and scram her photos,,a very typical way to be popular on the net.

  32. yes i agree.. she is WAY TOO PHOTOGENIC. you’ll be disappointed when you see her in person because she looks prettier in the pictures that she takes herself. i always see her around the mall and nobody would even take notice of her because she looks so pale.. just like any typical korean you would see walking around. you wouldn’t even recognize her..you would just walk past her somewhere and not even know that it’s the famous-most-faked-internet-celebrity because she looks different in person. i mean it’s still her face but not that pretty as you expect. she’s just really white, that’s all.. when she puts on a little make-up then it becomes something we call beautiful.

  33. it’s her own doing! she wants to be the center of man’s attention.. well, she got it! she posted all these wild pictures of her for the world to see! it’s all her fault.. she knows that there are perverts around and you can never stop them.. not even paris hilton had stop that sex video of hers from spreading all over the internet! and based from all those photos. and yes, i’ve seen her.. she’s hella short.. around 4’11! im not impressed with her beauty..the type of face that you will see walking around..big deal!

  34. she has a nasty attitide.. no wonder people don’t like her.. she’s very conceited and she’s obviously inlove with herself… she can’t expect everybody to love her because she’s not worth it! she would call other people UGLY! what a biatch attitude!

  35. Charity is hella right. I know this for a fact. I know tons of models out there who are ultimate photogenic queens but really when you see their faces in person, it appears as if it’s not even the same person. On the contrary i too know a lot women who aren’t models but are very beautiful in person, just not photogenic. Don’t base your opinions on pictures. It’s better to see the “REAL” deal.

  36. can u picture ellen having a tan complexion. then put her next to eva longoria. do you think she’d still gain the same admiration she got from being light-skinned. not a chance. eva longoria wins for sure.
    The point is….it’s only the flawlessness of her skin. She is not the whole package.

  37. she’s really pretty, she’s my friend’s schoolmate before in stc, but she transfered to cie. i’m also from cebu like her. those pictures that are scandalous, yeah, that was her, but that was not a scandal because that was taken during her vacation in the beach. of course in a beach, everyone wears sexy type of clothes all over. and yeah, she comes to cebu every sinulog..!!

  38. and HEY ONE MORE THING… she doesn’t have any accounts in friendster, myspace, blogger, and multiply. those are all posers..!! she’s not nasty, she’s only close her friends. she’s like a snob or whatever cause she is the kind of girl who chooses her friends.

  39. i’ve been with ellen a lot of times already. picture her with a tan complexion?? she looks amazing. she still looks great!

  40. nakakapagtaka lang kung pano ang mga fakers na upupdate ng mga bago nyang pics??? sa tingin nyo guys san?hehehhe!! mmmm!!

  41. I actually used her as a topic in my friendster blog… Yeah, she is quite a girl… though I don’t know that much, critic and all…

    Anyway, as far as I’m concerned she’s just one of those people who boomed in the net thus gaining such popularity that people actually think she’s this awesome celebrity.

    In anycase, that’s what too much time in the net brings you… electronic fame and make believe fortune…

  42. Ellen went to manila last year. (i think) have you read her article in Candy? July issue ata. She said that those people who uses her pictures are just jealous. And those nude photos those were edited lang daw eh:)

  43. heller guys better look at her in person and see for yourself.. not to mention how dumb and what a bitch she really is

  44. we’LL tLga nMn n maganda si ELLEN…but i don’t think so that those nude photos were only edited?oh…i dont thinks so…

  45. who the f..k r u all to judge her???do u know her?NOOOOO!so why u r still talking as if u do?its her fault to upload pics?everyone does!u have the problem,not her.get a life and find something to do instead of commenting for people u r all envy of!u r pitty to talk bad about her.for u all being rude only one thing,imagination is wild and stupidity is endless!!!

  46. I really think that she is the one who is doing all these stuff.. Just imagine, how would you be able to upload all her personal photos, which obviously all looked like she shot them herself using her cellphone? She is making all these up and we are all being hyped about her own publicity. I admire her perseverance though.. it just shows that she really wants to be famous in her own little way. and it’s working.

  47. hmmm…,my point is why thus her friends “HERE” is saying that nude photos were edited…,but anyway i really like her…hehehe

  48. Beauty (80%) … not yet a hundred… i don’t know… basta parang hindi complete… and some people are commenting na they “just wanna screw her”… oh-kay, point taken… just right para sa kama… (give her a little credit though… hehe… but who won’t want to screw something like her, right? white-skinned, pretty-faced, melons just right… probably a v*rgin still… but ho-hum, kung hindi na v*rgin, PWEDE PA RIN! Right on, bros!)

    Brains (unknown %)… let’s hope marami… may pag asa pa naman, i think the info i got is she’s still in college. I should send a resume and apply as a professor/lover… hehehe

    Speech (50%)… less talk (we haven’t heard her talk for more than 2mins in a video) means low brain recognition… oh,Man!!!

    But if she could part her legs “ye high” then she still has some use.

    Conclusion: Just right for the bed. *slurps Red Bull* (all night)

  49. erm…will u guys be bit lame…gals need make up to be pretty…she is pretty…model is like so…models doesnt mean they are pretty….they have the potential and body….to match with the clothes….even us…ourself…without combing ur hair…dont u think we look like monster too…haha


  51. oh my, looks like someone is upset ^^

    the first time I saw ellen was like 2 years ago,i dont remember where. it was utter infatuation haha.

    suntok sa buwan

  52. hey man, the link you posted to youtube, about ellen’s candy mag vid, the girl on the vid is not her. Yeah the girl there resembles our angel, but when you look closely, they are not the same.

    Try opening the vid of ellen’s message to posers and pause when she shows her face. Then pause the vid of “ellen’s” candy mag vid when she looks up front. You can see the girl on the candy mag vid’s nose and teeth are very different from our angel. Check out the cheekbones too.

  53. haha! dami insecure.. tao inggit.. kc tao pangit.. tao tingin.. tpos, tao galit.. tao tanong.. “bat sya ganda? ganda pa akyen”.. tao iyak! kc tao la iba gawa.. kya post tao pangyet stuff bout ellen!!! yah! yah know who you are.. la lng kau magawa eh.. inggit kau sa ganda nya.. (para sa mga haters!) para sa akin sya pinakamaganada.. well,physically.. d nakakasayawa face nya eh.. i tried staring at one of her pic(which in my opinion she’s most beautiful) and then an hourl ater i’m still amazed.. she is really an angel.. everytime i look at her, that magic never fails.. STUNNED for a monent (ok.. an hour! yah that’s a lot).. hehe ganda eh! parang eye magnet.. well, if marami ellen sa cebu.. HURRY! HURRY! gotta pack up! i’m goin to cebu!!! YA~HA!!! hehe.. not really.. pro MAGANDA tlga! PERIOD!

  54. @ stc_girl: hay naku! ano cnasabi mo na walang account c ellen sa myspace.. watch her video on youtube.. you obviously dont know ellen..
    @ BOSS: nude photos??? saan??? oh’ oh! lemme see lemmee seeee!!!
    @Thoughts In Binary: where could i find ellen’s pic/vid with the duy in the bedroom??? just curious.. (ok! ok!(and horny))

  55. whahaha…lazy boy…kkatawa ka…di moh pa pla nkikita ung mga “PICS/VID” nya…wahahaha……^___ _^…cguro kc ung pics’vid n nkikita moh ay s freiendster lng…try to search it…(ok!?)..

  56. duh!! she doesn’t have any account in all those..!! she had before, before she became famous..!! she doesn’t have now coz everytime she makes one in friendster or whatever website is that, her account gets cancelled becoz of all those impersonators uising her pics.. that video was such a long time ago!! i do know her, she’s here in cebu right now & she shops a lot in ayala..!! there are even a lot of vandals in our cr about her, saying she’s a bitch or what!! it’s becoz they’re jealous..!! some think of ellenas a snob, but she’s not, she chooses friends..!! if you meet us in a mall, she even answers you if you ask her if she’s the candymag cover!!

  57. and hey, those pics that you think are NUDE?? those aren’t scandals!! those were taken when we went out in plantation bay..!! having fun, beaches and stuff!! of course, when you’re in a bitch, what would you wear?? a jacket and and pajama?? no way!! of course, wear a bikini!! you all think it’s a scandal?? hahaha!!

  58. i mean when you’re in a beach,what would you wear?? a jacket and and pajama?? no way!! of course, wear a bikini!! you all think it’s a scandal?? hahaha!!

  59. yah thats it…im talking about her pics that was “SEXY” wearing bikini’s…and Y thus tanyanita saying that was edited….?

  60. i dunno wit’ her..!! maybe she was just making up stories..!! some do that!! anyway, ellen’s in cebu right now..!!

  61. okey, i’ll tell you all the truth..!! ellen has one friendster account, one myspace and one multiply only…!! and it’s all for her personal friends..!!

  62. ok?we clear now stc..,and for the hater’S dont be jealous,co’z some of us dont know who really is ellen….,RIGHT?

  63. to all the posers in whatever website it is…!! the posers or fakers of ellen.. don’t you all worry ’bout a thing, coz we could just report you and in a minute, your fake account would be gone..!!

  64. hhmmm…dah…hehehe…la lng!
    she’s beautiful…hu agrees?…kung more dan 10, its mins
    …she’s innocnt from all of ur accuses,pra s mga

  65. heheheh…

    i don’t accpt violent reactions hah?!

    post lng kung anong gus2 nyo sbihin, bhala kau…by da way,

    ellen meriam go adarna ba tlga nem nya?..s mga nka2alm,
    ans me nmn oh!…tnx

  66. ohmigod. whatever cmon all these comments? this is crazy.. but since im here..well then okay, ellen is still a bitch and will always be a bitch who is insanely consumed by the love for her perfect self, period.

  67. guys, you really don’t know ellen. so, don’t judge her, okay? she’s just a girl who is living her life the way one should. she just approves friends personally in her accounts. before, she never expected that people would use her pictures that’s why she used to have a multiply that could be viewed publicly and now, she learned her lesson. ellen’s from cebu and her bf is edmund gaisano, she is studying in CIE right now. people really looks at her when she passes by especially in malls. she is as pretty in the pictures and in person.

  68. excuses..and stupid explanations..blah blah..who cares about ellen’s f*cked up life? she’s pretty f*cked herself

  69. stc_girl…i don’t think she has a freindster account (try to ask her), though i know she has myspace, coz i’m apart of her list, and i also do have her cel#.

  70. wow!!!…ibng klse kah mr.

    tlga?!…my no. k nya?…xur k b n s kna yan?

    dont get me wrong hah, d lng kc aq mkpaniwla…

    do u know her personally?

  71. because of her STUPIDITY she is tangled up in this mess! IT’S NOT OUR FAULT WE WANT TO JUDGE HER! IT’S FUN AND WE’RE ALL ENJOYING IT!

  72. mr Says : she has a friendster,myspace and multiply account but its only for her personal friends. she only accepts friends requests from people she knows..!

    Tiara Ramirez : yeah, she’s in cie right now!

  73. yeah!!! whatever! just leave ellen alone! tagal ko na xang kilala dito sa cebu, ur ryt guyz, she’s so damn pretty, may pagka snob?hmpp.. pero si ellen? DuH! mabait yan! kala nyo lang! hahaha.. i remember nung time na tnxt nya ko, haha!!! kala ko kung cnong Faker na nman na ellen! Un pala xa talaga kc kinaumagahan she treat me in our cafeteria. bait nya tlaga! kaya F*** u all guyz na naninira kay Ellen! insecure lang kayo!!! hahaha


  74. wat da f*** u guyz r talkin abwt…

    kung naiingit kau s knya, ky ms. Adarna, sbihin nyo
    n lng, wg nyo n xng siraan.

    well, ganyn tlga pg sikat, hehehehe…
    fame is olweiz followed by intrigues, bootless things!…

    created by some idiots!

  75. @carlzone, no we have not met yet in person, although malapit na sana kung hinde, dahil sa conflict sa schedule, anyway, before kasi when i still don’t know her, na fake ako ng mga wannabees nya, so after that nagkainterest akong hanapin siya even sa internet lang….and luckily i found her, although napakahirap maging kaibigan niya, pero i suceeded, i know it’s the real Ellen, kasi ang taray nya sa una….hahaha

    @BOSS…sorry can’t give it to you.

  76. yeah! mataray tlaga xa sa una! haha.. nwei, stop na nga kay ellen.. guyz kilala nyo ba 2ng girl na to? mas marami pa xang FAKER kesa kay ellen e.. ito account nya sa Friendster.. hard_rockin _girl888@yahoo.com,,, kilala ko na c ellen adarna ksi classm8 ko xa since 2nd year high.. dba nikki? kaw a. tlagang nag cmment ka dito! haha.. ellen,, give ’em some shit!!! hahaha… mga insecure lang kau sa kanya! tama na ang issue ’bout ellen adarna! c hard_rockin_girl888@yahoo.com nman! reply kau guys kung cno xa a! tagal ko na din xang hinaHAnap e, ang i believe dat she’s internet celeb. too..



  77. @babyiloveyou_stc …i know her, though not personnally, i’ve seen her pictures in the internet also, at present i just don’t know, but she was the gf of Chavit Singson son….and i think there’s a lot of her that you don’t know, i just can’t tell it here…try to search more about her and you’ll fin’d out what i mean.

    @stc_girl…a wannbee should not do that, the reason they(wannabee) are using Ellen’s identity is because she is beautiful and to lure men to them, so why would a wannabee do things that make men/boys stay away from them.

  78. I Know ellen adarna and all i can say is…..sayang she is very pretty but very maldita…we’re schoolmates at STC, i don’t care if she has that angelic beauty but it’s the personality that counts…it’s nothing personal but she could really put down a lot of people…angelic yet not a virgin anymore, she lost her virginity when she was on 6th grade by GANGBANG by some guy barkada at sacred heart ( i won’t mention the guys involved), sayang lang gyud…oh well that’s life and there are always dark secrets some will never know.

  79. hilig keu xa ug mga sosyal na boys..!! and of course gwapo..!! haha..she also has a vandal in the CR..!!

  80. ONLY THERESIANS (CEBU) KNOWS THE TRUTH…i know the real her, i know the guys involved…i doubt that her friends doesn’t know….well theresians know..we just don’t talk about it…what a waste of such beauty.
    Ask more theresians…u’ll know the real her…gangbang issue was definitely a fact.

  81. @mr. says
    wat real name nya? plz tell me, pano ko magagawang mag research bout sa kanya kung d ko alam ang real nya?! dami dn kasi nyang faker e, ang daming name na lumalabas… kaya plz, ung real name nya lang…
    tnx.. wait ko reply mo…

  82. hey y’all..!! i know her..!! she’s the sister of my barkada..!! she’s a bit taray, yeah she’s really like that but once you become close to her, she’s real good too..!! she’s fun to be with, sometimes she’s too busy with her life, shopping and stuff but she jams with us though! her brother really look like her..!! hahaha danton!!

  83. dudz, frend mo pla ang bro nya…ung nxt s knya?
    how old is he pla?…
    and how old ang ate elie nya ngaun?…19yrs. old nah?

  84. @babyiloveyou_stc
    i forgot her real name, but she previously use the name “Amelia Pauline” in friendster (though not sure if its really her & i think that account is already closed). You’ll be shock at some of the comments toward her, because of those pictures post of her.

  85. mr, bkt u nmn nsabi n AMELIA PAULINE ang gnagmit nyng acct name?
    xur kng s knya yon?!
    xa nga pla…ELIE MICHELLE yta ang ril nem nya…

  86. mr, bkt u nmn nsabi n
    AMELIA PAULINE ang gnagmit nyng friendster name?
    xur kng s knya yon?! i dont thnk so…la kcng mukha
    nya s mga fotos eh.

    xa nga pla…ELIE MICHELLE yta ang ril nem nya…
    ewan q lng qng 22o ung nbsa q.

  87. carlzone

    I’m sorry but i was not talking about Ellen Adarna, i was reffering to somebody else. The Elie Michelle accounts using Ellen’s picture could be fakers of Ellen.

  88. @babyiloveyou_stc
    Di ko na talaga matandaan yun surname niya, pasensya na kasi matagal na kasi un, parang nawala na nga yun mga pictures niya kung saan sinisiraan siya (kahit na parang authenticated nga yun picture na siya talaga yun).

  89. ARACAP pla xur nem ni ellen, im not xur, jaz a wild gez…
    heheheh…a very wild gez!…

    pwo kht frend q n xa s friendster, im not stl convince if
    dat acct is rili ellen adarna’s…actuali, dmi n rin aqng frendz n
    ellen…s tingin q lhat cLa faker!…hehehe…la lng…gus2 q
    lng cLang mging frendz…duh!!!….it doesnt matter
    nmn d bah? s knla ksi aq nangga’grab n fotos…..weeehihihi!

    DAMN!!!…shes sooooooo beautiful.

    @ mr: r u stl txtng her nowadays?

    @ babyiloveyou_stc: i hope i ans ur questions well…thou
    itz ol unxur…heheheh…dudz, dmi din aqng pix nya, as in…
    nsa acct q s frendster, iSearch u lng -firethrower- s user search,
    den iivyt mu q hah?!…kunti p ksi frendz q eh!….hihihihi…

  90. her bro is already in 4th yr high school.. he’s from sacred haert jesuit..!!! that’s in cebu…he really has same feautures with ellen!!
    >sorry, i don’t wanna give you some info bout ellen..!!

  91. stc_girl

    i’m talking ’bout some hotty GurL …
    and i’ve already know watz her name! she’s a internet celeb. too like ellen. i’m sure nakita mo na rin xa in d internet, mas pretty pa nga xa kay skulm8 ellen e, but, im not sure bout sa attitude nya! pero i think mabait xa sa ibang tao…. datz all… ciao..

  92. @carlzone

    yeah i still do, pero malimit na rin, she’s busy at her duties in the Hospital nowadays, pagod na rin siya pagkatapos. Sorry to say, but as far as i know wala talaga siyang account sa friendster

  93. hehe!!! bahala kayo basta maganda sya
    wla syang account sa kahit saan
    pero may alam ako pero hindi ako si gurado
    respeto nalang natin sya dahil busy sya nga yun:>

  94. as conclusion for my research of ellen what-so-ever
    she is just a girl who rise through the middle of technology which been disturbed by human factor but she have the face :#
    finish already

  95. Summarize ko lang…

    -maymagtatangol, isa sasangayon, in d end makikipagpalitan ng url or what not, palibhasa nga daw “she knew ellen”. (suck up!) bka nga naman daw maging friend nya rin si ellen. haha

    -may isa ata dito abogado ni ellen. bayad ka ba? get a life.

    -may galit dahil may atraso sa BF o kaya naiingit kase di sila nakatikim pa ng gang bang o kaya di sila napapansin… puro nalang ellen…

    -may malibog, may fan, may curious at may walang magawa (tulad ko)

    pero wag na maging hypocrite. Ellen uploaded a lot of self portraits sa internet w/c means na conceited tong tao na to. what else…. stereotype na naten lahat ng magaganda. usually naman they want to show the world how pretty they are. they exploit their attractiveness factor. thats a fact.
    Photo album nalang wala pang makakakuha na posers.

  96. ellen is pretty pero kung nacheck nyo ang ellenwhatever.multiply.com ma-shock kau sa pix nia wit guyzzz

  97. hmmm, wla ngang ellenwhatever.multiply.com eh.

    🙂 wg nio nlng galawin c ellen kng d nia kau gnalaw.. 2lad q.. ahaha!


  98. I think she’s really pretty.. that’s all i know.. i just hope people would stop posting bad things about her since it seems like half of the haters doesn’t really know her.. to all those who feel insecure about her just think that there isn’t any univerasally accepted standard for beauty.. maybe you’re pretty in some unknown world, but in ours, she is definitely beuatiful.. ^^

  99. people, there are a lot of beautiful women in the internet. wonder why ellen is famous? because she whored (not literally) herself all over the internet. she posted all of her pics in many many websites. wonder why other pretty girls (who are even way, way, way prettier than ellen) didn’t become internet celebrities? because they did not publicized their pictures the way ellen did. even if you are uber pretty it will “still” not be easier to magnetize people to make a fake account of someone (because it is a waste of time) even if they adore this someone too much. the thing with ellen is that she invited temptations to people to actually pose her and spread her pictures all over the internet which made her very famous. I think she does want the attention because if she doesn’t she woulld have just kept her photos private. please lang! COMMON SENSE!!!!

  100. wow alot of people really admires ellen, how famous is she??? (very famous specially in the net.) if you will sell her pictures maybe you will get a million out of it coz shes really beautiful no question about it. Her angelic face and sweet smile makes her famous. Only an advice, ellen next time try to give more privacy to your self, people have good and bad intentions they can make or break you up. But guys save some respect to her its not bad to be obsess but in the right way………….

  101. leave the girl alone. the fact that she has a swarm of fakers is enough bad karma for her. since i don’t know her personally, i refuse to judge her. so what if mataray? eh kung punong puno na sya sa mga parang nanghuhubad kung makatitig sa daan. stop criticizing her. stop pretending you know her. let her be. we all have lives to lead.

  102. anything THAT said BY EVRYONE from top to bottom simply concluded that WE paID our attention. and for those critizising her” accept the fact that you are interested to her”, and for those adoring her yeah that’ good. this is a request for other ladies that ARE more beautiful than her (“ellen adarna” I’m a cebuano since bitrh and I am a lot older than her but this is the first time that I heard a family name of ADARNA. But I heard lot about “IBONG ADARNA” tHAT”S A NAME OF A BIRD”) PLEASE LADIES JUST SHOW YOUR FACE AND WE WILL TELL YOU THAT YOU BEAT HER.

  103. well, what can i say?!

    beautiful, gorgeous or whatever u can put on to describe her it has difference..

    shes only pretty but she cannot pass as beautiful..

  104. I’m sick of the old cliche of “stop criticizing her”. fuck this! have you people ever wondered why people critcize someone? in the first place I wasnt crisizing ellen. (judge my comment 3-4 comments away from the last.) this is me spoon feeding intellectual and logical reasons from my very own intellect. filipino society is starting to get annoying more and more each day and I have to admit that it annoys me seeing the same pictures all over the internet whether a girl is pretty or not. can u just please read my comment and it might just open the eyes of these ever so shallow and stupid people making comments here. tsss… this isnt about ellen this is about philopsophy of why one can actually become an internet celebrity.

  105. I agree with alphanne. good taste, good taste! btw no one has the right to criticize my taste because I studied beautology (the science of beauty) meron nun noh! kaya si ellen pretty or cute lang yan hindi beautiful.

  106. amanda

    So those who make comments here are shallow and stupid people ha?!…….what do you think it makes of you, since you yourself does say something on this thread?…..i don’t think you’re intelligent enough just to figure it out.

  107. Guys, can you please check out this friendster account with the email add relenamayer@yahoo.com Is she really ellen adarna?? Please help me.. Whoever this person is, she claims that she’s ellen and she added my bf’s account and started flirting with him… Thanks!

  108. Hi!ellen is really pretty..we idolized her..and yah there are a lot of beautiful pinays out there…dont be so obsessed..=0 but i thnk ellen is a good person nmn in and out..i hope so so wg neo xang craan kc she’s doesnt have anythng to with some of u guys..=) take care..=0

  109. oh really?? she doesnt have sex appeal? try to look at her once more. i think you’re just blind or so HAHAHAHA she’s my former schoolmate and til now we’re still going together at times. i think you’re all saying that coz you’re just jealous. am i right? HAHAHAHA anyway try to check my friendstr. search my name ARDEN FERNAN

  110. people are so shallow to judge someone based on looks.
    some may find her beautiful and some wont. but thats life and we should respect others opinion. shes only human like us and if you don’t have anything good to say about her, then might as well keep it. about the photos of with some guy, those photos were edited you shouldve seen the original ones from the edited ones dude ud really know..

  111. yah. der are many girls that are prettier than ellen. maganda sha kaso typical. at least she’s prettier than the other internet celebrity na si ria sacasas. panget nun eh. mas maganda si ellen pro un nga lang di sha drop dead gorgeous. cute lang. =)

  112. oo nga! marami mas maganda pro maganda rin sha. di naman sha amazingly beautiful. some people are just exagerated but i have nothing against ellen. she’s cute.

  113. thanks to ª™ and L 🙂 btw, i noticed something, in the frendster acct i gave, it has the same shout out and notes that can be found in juliayan17.multiply.com hmmm maybe they’re the same person hahaha

  114. please stop judging ellen 🙁 why are you people so insecure? don’t you have nothing good to say?.. mahiya naman kayo sa sarili nyo.. hindi nyo pa nga kilala si ellen tapos hinuhusgahan nyo na.. ellen is my good friend kaya sana naman tigilan nyo na sya.. masyado kayong naiingit 🙁

  115. anong kakaingit namin jan?! stop saying that same ‘ole fcuking cliche, “dnt judge her.” posa! luma na yan. of course people will judge her. she’s an internet celebrity. bobo! u will see her everywhere kaya madami talga mag cocomment kahit hndi cla insecure noh! istup!

  116. To those assholes saying ellen is a flirt, whore and such — can you just back the fcuk off?? Ellen is our friend and she is a great person. She comes from a good family and all you guys are doing is hurting her and the people who love her. Not only is she beautiful outside, she’s a wonderful person inside. She’ll go out on a limb for her friends. She’s just a young person who likes to go out and have fun same as others. Knowing that you fcukwits are just tapping away on your keyboards dissing someone you do not know is so fcuking lame. Get a fcuking life for chrissakes. Sheez.

  117. And to all those people stealing her photos can you fcukin stop?? the poor girl, she can’t even trust her own contacts anymore.

  118. it `s her fault anyway

    she post every pictures of her in internet

    so once you post it every one can steal it

    and she expect that to happend

    to be popular you must tell the world who you are.

    she even have have a sex scandal

    i dont really know if it was fake so if you see it

    you`ll be the judge>..

  119. …I am one of the victims of the Fake “Ellen Adarna”. I had just seen a number of a girl in a text chatrum, and I thought I may ask this girl to be my textmate. And as follows, she presented herself as ellen, 19, female, and currently living in ortigas. She even gave to me her friendster account, and as I check that account, it was full of her pictures, too beautiful pictures with “Her” friends. She even told me that her father and mother was annuled, and she is currently studying at UST, with poor allowance. She sometimes ask me a favor if I can give her a 500 peso bill. I just wonder, a student of UST? would ask a money from me whose a student of PUP? And after 5 days, she formally told me in cellphone, that she wants me to be her boyfriend.. Just realize, a nerd like me would have a girlfriend lyk that?? WOW!!! so i get nauseatic at the idea that she is my girlfriend!! But the problem is, when I want to talk to her, even in cellphone, she does not want to talk to me. And there are instances, which we have agreed to meet, and she wouldnt come… That seems a little too bit fuzzy.. So I researched this girl named ” Ellen ” in the internet, and I found out, at friendster, there are 18 accounts with ellen adarna’s name, even claiming they are the real one.. Wow, Im fooled by an impostor. I can be so sure that the girl who texted me will not be ellen, why? because first, I am not a fool, second, a girl with ellen’s level (upper class) would not be too cheap in terms of money. There are instances, when this girl, the fake allen, would ask me to have sex with her, for the repay of the load I have given her. And the third thing, which makes me suspicious, is, why she didnt want to talk to me? Why fear?

    I become, a victim of this ill witted girl,because, first of all, I long for a girl to love, second, Im a kind guy, but just want to remind, Im not that fool!!

    To the other guys, be careful….

  120. every girl has her thing, and ellen had some of it… yeah, for now… but remember, girls tend to look old faster than men, cheer up, there are lot’s of beautifull women out there, she’s not that special… fcuk ’em and leave ’em, that’s what i’d do…..

  121. ahm… model xa… d nia trabaho mgpakabait pra saten.. eh anu kung flirt xa? eh anu kung bad xa? mai bad sides lhat ng tao… tao rin un.. kanin din kinakain nuN.. mganda xa… yup sobra.. babae ako… STRAIGHT! number one ko c SONG HYE KYO… ung jesse sa fullhouse…. xa ang number two ko… mgnda tlga xa.. totoo cnsabi ng iba dito.. hndi tlga nkakasawa… as in hindi tlga khit ulit ulitin ko… tgnan mu aman khit bgong gcng… saka unlike any other celebs… she doesn’t put heavy makeup… (i dunno if her cheeks are real…)…. so lah nkong pkealam kung bad xa… bsta lam ko mai good and bad sides xa at…. MGNDA XA… pretty

  122. stop the defamation!!!

    we dont have rights to judge her!!

    eh ano naman kung may scandal??

    nag aral ka ba ng logic??

    dont judge by her act!?!

    lahat ng tao nagkakamali


    Dios ka ba ha??

    manahimik ka na lang okei??


  123. and besides..!! its not only her wo has those kinds of pics or whatever! a lot of people do those stuff and why is it only her you’re judging so rudely.? does that mean you’re jealous of her.!

  124. hello..isa pa ako sa fans ni ellen…grbe ilng arw ako nag research nito ah..
    hi sa mga anti-ellen…hay..grbe ang dami ko na pinasukan na website para lng makita ang 22ong ELLEN MERRIAM GO ADARNA..meron bng maka sagt d2 kng xa parin bng gumagmt sa knyng YM?

    mga anti-ellen…

    comment pa 😛

    gs2 nyo maging sikat?

    gawa kayo scandal..:D


  125. hey “L”. you could say you aren’t jealous but a lot of people are. and yeah, admit it, you like her, don’t you? HAHAHA, but i tell you, she’s too gorgeous for you to reach, asshole.

  126. and yeah, so you say she has a scandal, eh, what’s the problem?? if i know, you guys even have sex with your “special” ones..HAHAHAH, am i right??

  127. first i don’t want to be the perv that would say: you pretty. i want to pak!
    second i don’t want to be the insensitive guy who would say: nope she’s just ordinary…
    third, i don’t want to be the obsessed supporter.
    fourth, i don’t want to be the detractor.

    I know I have a lot of things better to do. Just stumbled upon the pictures of this girl. She’s a beauty. And that’s it. Nothing more to trouble my life with.

  128. O come on pipz! stop criticizing Ellen Adarna! She’s my friend and was my schoolmate in STC Cebu for 11 years. It’s not her fault that there are many fakers out there using her pictures. She is just like any teenager having a friendster account but the difference is that she’s really pretty and she’s someone who stands out among the pretty girls which made these desperate people use her pictures in order for them to gain more friends in friendster. Ellen might be mean sometimes but she’s one of the REAL PEOPLE I KNOW. What she tells you is the truth and she’s not plastic. No matter what you say about her, she’s pretty, rich(her family owns a chain of motels in the Phils.) and famous. It’s your loss because you know her but she doesn’t know you. Your opinion doesn’t bother her.

  129. hmmm lots of possers really do ruin a an individual especially ellen. i admire her a lot, a true Filipina beauty. A lovely April Flower.

  130. Mean? yup that’s right it’s not her fault. just ignore them. maybe they’re just jealous of her beauty, or the things ellen has that they don’t possess. she just have to ignore them, that’s the best thing to do.

  131. Sa totoo lang magaling ako mag judge ng beauty ng isang babae, IN MY OPINION ELLEN ADARNA is one of the most natural beautY i’ve seen compare mo sa ibang mga babae na puro naman si make up, makapal mag eyeliner, o di kaya may halong alagang artista kaya lang gumanda parang si heart, ugly duckling lang naman dati yun, si kristine hermosa, nadine samonte, anne curtis hindi long lasting ang mga beauty nila, nakakasawa. Samantala si ellen all she requires is a smile and there you have iT ANG GANDA GANDA GANDA NYA TALAGA! Hindi nya na kailangan mag try pa. BABALIK BALIKAN MO YUNG FACE NYA NO MATTER WHAT.



  132. totally agree with mark… she’s the prettiest chinita i’ve ever seen so far and what makes her stand above the rest is that HINDI NAKAKASAWA ANG BEAUTY nya… walang katulad

  133. You’re right Metalnoid! camilla belle and ellen resemble each other, pero unlike Ellen, Camilla doesn’t have that ‘aura’ and MAGSASAWA ka pa rin pag tumagal tagal ng onti.

  134. intrepid79 its true that edmund gaisano and ellen are officially over im dismayed that they broke up i thought edmund was the right guy for her he’s very low profile nice dude overall!
    unlike teejay pamintuan whom she had those nude pictures taken with








  135. @_@ oh well,hahaha, sali lng me sa usapanXD…tae,ur so deep mark, idol!ahaha,i guess ur one of those “conservative,intelligent” types na na mention mo, y dont you have a go with ellen, maybe ur the one who change her life diba?! hell, we all wish we could change her life.haha..kc lam nyo, i get so frustrated thinking that somthing this good will just go to waste…taena, she’s so damn precious just to be played with, i know i sound like a geek or something coz guys who talk like i do are very rare. know what, it wont hurt your manhood if u treat a special woman the way she is suppose to be treated…hehehe..ellen, bacthm8 moko, i rememberd that time when u attented our prom wearing a stunning dress,though inappropriate,napakaganda mo nun@_@..inappropriate kc see-thru..ahahaa..pero at that time,i was busy with my “ellen”.meaning mga “ellen” sa buhay natin guys,mga gf natin. we should treat every girl the way they are suppose to be treated, just like the way ellen is suppose to be treated..remember “ellen”-“helen” the face that launched a thousand ships..hehe, yun lng..hehehe,geh po, yun lng ^_^

  136. to rawr>

    I adore ellen for her timeless beauty no doubt about that. i rate her looks for five stars!!!
    but she isn’t my type at all i think shes gorgeous & all that pero it does not mean i like her im no hopeful dude just an observer of great beauty nothing more

  137. 5’4? she looks taller in her pictures. like 5’7 or 5’8i or 5’9. too bad she’s with diether.. hehehe. does she have a work already?

  138. i think she’s going hydrocephalus. haha! she’s pretty but not to pretty… Angelic? maybe. haha! she’s just a common lil` girl. nothing to special about her, not to famous actually. anyway, i saw the video and thought that she shouldn’t be embarrassing people about posting photos of her in the internet… as you can see she not to civilize. ^^ i think ignorance ruled over her. lol.

  139. she’s hot.. hehe..

    btw, how did you know all those sites linking to her? maybe you’re really interested in her. am i right?

    ps. mangoshakemonster is her multiply ID.

  140. si Ellen? kay Diether/

    ahm..wala lang, hayaan nalang natin xa mga tol

    ganun talaga eh

    iba ang mundo niya

    basta ang masasabi ko lang

    kung sino man ang gustong bumaboy kay ellen

    ….wag nang itangka..

  141. merry christmas! and a happy new year!

    to all Ellen goers..

    and to the anti – ellen( st*p*d ones) na nagcocontribute sa pggng sikat niya..

    ipagpatuloy niyo lang


  142. alam ko ung real friendster account and myspace and multiply account ni ellen but sorry I wont give it out to anybody 🙂 para sa private friends lng nya un 🙂

  143. mas gusto ko ang beauty ni ms ELLEN ADARNA kaysa kay LEAH DIZON tindi mag makeup ni leah! hindi ka natural, nakakasawa pa rin, hopeless LOSER! may nalalaman pa syang japanese-french descent. i mean HELLO!! you’re last name is DIZON! be proud of wer u came from. mabaho ka pa sa malansang ISDA

  144. ahmm,, c ellen ba? pale nga talaga yung kulay nya pag walang make up , saka maraming pekas sa mukha at likod parang katulad ng kay kris aquino pag walang make up

    hi sa mga taga RTU


  145. ..hello!!!..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    and dahil para kay ellen itong blog na ito

    have a gud year ellen!!!

    and binabati ko din mga tiga PUP!!

    teka, wat year ba ni ellen?

    I min yung sa chinese?

  146. @curious_girl

    bigla akong napapost nung nabasa kong inadd nung relenamayer@yahoo.com acct ng bf mo..

    ngyari dn skin yan, kso ex ko na xa ngaun..
    nakakalungkot mang isipin pero mababaw tlga ang depinisyon ng pakikipag-relasyon ng ibang mga lalake (katulad ng ex ko na sana masaya na rin naman ngayon) at madali talaga matinag ng pisikal na anyo ang karamihan..

    gwapo bf mo noh?
    muka kcng puro gwapo binibingwit nung Relena of _ _ _

  147. rei!!

    umm if you don’t mind, hindi nmn kyu nagbreak dahil dun sa relenamayer na un? sana naman hindi dahil dun..

    para sakin gwapo hehehe 🙂 napansin ko sa iba ko pang frends na inadd din sila ni relena. pero nakakapagtaka kasi lahat ng pictures niya updated sobra. tapos ung mga testimonial sa knya, parang totoo naman kaya nagtataka tlga ako.

  148. nakita ko siya na walang make up…PANGIT NIYA!!! panakip butas lang ciya ni diether … nothing serious. ang love talaga ni diether ay si kristine…. see this site:www.camsurwatersportscomplex.com/

  149. wow she’s so beautiful…, i cant wait to met her in person ..but thats impossible..,, am for me , she has a good image and she dont want to destroy so why would she post an image like that on the net….. and why would she a crazy thing like that ……. PLEASE ……. do not destroy her good image. k thanks

  150. eve seen her pics on the youtube and and i was not nappy for what iv seen…and it say ” with her boys “. maybe i would prefer to use. “her boys not mine because i am not beatiful as she is”.maybe the one who made those videos on the youtube are just insecure of her beauty, maybe the other one is just edited… maybe the boys in there are her classmates, relatives, brothers or relatives of her boyfriend and if that is her boyfriend so what they dont do anything wrong ,,,we dont know so dont judge her for what you have seen because we dont know who they really are.. and today in our modern time almost anything can happen….kk

  151. @ curious_girl
    actually dahil sakanya
    pero ok lng. naisip ko karma nya un.
    my idea na naman akong faker un, d ko nlng dn sinabi kc naisip ko wala xang kwenta kng mas pipiliin nya un.

    nabasa ko dn mga testi sknya. hindi kya kilala tlga si ellen nung relena?

  152. sons & daughters of the planet i’m sorry i shouldn’t be joining this blog for young people but this adarna tweety just blew 28 dusty years off and polished my feeble reckoning of the word “BEAUTY”. she reminded me of my ex in the 70’s who’s now a lola herself coz’ believe it or not, in my time i was the cockiest bastard around who cuddled a hot babe who’s a cross between heart evanglista and this ellen go adarna girl. too bad i ain’t got a solid-dicked son who’s got the underballs to sweep someone like this off her feet. ohh-hum! those where the days. by the way – my hot babe dumped me for a millionaire. we’re all old and grumpy now. savor your youth ellen you still got 15 years tops before you become last week’s movie. that’s life.

  153. well, all i can say bout ellen is . .
    yup!maganda talaga xia!and i dont know ugali niya so, i dont want to judge her!
    we cant blame those peps who hate ellen naman diba?itz thier prerogative!
    ive been fooled on those “ELLEN’Z POSERSZZZZ!”and i hate them tlaga!
    pinaniwala nila ang mga tao na sila talaga ang totoo!wellll? . . .
    i just hope na maging fwen ko si ellen . .juz hope lang!

  154. Nabbaliw din ako dyan nung una ko nakita. Pero nakakasawa mukha nya. Dami pa mas maganda sa kanya. naerase mukha ni ellen sa ulo ko. Alam niyo yung UA&P. Puta dami magaganda dun. bumabaha pare. gaganda na ang yayaman pa.

  155. who’s Dat ElLen>>>?? she’s very flirt. !! i hate her talaga!! maganda sana sama nman ng ugali,, plz. ellen stop flirting my boyfriend!
    be contented of ur bf!!
    091044483** yan # n ellen!! txt nyo sa dat u will know how flirt she is..

  156. ms.baby…tlga lng huh????…..pano mo nmn maipa 2nay na yang no. na yan eh kay ellen???…pwd mo nmn kami linlangin eh….maaring sau din yang no. nayan eh…balak mo tlga siraan c ellen huh…alm mo makaka2long nmn yan sau ng bf mo eh…jan mo makkta kong totoo tlga ang BF mo sau..alm mo miss kng my tiwala ka sa BF mo…hayaan muna…kng tlga ipag palit ka tlga kay ellen sorry ka…nyhahahah

  157. ms. baby ULOL ka tlga..e 10 lng yan ang no. e! tanga!

    ayosin mo nmn…kong tlga flirt tlga tong c ellen..

  158. guys.. all of us have different characteristics and looks, yup, i agree, she is pretty, but, i was just wondering how come all of these pictures taken by her even those “personal” pictures.. (taken with Ex bf TJ pamintuan), kissing etc.. expands on the net.. ?weird ryt?
    if she really want restrictions how come na kumalat itong mga ito sa internet? and i think its her idea narin siguro kung pano nangyari ang lahat ng ito.. i guess.. opinion ko lng. but no question, she is pretty, i am also from cebu city, sana lang hindi sya snob like before.;)

  159. Relax kayo iba2x nmn paningin natin eh. sbi nga beauty is in d eyes of the beholder. mga babae nmn o. naiinggit. kung pangit sya sa inyo edi pangit pero sa amin mganda pa rin. dba mga pare?

  160. shaney ask lng ako ha…palagi mo ba nakkta c ellen?

    sa mga malls or sa ibang store?:D

    ask lng me:-)

  161. sowe,, kulang pala yun!! e2 n0. nya 0910444…
    txt nya yang flirt na yan!!! hndi makontento,.!! hay naq sa babaeng yan!! 1 tym tnxt q yan prang walang pinag aralan!!hahahaha beauty with out brain!!!!

  162. try to txt that s2pid girl,.!!! tahts her real n0.
    im not lying.,. nasa sa inu na yun kng ayaw nya maniwala., wala aqng magagawa. . .

  163. to baby luv..

    tanga tanga mo talaga pati na rin ang bf mo..
    sa tipo ba naman ni ellen eh kelangan pa ba nya makipaglandian sa bf mo thru txt? mayaman ba boylets mo?? mga rich guys lang kinakana non!
    im sure hindi pa nga nakita ng bf mo yung katext nya kung ano ichura

  164. She is just chinky, that’s it and yes, she got a really nice skin but I have plenty of girl friends who r prettier than her and “friendly” so I think, she’s not that gorgeous. So exposed. That’s it! LOL!

  165. GUYS meron ba kayon bagong pics ni ellen ?

    huhuhu…mag post nmn kayo….

    yon bago ha??hehehehe

  166. She used to hang out in mango square before after class just right beside their school. I saw her a lot of times and she’s a real HEAD TURNER!! But i don’t know her in the inside.. ^_^

  167. pde post?! tehee,,,

    i think she’s beautiful
    here ill give u my top threes tehee

    Rinoa = http://www.fortunecity.co.uk/skyscraper/disk/162/rinoagallery.html

    Camilla Belle = http://www.allmegastar.com/photo/2006_when_a_stranger_calls_009.html

    Deanna Kim = http://asianfanatics.net/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t45173.html

    Our very own celeb Ellen

    sorry cant provide gud sites..
    not a good researcher tehee
    friendster or myspace, also ym tehee

  168. you could’ve watched jessica soho last saturday. ellen wasfeatured due to many possers who imitate her profile in friendster and for all of you to hear her views..

  169. yeahh ellen is preety honestly sab nila mabait daw xa although mataray.. uhm sa mga kilala xa please lng pakilala nio xa sakin..hehehe ganda nia whe..

  170. hahaha sa lahat ng posers and fakirs nia gudluck pati sa mga naninira sakania dahil ang 22ong bitch ai kai mga posers and maninira!

  171. ahm ok parepareho lang tau na di sang ayon sa pangagamit ng pic. ni ellen di ko tiyak kung sya ba un nakalaro ko sa gunz online kung di man sya ok lang gusto ko sna sya makillala kahit my wife na sya……..ellen im jayson di mo ko killa, kaya mgtataka ka bket ako nangungulit sau sa friendster,immeem,multipy at dito………..zafafly…….etc. tinamaan me sory guys ganun talga nabubuhay sa love na hurt naman sa heart……..sna mabsa u to wag kana mareact ok lang naman………ty……

    ingat po……

  172. ellen she is just a girl with cute smile and i ready l
    watch her video on youtube………sana nga ako din mafeatured dun kasma mga ka band ko sa silentcore,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  173. haaay jayson if i wore u titigilan q na c ellen xe di nmn sa pang dodown q sau huh..kaya lng kc e..maybe ur totally inlove w/ her gosh sa dinami dami ng guys na nghahabol sa kanya dadagdag ka pa..sabagay love is unpredictable.. ellen ganda ng hair mo..dami nghahabol sau..hehehe

  174. waaaaa san ba makikita yang pics ni ellen with diether?? in just curious and obsessed di q ata alam un..please hehehe.. intriguing ang dating e..

  175. waaaaa di q ma add c ellen in fs..kakainis..maybe she was just accepting her persinal friends and not anyone who wanted to ne her friend..haiii ellen sana accept mo q as friend mo..huhuhu and o hope mamit kita pesonally.., in just one of ur admirer im a girl xempre i am of ur believers alam q na hindi ka talaga masama like wat they’ve said..

  176. WOW!..daming na missed ko ahh!…jordam..tlga nasa jessica sojo c ellen??

    wow..syng nmn..grbe di ako naka panood….ahmmm my bgong VID ba

    ngayon c ellen???

  177. talk about building hype… whats the fuss about yes shes beautiful but who isnt?! lhat nmn tau magagandang nilalang.. i just dont get it why some men drool over her.. im a guy if im feeling horny id rather watch porn or have sex w/ a real woman.. i mean common.. and all those women bitching over her? get a life.., ingit ba kau s mukha nya at popularity nya? edi magparetoke kau at magpapicture kau ng nkahubad ewan ko lng di ma jumpstart yan popularity nu. geesh whats up w/ women and insecurities these days. my goodness..

  178. she’s pretty but i think she’s very ishnobnish……… why can she try to have other friends,,,,and look in the other side of having her face on the other site,why can she think that people idolize her,and admire her…

  179. she’s pretty but i think she’s very ishnobnish……… why can she try to have other friends,,,,and look in the other side of having her face on the other site,why can she think that people idolize her,and admire her

  180. @kate.. really do you think she is snobish?? maybe she is.. kase nawalan na cguro xa ng tiwala sa ibang tao kc ang ngyari madami ang naging posers nia kaya di natin xa maccc if she is snobish..she has a reason why..

    @WTF ur ryt..hehehe

    la lng i juzt leave some comments here.. actually i really idolized ms. adarna.. she is a real beauty..hehehe but im not insecure bcoz i also have a face..pero di maipantatapat kay ellen..hehehe check out my profile.. doom_princez24@yahoo.com and charlie_angelie242yahoo.com hahaha panget aq hahaha but try to see my profile..!!! hahaha

  181. me! i also want ellens no!i really admire her although im a girl.. nothing wrong nmn db kahit i admire q ung same sex q

  182. Oh come on! is taht really Ellen’s #? Anybody here who’s Ellen’s friend?
    Can we have the real # pls..

  183. met her at convergys. didn’t know she was a celebrity because she didn’t look like one in person.

    don’t know why convergys hired her. she issued a memo (probably someone drafted it for her) to several employees and was surprised why someone memoed her a reply. ah beauty but no brains wala pang modo. she gave me a look down stare. wrong person to do that honey. hehehe.











  185. ellen aint worth all the hype.. i heard that she was having dinner at a friend’s place and she slept the whole night through the party with like 20 ppl there. she only got up to eat, smoke a few cigs then went back to sleep WTF? if ur going to a party or something stay up be polite to the host!! hell, if u wna sleep.. stay home!

  186. jane: i don’t think it’s fair of you to say that ellen “DESERVES EVERY SINGLE HARSH WORD THROWN AT HER.” Sure, she’s NOT exactly the ideal role model. But, still… that’s just way mean. And if you know her (and I mean KNOW her), you’ll realize that she’s a really nice person. Trust me. We were seatmates in high school.

  187. DAMN! people whats wrong with you!!! ellen is just a human who looks for a happiness in life and enjoying it while being young… maybe we are both at the same age i also do things like that PARTY HARD DRINKING LIKE THERS NO TOM. AND SMOKE LIKE DEVIL… well who cares where just human livin in good life we dont care by now but we know the limits. because we learned from our mistakes, we aint loosers but b4 yes we are hell yeah we stand up from that now maybe its time to set our heads up. BUT one thing is for sure GUYS if ellen is like that now a days its because she wanted to enjoy life for the future. just like all the teens and adults out there…ayt-;)

  188. i have a confession to make guys..

    i think i was the original ellen poser… i came even before julia yan and i think i am responsible of the growing number of posers she has now… i had ten accounts of her back when i was on second year high school.. during that time, she only has three accounts.. she kept updating her pictures on those three profiles (back then, friendster only allowed 6 maximum photos to be posted.) that’s why i was able to make 10 friendster accounts under her name with all different pictures.. those friendster accounts i have made were under her name and i even copied her whole profile.. it was convenient for me to pretend to be her because i have all access to her account and her friends’ account.. so basically, a lot of people believed that i was her.. I even managed to sign-up with her account after discovering that her password back then was the name of her then boyfriend: peewee.. so basically i am telling you that: I WAS THE FIRST ONE WHO MADE A FAKE FRIENDSTER ACCOUNT UNDER ELLEN ADARNA’S NAME.

    after perhaps 11 months of pretension, i came to a suuden stop after our internet connection at home was cut and after marian (a friend from CDO whom i have known through the internet with me pretending as ellen) sent messages to the real ellen’s past myspace account asking if I were real.. Fortunately, as i have mentioned earlier, i knew her password that’s why i was able to reply to marian’s message telling her that it was me and i was real.. I tried to keep ellen’s myspace account mine by trying to change the e-mail address she used to my e-mail address but i wasn’t successful this time that’s why she eventually recovered her account because her myspace remained under her e-mail address which was sour_angel666@yahoo.com back then..

    **fast forward**

    now, i dont know what happened to marian and to all those friends/sisters i have met in friendster who believed that i was really ellen adarna.. but i know that i am the one to blame for miss adarna’s bad image and her internet fame which she indeed loathed.. well, i’m not saying that i am completely responsible for this but i am certain that i contributed a lot to the trouble she is facing right now.

    is she mad at me?? definitely YES. but i would still take time to post here not to defend her but to clear things out…

    all rumors, bad things etcetera you’ve heard about her are not all true..
    but they weren’t all made up.. as you’ve probably known, she has a lot of posers and those people were the one responsible for her “bad image”.

    **i think that she isn’t flirting out with any guy who has a girlfriend.. she knows her bounds.. and she wont stoop down to that level.. julia yan i think was responsible for that.. she gave out her number to those perverts who sent her messages telling her they like her..

    **ellen adarna is NOT STUPID! that is a fact.. she is not bobo, walang pinag-aralan etc.. in fact she has a very good (i can’t say excellent though) communication skill.. that is very much evident on all her real profiles under multiply, myspace, her suspended friendster accounts, and her you tube videos.. her posers are ones who are stupid.. they kept posting things etc which are gramatically horrible.. ellen adarna actually does not murder words (changing my to mah people to peepz) and even hated chav speak.

    ** ellen adarna never gave out her number to anyone she doesn’t know via the internet… all her friends who know her can attest to that

    **ellen and diether’s pictures i believe were not pictures of lovers (well, it’s just my opinion since i didn’t really see them kissing).. i believe that they are just good friends because ellen was the cover girl of uno magazine which diether co-owns

    moreover, ellen has wonderful flawless legs and she is about 5’7 to 5’8 tall… she isn’t short… a friend of mine told me that she saw ellen face to face in hongkong and told me that ellen looked exactly as how she looks in pictures.. she isn’t ugly.. she is indeed lovely..

    if you are going to ask me about the scandals/gossips she is currently involved in… well, i am afraid that i might not be able to answer you.. i don’t know if she posted nude pics in the intenet.. so far, i know that after edmund, no one else followed because her multiply account was cancelled after they got separated.. i have also browsed all of her true friends’ friendster and myspace profiles but i wasn’t able to find ellen adarna’s account in their contacts..

    i dont know where she is right now… but i pray that someday she will be able to forgive me for all these things i did..

    **Ellen, i don’t know you personally but i am really sorry.. i actually wanted to post comment on your multiply (when it was still existing) but fear dominated me.. I don’t want you to know who I am personally because i know that you and your friends will hate me and say rude things about me.. well, i can’t blame you for that because it was all my fault after all.. I just want you to know that i am sincerely sorry.. I know that my sorry could never bring back the normal life you once lived but that’s all i can do..**

  189. ellen is short about 4″11, saw her in person, often times a vudu.. a bar here in cebu, she’s not as pretty as she is in her pics.. she’s just super puti.. but if u see her in person you won’t be that AMAZED.. and she’s very thin in person, no butt no boobs not at all sexy… try to see her in person..

  190. NGI! Pataka ra na si “ex-poser”… Ka-mubo ana ni ellen!!! If ellen’s tall, she would have done ramp!

  191. hey..guys..la naman syang gngawa sa inyo..jaysonkoh is right..we all want to spend our teen days and ellen just want to be normal girl like us..she doesnt even know na aabot sya sa gnitong point..is just that.. she only wants to enjoy making her own profile,,kse mganda sya..basta WAG NA KYONH MAKIALAM>>>>>,,ok,.

  192. FACTS and FICTION
    to ex-poser: it was brave of you to come out in the open. Not that it matters so much now… but I would say you are partly to blame for her fame. Whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that you did back then, I would say it worked both ways for Ellen… you catapulted her to stardom.
    I know you are not a personal friend of Ellen back when she was in Cebu, but in more ways than one, I know you have brushed elbows with her. Your attachment for her has made you wanted to be “her”. You get to talk to her friends and share a few secrets even thought you are a POSER. You are an intelligent person. Use it wisely.

    To Jane, your language speaks much more about you rather than Ellen’s.

    If anyone of you has seen the photo of Ellen hugging Deither (Ellen is in a white shirt with black shorts pouting her lips with eyes shut; while Diether is in black leather jacket) biometric measurements will tell you that since Diether Ocampo is 5’10”, Ellen would stant between 5’2″ but no more than 5’3″ in height. Thats a fact.

    Whether Ellen is a slut or a star one thing’s for sure… the more we talk about her the more it speaks on how popular she has become thru the years.

  193. @Old Man

    i do agree that cebu is a factory of true beauty..not only the girls but also the place..oh i love cebu..truly is the queen city of the Philippines..

  194. Ellen’s not the only girl who has this kind of charm..well as news flies by, the news gets altered..too bad..well for you people out there..why not focus on your priorities..if your in college or high school why not put more attention to it..not to just some girl over the internet..if your unemployed then why not look for a job over the internet..instead browsing for girls or for controversial people..we got a lot of business to do rather than this..you might be wondering what I’m doing here..I’m just enlightening you guys to stop this non-sense and go back to your own damned lives..fix your own life..your own problems..

  195. i find ellen prettier than ria
    rias face is kinda big ( bigger thanellen 🙂 )
    and ellen is more popular than ria
    ellen at some point was reach-able
    ria is a party girl and lately ellen is also becoming one
    they met at the bar
    ive seen 2 pictures of ria and ellen (close)

    she posted so much about her, i mean how come people she dont know have thousands of her pictures? im sure it was all from her
    but as she said she didnt expect it to happen

    she became a covergirl of Candymag,UNO & PUMP
    she has a TVC for Illumina (?)

    she got a new boyfriend named Paolo Olbes from manila
    a party boy, i think they are a official couple just this march

    she stopped studying and worked her ass off (her words)
    because of a misunderstanding with her dad
    her dad doesnt like her going out with edmund
    and she likes to change her school but her dad didnt let her
    so she stopped studying and got a work
    from kinder to college shes studying in STC
    her dad doesnt like her to go to a co-ed school
    i dont know if shes studying now, i think no
    because i read she said that this next sem shell surely go to school
    but i read before that after STC she got to go to CIE

    her scandal she denied it, but hmm i dont know
    it looks so real. her relationship with TJ didnt make a noise then
    so if its edited where do people based the pictures? how did they knew her relationship with TJ
    though im sure shes not a virgin anymore
    she had a lot of boyfriends
    she said edmund and her were “practically married” what does that mean?
    and she was asked if sex after or before marriage
    she said something like “before to make sure that theres nothing wrong”

  196. if you want her cellphone & telephone # tell me and ill post it here
    ( im credible, dont worry (: )

    indeed shes really pretty
    i like her for that
    and plus to that shes frank
    she got a strong personality

  197. to ex poser
    wow! confession!
    yeah diether and her didnt had the real thing (relationship)
    though when i first saw some of their pictures
    i thought thayre going out or something
    no shes not tall, not at all
    she even said that as she grow up shes expecting to become taller
    but as years passes by nothing happens lol
    she 5″2 or less in height

  198. her hair doesnt look as good as before
    it became curly (dead?)

    shes isnt ugly but in person she doesnt look as lovely as she is in pictures
    shes been to hongkong before 2008 (or early 2008)

  199. im able to find her REAL accounts
    2nd old myspace and new facebook,friendster,imeem & multiply account

    and like what ive said i have her contact number

    peewee i heard about this guy

  200. no, her real account is mangoshakemonster.multiply.com

    i believe the real ellen would not make her account that obvious anymore

  201. if you will search in google “mangoshakemonster” you’ll find enough evidence to prove that she is indeed the real one

  202. thats not ellen i know her real multiply account. it starts with “m” she is even at tj pamintuan’s account. to ex poser. ellen is only 5’2. she’s very small. she is more photogenic than telegenic

  203. should i tell here?

    shes keeping her private life now
    and i think it would be unfair if
    i will post it here?

    if theres a 5 different person who will comment here and tell that “no its ok post it now!” then i would post it
    but if theres 3 people who will say “no dont post it” i wont then

    would i be in any trouble if i post her contact number?

  204. dont. you said ot yourself, she’s keeping her private life PRIVATE. her online accounts maybe , but not her contact #.

    btw, she has an account in filipinofriendfinder, a blog rather.. google “ellen4288”

  205. She’s pretty but not totally BEAUTIFUL. Why? Kasi kung nagkataon na nandito sya sa Korea or China or even sa Japan…Hindi mapapansin ang beauty nya…..kasi normal dito ang ganung pagmumukha…. Maniniwla ako na mananatili syang sikat kung magagawa nya tulad nina SHARON CUNETA, REGINE V., etc., na magdaan man ng ilang dekada kilala ng sambayanang Pinoy ang pagmumukha nya! Eh, si Sharon Cuneta nga kahit tumaba maganda parin…papano kung sya ang tumaba… maganda pa kaya sya? Anyway, hindi ako galit kay ELLEN… she’s young and definitely she has the right to enjoy her youth. It’s up to her kung papano nyang gawin yon. MABUHAY ANG MGA BISAYA! ( Bisaya rin po ako!!!! )

  206. hmm…

    well, i just read it in her “real” past existing account that she satnds 5’7 daw.. well, she might have lied there just as she did when she said in one of her photo caption that they were in hawaii but were actually in moalboal..

    i don’t know her personally but i’ve done a lot of stalking.. hahahahahaha!! i was quite obssessed pretending to be her back then..:P


    errr… i doubt that you know ellen personally or even talked with her in the internet or whatever connection you were claiming.. ellen’s friend are subtle.. they dont tend to engage in a forum about ellen.. what happened on my case (while i was still pretending to be her) was her friends sending me messages (not that nasty, i must say) to stop pretending..

    her friends love her a lot so i dont think that they would be kind enough to mostly pervert people by giving out her online id’s..

    oh well, there were A LOT of posers before me pala.. but i was the one who put ellen’s name in a pedestal (i am not proud of it though) since i was the original poser who used her name..

  207. hey ex-poser! are you the one who use the name of amelia pauline? just wanted to know.. thanks!

  208. i am not amelia pauline.. i used ellen’s name, meaning, i made friendster accounts with the name ellen adarna..

    i forgot the other e-add of my previous accounts but the last one i did was i think, mystic_selene@goodbye.com if i’m not mistaken..

    as far as i know, only two(?) of my accounts still exists today..but i already forgot the e-mail adrdress i used to sign-up on that..

    if ever you have viewed ellen’s “real” accounts on friendster before she completely decided to leave friendster forever, all the url’s of my 10 accounts were posted in her profile to warn the public that i was fake..

    she also posted a blog on her first mysapce account telling that there was once a stupid hacker who tried to seize her account, and that was me..

    i don’t know who amelia pauline is.. i just know julia yan.. maybe pauline is a more recent poser..

  209. oh! i obviously made that mystic_selene@goodbye.com to bid goodbye to all the friends i have made in friendster who apparently believed that i was real.. ellen’s popularity skyrocketed because of those accounts i have made.. and to prove that i was a fake, she launched her multiply account.. so, to avoid further troubles with those people discovering that i was a fake, i said goodbye.. but of course.. i made an excuse saying that i need to study hard..

  210. to ex-poser; thanks anyways.. and all i can say is, just keep up what you think is the right thing! ok lang maging poser ni ellen dati, maybe it is planned that you have to pretend to be her.. blessing indisguise kumbaga, like what you’ve said “ellen’s popularity skyrocketed because of those accounts i have made.. ” see what i mean?! ganun lang siguro talaga, everyone has it’s purpose, masama man o hindi yung ginagawa mo.. thanks ulet sa response..

  211. i didnt (never) said that im personally connected with her
    i swear to God i know her real contact numbers (landline and cp)
    “they dont tend to engage in a forum about ellen”
    theres Prish

  212. to ex poser. you totally made ellen a superstar. if you people will read amanda’s theory you will see that she made a great point about becoming an internet celebrity. whats wrong about amanda’s statement is when she said,

    “people, there are a lot of beautiful women in the internet. wonder why ellen is famous? because she whored (not literally) herself all over the internet.”

    Ellen did not do that, ex poser did. amanda is so very right. there are many beautiful girls in friendster, myspace, multiply etc. Even more beautiful than ellen i must say for I am a stalker of beautiful women (but I am not a poser) Ellen was the one who became popular because someone (ex poser) drooled ellen’s face in public. read amanda’s comment. She is very right! its somewhere up there. just type in f4 than amanda to search for it faster.

  213. to ex poser,

    you totally made ellen a superstar. if you people will read amanda’s theory you will see that she made a great point about becoming an internet celebrity. whats wrong about amanda’s statement is when she said,

    “people, there are a lot of beautiful women in the internet. wonder why ellen is famous? because she whored (not literally) herself all over the internet.”

    Ellen did not do that, ex poser did. amanda is so very right. there are many beautiful girls in friendster, myspace, multiply etc. Even more beautiful than ellen i must say for I am a stalker of beautiful women (but I am not a poser) Ellen was the one who became popular because someone (ex poser) drooled ellen’s face in public. read amanda’s comment. She is very right! its somewhere up there. just type in f4 than amanda to search for it faster.

  214. pag ako nag post ng magagandang babae dito na galing din dito sa pinas naku! goodbye ellen na! matatalino pa. chinita man mestiza kahit ano pa. mron din both and mron din mga morenas. you will see these girls at common universities and colleges here in metro manila.

  215. ms prish is an exception. she defends ms adarna on candy forums and on her multiply site as well.

  216. kinulang lang siya sa tangkad

    they are friends because they both lived in cebu
    they know each other but they rarely hangout together
    (i saw ellen in plantation bay and ginza)
    they are not “super friends”
    prish i guess is 25 (or more) years old and ellen is just 20
    i find her “sipsip” or “epal” (nothing bad intented)

    chua is not prish’s last name
    chua is ellens ex boyfriends last name

    theres also her classmte but there not close

    1 said i should post
    1 said i shouldnt
    her contact number

    so what now?

  217. ito lang masasabi ko:

    lahat ng girl friends nya, magaganda.
    lahat ng boy friends nya, pangit.

    pero silang lahat, MAYAYAMAN. kaya kung hindi ka mayaman, huwag na kayo umasang magiging friend or girlfriend nyo si ellen

    Yun lang. agree??

  218. she’s pretty… her beauty is amazing…nakakatuLala…
    thanks for this site… and i’ve spent 2 hours reading about your comments… jeez…



    Uli nako…

  219. ooohh… i did some searching & i found that ms prish’s last name is indeed not chua… what i found was that it was Sia.

    i found a pic of her friends in Cebu in plantation bay… i guess it’s an oldie…


  220. She’s beautiful. Filipina kase. We have the same school!!!! haha.. la lang.. happy na ako dun.. ^_^

  221. mas mdmi png pix na sobrang chubby xa.. der were those pix of her and edmund in a beach, & another set in a wedding

  222. totoo ba na si ellen ordinary lang in person? ang dami ka nagsasabi nun na nakakiita na sa kanya. I didnt believe the first time but when my friend said it na totoo daw then I believed it na. he just saw her in cebu recently. lalaki yun ah? crush niya un pero di daw pala ganun kaganda in person. sabagay when you think of it, her pictures look amazingly beautiful because of the lighting, her skin, she’s glowing but when you think about her face itself mejo mukha nga naman common or nothing is so amazing with it although she has nice nose. eh kung ano itsura niya sa pics lalo na yung mga sobrang glowing niyang pics eh di naman pwede maging ganun in person ang kutis dahil hindi “cartoony” or liqufied ang texture ng skin ng tao sa personal kahit gano pa siya kakinis. I think ellen is just simply photogenic. naalala ko yung kaklase ko before na ang panget in person but when you take a picture of her mukha siyang makinis at artista samantalang in person galisin siya. I have nothing against ellen but I dont’ find her beauty that impressive.

    peace everyone!

  223. I don’t know why people are so amazed by her beauty. weird! daming mas maganda.. in my own opnion (I hope people won’t get mad) uno magazine looked cheap when ellen posed as their covergirl. I’m a reader of UNO so I was used to see real beauties like amanada griffin, maikee evers, nicole hernanadez. They looked sosyal but when ellen did the cover parang ang baduy na tingnan. sorry but I bet if you guys would see ellen for the first time in UNO you wouldn’t notice her compared to the other girls who became their cover. people bought it because they knew it was “the” ellen adarna, the famous internet celebrity and yes to jessica she is very common in person. wala pang finess sa harap ng camera. watch her video at thise site: http://ellenadrnafan.wordpress.com, prang walang breeding. she is not as glamorous as the other covergirls siguro kase di pa siya sanay. she keps on fidgeting, prang di mapakali. ang panget tingnan. wala akong bilib sa kanya. she is vbery small, a typical chinita if you see her in person, she is not gorgeous kung baga prettyprettyhan lang. mukha siyang neneng paslit sa tabi ng totoong magaganda

  224. yah! I’m from cebu, I agree that ellen is only typical. she is just photogenic. she was my schoolmate. she’s ok looking but not that gorgeous katulad ng pag pre-praise sa kanya ng mga tao. she’s just maputi and chinita. dats it!

  225. there is something about this girl’s population, there is something smelly. parang di natural. ithethesis ko nga ang pagboom niya as an internest celebrity, by the way I saw here in person in cebu last december she is so typical, 4’11 lang ata. she looks good in her pictures though but way less in person. a typical girl.. oh well baka kanya kanya taste lang yan

  226. hayyzz..,mga taong wlang magawa sa buhay 😀

    paki alaman nyo buhay nyo 😀

    post rin kau mga pics nyo:P

    knya-knyang trip lng yan:-)

  227. For me, Ellen is now like a prosti. I mean, kung kani kanino na lang ang picture niya kung sino sino na lang ang katabi niyang lalaki. Kung sino sino kahalikan, katabi, kayakap, ano ba yun? May breeding pa ba yun?
    Sana naman gawing role model yung mga babaeng may “breeding” at may purpose sa buhay..

  228. HAHAHAHA. its been awhile since i posted here. so uhm. yah, ellen’s younger bro, danton. what the fcuk! he’s my bestfriend dude! he’s my bro for life. HAHAH. bitaw oi. si ellen. but-an kaau na siya ai. once mgka close mu. like uber close. mka ila jud ka niya. HAHAHA. dayum! im speaking bisaya na. btw, ellen is not tall. HAHAH. like me. we’re both shawties. HAHA. hey ellen, i know you’d laugh once you read this. haha.

    BTW, we had fun reading all your posts. HAHA. right ellen? HAAHAHA.

    and yah, danton-ellen’s bro, said, this website is for losers. yah. fcuk ya’ll dude! HAHAHA

    bitaw oi. na lingaw rko.

  229. and yah, if you wanna ask more stuffs. search me in friendster. just my name. i’ve got pics with ellen’s bro. so yah,that’s a proof, i know her. add me quickly.LOL. HAHAHA

  230. i saw her in embassy and greenbelt shes small mga 5’2 lang ata but sobrang pretty, kinis ng skin. as in. parang si nicole hernandez ung beauty.. i was in starbucks when she went inside everyone was like looking at her.. and she seems nice. i smiled and she smiled back… i find hr very beautiful as in maka tulala! to think she was wearing a shirt and shorts lang…

    nothing against the haters but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. hands down to her! ^_^

  231. you dont have to judge her. put yourselves in her shoes for you to know what it feels like to have an army of identity robbers.

  232. she’s pretty and that’s it. stop saying bad things about her. stop making fcuking gagong rappers like videos(fcuking dedication). stop making fake friendster accounts to catch someones attention. stop saying/bragging she’s your girlfriend and all that stuff. so what if she is your girlfriend? instead of stealing her pictures and using it in bullshit agendas, why dont you just find ways to make yourself beautiful? you’re just wasting your time.

  233. hahai… photogenic lng c ellen, if u can see her in person u cant recognize her that she’s in the pics. ordinary lng face nya, Yah maputi xa pero pale.. make up lng nya nkakaganda sa kanya,, she’s in my school ryt now n’ she’s nothing there,.marami magaganda sa in mya school,.
    hindi rin sa mataas mga 5’3 lng hieght nya,,

  234. she was so beatiful
    inggit lang clla
    mala2mpasan u Rin yan
    just PRAY lnG lHene
    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!

  235. is it true na pregnant na sha? x kasi sha ng friend ko..cathrina madrigal real name nian.from cebu…….pero la na sila, di nmn ata kasi girlfriend material to…kaya nkipagbreak sa knya ang friend ko….hehe…ayaw pa nga ni cate makipaghiwalay…kaso happy na ung x nia with his new found..pretty nga si cate,aka ellen adarna…kaso hanggang dun nlng un….sabi ng x nia, nabulag lng daw sha sa face value niang si cate…truly we shouldnt be captured by physical beauty..

  236. Im one of the admirers of ellen. pero may nakita aqng npakaganda lau2x n ellen. hindi ko pa sa kilala i saw her sa jollibee kumakain i think she’s studying in USC. sHOCKs she’s very gorgeous ung beauty nya parang WoW Talaga. may similarities cla n erich gonzales pero mas maganda pa ung girl na nakita q!!! aABangan q un ulit nka makita q!! & 4 the next time i’ll never hesitate to ask her name!! super ganda talaga nya npaka amo ng mukha wla xang arte sa mukha nya walang make up & she’s tall. watch out for this girl i’ll make sure na pagnakita nyo ma tutulalal tlaga kau!!
    Thats it!!

  237. maybe you saw layla. anyways, to those studying in usc. i love you guys. hsjhdhdjsdjshdsdhsd AAHHAHAHAHAHHA.

  238. cno c layla,.?/ cani have her pix or frndstr add,.?/?/
    ,.i askmy frnds n usc tourism daw course nun pro d nla alam ung name..

  239. hindi cya c layla.. i know her nah. she’s a 2nd year tourism student. kakilala cya ng frnd ko!! hndi xa model pero ang galing daw nya sumayaw sabi ng frnd q!! dancesport daw sya. Sana makilala nyo sya ganda talaga nya!!
    lAU2X N ellen,.

  240. Different people have different tastes and preferrence. Ako, I don’t find Angelina Jolie that gorgeous. I’m fascinated with Ellen’s beauty. I’m also fascinated about how she gets herself famous. At least she didn’t have to go through those shitful auditions. I think that’s her dream(being famous). Kung magpost man sya ng kalandian, although I’m not sure if she did or she would, a lot of people would like her pa rin but in a different way na. Hehehe. Anyway, I think she knows what she’s doing. You could say all the worst things about her, karapatan nyo yon but that will not stop her from doing what she’s happy about. Ellen needs positive and negative comments. Be pro naman in giving out your comments. I don’t know her and she does not know me. Yun lang.

  241. may i know ellen’s brother’s name?i don’t care about her..just the brother,hehe…gimme some info guyz…

  242. her face is like of an angel, is she the one who’s pix are very popular on friendster? the face that being used by others? huh….so that’s how pretty she is…nice

  243. hmmm ms. ellen i downloaded your youtube entitled where is she i was captivated by your smile… geee i think its an admiration between two ladies. nyaks

  244. yeah.its hella bestfriend DANTON. lollers…sorry guys for the late reply. havnt checked in for so long. lollers……..

  245. she’s really beautiful!!!..i had a copy of candy mag where she was a cover…walang angle na panget!!perfect!

  246. Define “INSECURITY”: It’s a behavior possessed by certain individuals who can’t accept the fact that they can never level up to you no matter how hard they try. That’s why they either hate you, backbite you, or imitate you. Just let ’em. After all, at the end of the day they know for a fact that they can never come close in parallel with you.

  247. “ELLEN ADARNA” oh god..she’s the most beautiful girl in the world..
    grabe ang beauty nya..hnd nakakasawang pgmasdan..ngiti plng busog kn..
    nakakaadik ang ganda nya grabe…

  248. to mitch, jesse and kat!
    hello envious bitches!
    if ellen isn’t gorgeous in what category are you putting yourselves!
    probably the UGLIEST!..
    try post your pictures…
    and let’s see if others will grab and pose your pictures like they did with ellen’s..!
    bye bitches!

  249. …totoo yun, hindi nakakasawa pagmasdan ang mukha nya.., angelic ang beauty, nakakagayuma,,babae na ako ha..,, kung partneran pa sana nya ng mgandang ugali,yung pino ba, katulad ni Lucy Torres, nako perfect na talaga..,kaso masyado na nagasgas yung mukha nya sa internet eh, hindi naman sya nakakasawa, pero sana hindi sya masyadong naging showy, para mas lalong kapanapanabik ang beauty nya..,yung tipong masarap pang diskubrehin…,kaso sa mga pics nya makikita na ang lifestyle nya., brat sya i think.,yon na, parang hindi na sya masyadong exciting., pro beautiful sya.,
    yun naman yun…,but on the other side, marami pa ding mystery sakanya.,
    na expose nya ang sarili nya pero kahit kailan hindi sya nagbibitaw ng word tungkol sa family nya,,..yun lang ang isang bagay pa siguro na pwede nating diskubrehin nalang sakanya.., atsaka ok lang na hindi sya pumasok sa showbiz, modeling lang ang inatupag nya.., kase sayang lang ang ganda nya.., mayaman naman sya hindi na nya kailangan yon…, gusto ko pa nga makakita ng latest photos ni ellen, yung itsura nya ngayon

  250. wtf , for all the people who said that looks matter and attitude doesn’t , it does for other people and it doesn’t for others, and for the people who said , it does, b sure u get millions of girls out der and b sure ur a hunk , and for the people who said they r friends to ellen b sure to have representation of her photo comes with ur face in it , or give us proofs. that u r friends with ellen coz a lot can happen in the internet that u can lie about. and also for the boyfriends of hers that is saying they are her bf well good luck with her and give us some hint photos that u r her bf . and also for the people who said that U STOLE MY BF ELLEN, b sure to hold on tight to ur boyfriend next time if u really love him and also stop complaining about it in the internet complain to her or to ur bf not to the world, coz the world doesn’t care about that. and there’s a lot fish in the water. and for the people who said that she is bad for having sex. its her choice and if u r insecure go and have sex with somebody. and b sure that u didn’t commit any crime b4 or after ellen had sex. b coz everybody has a choice and everybody could make a mistake. but people if ur gonna write about somebody famous b sure to b infallible meaning perfect.

    corrected by alicia aileen ahern

  251. wala bang new site si ellen na with new pics..nakakamiss tingnan ang beauty nya eh

  252. wawa naman ung mga naninira.. na iinggit qase sa beauty ni ellen… qung ayaw nyo sya baqit nyo pa tinitignan ung mga pics nya??.. naqaqasawa daw??… naqaqasawa cguro 0ras oras tinitignan.. craulo rin tong mga taong naninira qay ellen.. my pa sex sex pictures pa ehh ang dali lang mag edit ng picture.. wala namang qumalat na issue muLa sa pnag t trabahuhan nya dba??…halatang gawa gawa lang.. nag papaniwala pa qau sa mga walang qwentang sex pictures pti ung gnagawang pnira.. ganyan talaga ang siqat.. alam muh na??..

  253. im a big fan of ellen adarna.. and im a girl.. sana lang qung ayaw nyo talaga sya manahimic na lang qau qesa mag sabi ng qung ano ano.. ehh pano qung nabasa nga yan ni ellen??.. syempre masasaqtan ung tao sa pnag sasabi nyo.. mag isip muna qau bago qau mang husga.. buti ba qung cLose na cLose qau ni ellen.. ung iba qasi d iniisip qung naqaqa saqit cLa sa mga cnasabi nLa……………………… s0 pLz… stop the bad this that u would to say to ellen….. im just concern to that person…

  254. fcuk you all!! hahahaha!!! this is the worst website ive ever been. you guys are fighting over someone who doesnt even care at all. cant you see????? lol!! dumbheads!

  255. lol. @ kristina. natawa ako. that’s true. you guys care so much to someone who wouldnt care at all. :P~. just leave her alone. give her peace. tehee

  256. hey hope..mag marlboro kn lng kaya..baka sakali marealize mo pa na super ganda ni ellen adarna

  257. hi..ang ganda talaga ni ellen adarna…kya sa mga possers nya wala naman kayong mapapala kse sya ri nmn ang siskat…pwude nyo po ba ako pdalhan ng pix. ni ellen??

  258. Hi! actually, i personally know ellen. i’m from cebu and she’s not that gorgeous without make-up. i mean hello? Her family owns a motel business. probably explains why she has no values. What a waste of beauty…

  259. ..hhmmm…she’s really pretty..actually..i grab some of her photos…but kept it in my folder lng..sorry ellen..hehe…hope to meet you personally and become your friend..but i think that’s really imposible..guys.,,want to have friends,also,,add me at friendster.. honey_jhasz07@yahoo.com thanks..please leave ellen peace of mind..GODBLESS everyonE!!…

  260. just saw her pictures for the first time yesterday.man shes really cute,became an instant fan.looking at her pictures relieves the stress from working in a call center.just wish her all the best

  261. FromCebu says:
    May 14, 2009 at 2:02 am
    Hi! actually, i personally know ellen. i’m from cebu and she’s not that gorgeous without make-up. i mean hello? Her family owns a motel business. probably explains why she has no values. What a waste of beauty…

    —I AGREE

  262. Hi san na nga ba ngayon si ellen… Anybody know where she is? Nawala na kasi sya?… Thank you

  263. ahaha FROMCEBU you rock!!!ahaha ngaun ko lng nlaman un ah..kea pla gnun ugali nya…super high ang attitude…ahaha…i admire her a lot pa naman…as in A LOT!!!!!!!!sayang

  264. i really like ellen kase she’s very photogenic, wala pa akong nakikitang pangit nyang picture. kapag pinapanood ko mga video nya sa youtube like nung sa uno and jessica, parang ang simple lang nya and may pagka mahiyain. ang latest ngayon nag memake up sya.. wlang pangit na anggulo kaya kahit babae ako, napapahanga nya ko sa ganda nia. sana lang hindi sya suplada sa mga fans nya kase mukang mahirap sya iaproach.

  265. im from cebu also,& i know her, she’s not beautiful without make up. & yes her family owns a motel, w/c hires GRO,xa cguro mamasang!!!hahahah kaya ganyan ugali nya..
    marami pa mas magnda sa kanya here in cebu,

  266. sobra naman.. di naman siguro ganun. oo, siguro di ka talaga nagagandahan sa kanya pero meron rin namang nakakita na sa kanya na gandang ganda sa kanya. kanya kanyang taste.. for sure hindi kayo close, sana wag sya ijudge basta basta.

  267. did ellen undergo plastic surgery? she looks so different na now than before. I think alam ko kung ano pinagawwa niya but hey ok lang magpa retoke basta ba eh maganda ang kakalabasan dba? yah mas marami nga maganda kay ellen sa cubu at quezon city at dun sa alabang

  268. Sa mga bad comments agains Ellen,,,ang masasabi ko lang tignan n’yo muna ang mga sarili n’yo,,,bago kayo manghusga ng iba ok…ty.

  269. all of us are dreamers! may bf na xa eh… wala na pag-asa… mahal nya bf nya…. at lalo na ang bf nya.for sure mahal na mahal xa…

  270. mrami mas maganda? oo. pero kakaiba ganda nya kaya sya sumikat. ang dami niya ng mga achivments at kahit anung sbihin nyo, di nyo na mababago, napakaganda nya.

  271. oooh.. i have seen her in person last yr n cebu @ ayala mall. she’s not that pretty.. jus an ordinary white girl!

  272. hahaha.. natatawa na lang ako. PAYO LANG HA, wag nyo dito ipost yan. gumawa kayo ng video, pagtabihin nyo picture ng mga yan at picture ni ellen then upload nyo sa youtube, tutal nman sinsabi nyong MAS MAGANDA yang mga yan kay ellen right?? comparing gusto nyo, para naman malaman nyo ang comments ng iba. haha, malay nyo.. sumang ayon ang lahat na mas maganda nga yang mga yan kay ellen. hahaha:))

  273. haler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u haven’t seen her, c ellen pale na puti, c keeshia mas maganda pure filipina & she’s only 19, she’s a private person hindi rin xa model hindi xa expose xa mga tao, she’s just simple.. WALANG SCANDAL!!! not like ELLEN DAMING SCANDAL!!!

  274. haLer?? hindi naman porket pure filipina e mas maganda na and so what kung 19 lang sya?? khit 12 years old pa sya MAS MAGANDA pa rin SI ELLEN ADARNA sayo! este.. sa kanya. LOL.

    walang nagtatanong kung private sya and obvious naman na hindi sya model. yah right ang simple nga ng itsura nya and kung private sya bakit kelangan ipost pa dito sa ‘who is ellen adarna’ ang picture nya?? BAKIT DITO PA?? pnpasikat???

    malay ba namin kung wala nga syang scandal e hindi naman sya sikat and kung meron man im sure hindi pa rin sisikat. hahahahah.

  275. elooo san na nga bah si ellen????? recently may nakakita sa kanya sa BAKAK RESTO BAR, kasama daw sya nina Bea at Sam and there friends, lasing na lasing… grabe… poor girl….

    Totoo kaya? nadapa sa may putikan sya?

    Anybody can tell what happen to ellen????Sino na BF nya ngayon? Ala lang curious bah….

  276. khit pa sbhin nyu pale c ellen,pretty pa win sha. makinis sha en prang milk s puti. mliit lhat sa face nia. maliit ang shape ng muka. mliit n mtangos ang ilong,mganda ang lips kase mukang soft. khit d mxiado mganda eyes nya, malakas pa rn ang dating dahil maamo at chinita. oo nga,maliit lang c ellen pero maganda naman ang face nya and last! c ellen no need n mgpacute. natural! aminin man natin o hindi!sumikat sha dahil sa maganda nyang muka!

  277. i know her real account pero hnd sya nang aaccept try nyo search sa facebook maria ellena go adarna alam kong real account nya yan kasi laging tinatag sya nung mga friends nya and ayun.

  278. @bading yes they were @BAKAK that nyt .. doesnt she have d ryt to have fun? its her life and whatever she does is none of ur f@^kkkkiiin business

    AND BTW TRY TO GOOGLE sam benitez you’ll know what happen that nyt they were at BAKAK

  279. i love love love love.. i super love ellen! sana mag artista n sya, super cruSh ko sya. hayzzzzz

  280. well ellen and her friends are bunch of rich kids what do you expect? mag behave sila? and isa pa we should live life to the fullest para walang regrets. if you have lots of money like them ok lang mag gastos coz for them walang value ang pera. and nabas ako sa news paper yung nangyari sa bakak “wth is wrong with miguel osmena” malasing ang girlfriend nia sisisihin nia iba kasalanan un ng girlfriend nia pag iinom ka alam mo dapat kung hanggang saan lang kayo mo, kht ininvite sya ni sam hnd sya kargo ni sam kasi hnd naman sya pinilit sumama eh kusa sya pumunta eh pano pag lasing na lahat ng kasama nung bea na un dapat pala intindihin pa sia ano sya dyosa? wtf!

  281. bakak girl naba c ellen???? hahahaha kakahiya nman.
    cheap girls ang mg.punta xa bakak hindi nya alam??hahahaha
    bakak girls same as limbaga girls hahaha



  283. anong ngyari kay ellen?? bat ganun mga new pics nya???
    sayang idol ko pa naman sya kaso parang liberated, hindi magandang example.

  284. @ iloveellenadarna

    Did you actually think that Ellen was as innocent as her angelic face? The woman is obviously a skank and herpes infested.

  285. `she: youre just jealous coz ellens a rich kid whos got in a mess coz of that lame ass bea and her fuckng boyfriend miguel osmeña..just because hes the mayors son, doesnt mean he’s the boss

    `iloveellenadarna: theyre just having fun darling..

  286. @ Margarita i dont think the phrase “mr. know it all” should apply to me one bit. I just simply observed that ellen has had 3-4 flings in a course of ONE YEAR. Among them are nasty old rich hags…

    Ellen is pretending to be high class but really low down dirty kinda kinfolk.

    So basically you need to shut the fuck up, and i hope you choke on your own vomit one of these days. *smirk*

  287. Bakit ba ang daming fans nitong si ellen samantalang typical flawless chinita beauty lang naman sya. Palibhasa kasi dito sa atin sa pinas, bihira ka makakita ng maganda araw araw, kaya yan, kandarapa na ellen adarna lang. hayy dios ko po.

  288. @mitch
    bakit nga ba mukang pinoproblema mu kung maraming fans c ellen? eh ano kung maraming humahanga sakanya? anu nman sayo yun? e sakanya humahanga, anung magagawa mo?

    mas nakkapagtaka pa kung sa mga katulad mung intrimitida at inggitera ha2nga ang mga tao, yung tipong magkocomment lang sa isang blog para sbhing hindi dpat hangaan dhil hindi naman kagandahn si ganto kase ganyan..

    araw araw nanonood ng tv ang mga tao, it means everyday rin cla naka2kita ng artista [MAGAGANDA].. my mga Korean pa nga at Mexican, so anung tawag mu s mga yun? hnd ba mga2nda rin ang mga yun?? iba iba kse ang mga taste ng tao, kung hindi mu sya feel, fine.

    pra sakin napakacute ni ellen, kakaiba ganda nya. sa ibang bansa karamihan puro retokada, lalo na sa hongkong bihira ka lang makakakita ng tlagang may itsura pwera n lang kung model o artista.

  289. 3 or 4 flings?? how did you know? are you a stalker?
    sa pagkakaalam co private na sya ngayon.. 🙂
    anyway, we can’t blame her..
    she’s really pretty that’s why maraming nagkakagusto sa kanya.

    its her life.. its better to leave her alone and mind our own right anonymous??

  290. “Haters are confused admirers who can’t understand why everybody likes you..” 🙂
    @mitch, Now i know.

  291. ‘anonymous : so what if she had 3-4 flings? is she the only one who’s tried that? like duh! come to think of it, dumbo. and if she’s just pretending, then wouldn’t have those “high class” friends. why’d she even hang out with that bea if she’s just some low life bitch? duh!

  292. @ margarita

    what a dumbfuck you are. you obviously didn’t get what i said.

    ellen fucks around like a rabbit, PERIOD. now you’re telling ME just coz she hangs out with “Rich People w/ established status” and is herself loaded with money and fame, that she should be considered of “high class?”!! Bitch please!! you need to lay off on the crack! What kind of generalization is that??

    you’re such an imbecile, i don’t think we should even link the word “Class” when it comes to Ellen coz she obviously has NONE.

    high class my ass! She’s one loosey goosey FUCKMEAT that was my point, IDIOT.





  294. ‘anonymous : and you think that freakin bea is some “lil miss good girl”? hell no. i bet that girl and that osmeña guy do fck all the time. and you think osmeña’s the only one who’s fcked her?? omg. if she’s like had a thousand boyfriends before that fat ass , then she’s more of a fuckmeat than ellen is. and do you think osmeña’s the only boyfriend bea had? we dont even know she’s fckin guys behind osmeña’s back. girls get bored you know.

  295. i just know ellen shes one of the boys .. grabeh. cowboy and very down to earth. wala cyang pakialam . thats y a lot of people gets insecure and jealous coz shes have it all.

  296. they own motel business 14 motels and real estates. all over cebu manila and davao and cagayan. plus… they have buildings too kaya mamatay nalang kau sa inggit kasi ang isang motel 2 million ang kita araw araw!!!!

  297. i wish to look your bautiful……face????????????? dream of my life……. your my no.1 fan favorite>>>> koe nga pla>>>> yung video moe>>>>>> yung kanta ng gagong rapper>>>>yung SANA???????? sana makita kita kahit yung mga mata moe nah ikaw ay maSaya >>>>>>l

  298. I know how it feels. I do got posers on the net and I can say it’s very disturbing. It’s not our fault that people steal or pics and pretend to be us. I think that’s not our problem anymore. Why blame us? Don’t we have the rights to upload pics on the net? Don’t we have the rights to do networking and stuffs?

    Do you even know how it feels walking in the mall, people judging you even you’re wearing the simpliest outfit you can come up with? Do you guys even know how to be looked at by people you don’t even know judging you because of your pics. Do you even know how it feels when people walk towards you telling you know them. Telling you that you’re a snob because you don’t acknowledge them when infact, you really don’t know them. Do you even know how it feels when people approaches you claiming that i’m their girlfriend? You don’t know those things. And I know, If I can experience these things, Ellen does!

    I do modeling and stuffs yes. I do post wild pics but it doesn’t mean that I’m like that. Picture is just a picture. It will remain as that. People like us also has the rights to enjoy life and take pictures.

    We are not doing anything to you guys. Ellen is not judging you. I am not judging you. Other people who has a lot of posers don’t judge you. So please, respect us and leave us alone if you can’t say anything nice.

  299. dude youre just jealous eh?! i bet you had the hots for her but you couldnt fucking reach her. lmfao. DAYUMMMMMM!

  300. @that girl

    sorry asshole, EXCESSIVELY PALE filipino-chinese girl are NOT my type, unlike a vast majority of filipino men do (WTF?). I prefer the olive skinned & gorgeous brazilian-japanese women.

    ever heard of bruna ogama? bet you haven’t!!! cause “ALBINO” type girls are what captures your attention. LMFAO.

  301. Princess snell has looks alright, but from where i live she’s not special. Marami kasing mestisa dito, nakakasawa, kaya the men out here prefer someone like bruna ogama, out of the ordinary plus exotic, not another typical half white/ australian/ german etc. like most filipino men would prefer. Trust me cherry, there are plenty of beautiful women out there, dont be stuck with just half-filipinas. 😉

  302. yea, she’s gorgeous.. like an angel! pero sana maappreciate mo rin ang beauty ng mga pinay.

  303. lumabas c ellen sa cool center ng gma nung sabado 01-30-10.. try searching this at youtube– cool girls with ellen adarna — ang ganda nya talaga….

  304. i saw her in tv ..GMA 7, my god ang ganda nia na sana.kaya lang ng nagsalita boom!! talo hahaha..kaboses ni alvin sa chipmunks haha

  305. swerte natin dahil muli natin napanood si ellen, at nadinig pa natin ang boses nya with matching dance pa Yes, sana mag patulog na sya

  306. ellen is getting married this year.. shes pregnant to peterson lim.. ellen is a cebuana.. shes pretty but shes maldita!

  307. @mel buang dili sya preggy hahahahah have u seen her @ cool central mukha ba syang preggy lolololol

  308. @anonymous

    shallow waters run deep boi, margarita, gia, PATRONTEQUiLLA, whyudasd, Living Doll, that girl are right. Amazing how some dumb ass like you write something like that, kng tingin mo sa isang tao ay pokpok pero nde sila ganun bka nman ikaw un

    why don’t you fuck a dog or something


  309. low life individuals also admires low life ones.,.,ellen is obviously trying to pretend wat she will nver be,.,look guys,.,dont blind ur self in such a common beauty,.,or maybe panget lng din kau kea pantasya nlng pra s inyo c ellen,.,panget lng ang hhanga ng gnyan,.,wla n kcng ppatol sknila,.,

  310. @near
    ay bakit maganda ka? kun oo, sing ganda ba o mas mganda ka pa ke ellen? im sure hindi.. kc inseQr ka.
    low life? bkit gano ba kaHIGH ang life mu? hahaha.
    ikaw ang obvious, pupunta ka sa page n to pra manlait lang ng tao? d kya kaw ang low life?
    mapanghusga kang tao. u will never be ellen at walang hahanga sau tulad ng pghanga ng mrami skanya ya dont waste ur time na crain sya dhil mganda tlga sya, common o hindi.

  311. kinsa ba ni cya? ngano na buang mga tao sa iya?who the fuck is this girl that everyone seems to be interested with ? i dont really get it , shes fucking famous all over the internet , yes she looks ok but there are tons or millions of hot chicks out there, why did u guys pick her as subject to be waisting your precious time on, is her skin made of diamond? dudes and dudettes open your eyes and realized your time is being waisted , you still have so many things to do with your lives other than talking about this gurl .. cheeeers everyone, i know after this alot will still continue talking, we cant stop people but we can stop ourselves hope noone gets offensive, well its not up to me but its up to u… ^__^

  312. millionaire23 and who the fuck are you rin?
    ay hindiii.. d ka nakakaoffend promise dude!
    kung d mo nagegets, simple! wag mu rin pag aksayahan ng panahon..

    1st of all, bat ka pba bumibcta dito, helow? obvious naman na pra lang sa mga interesado ke ellen ang page na to. why? interesado kba skanya? curious ka kung anung sinasabi ng mga tao about skanya? HINDE?!
    ay oo nga pla, kse d mo nagegets, kya ka pmunta ka dto pra sabhin yon. OK… 🙂

    and ah huh! shes very famous, ilang beses na naging cover girl and endorser kya shes not just an internet celebrity ok?
    speaking of ok, she’s ok for you pero pra sa mga fans nya, shes beautiful and gorgeous, kanya kanyang reason and taste yan..
    aun, gets mo? kya wag mu na kmi kwestyonin dahil wla rin kaming balak kwestyonin ang mga trip mo. dun kna lang sa pages ng milyong hot chiks mo, im sure cla, kutis dyamante. hihi.

    and dude! we’re not WASTING (not waisting dude!) our “precious” time, hindi nman buong oras namin eh ginugugol nlang namin sa pag admire skanya, HINDI UMIIKOT ANG MUNDO NAMIN SA KANYA, duuuh? wer not crazy, humahanga lang kmi and thats it. supporters nya kmi at andito lang kami pra idefend sya kya wag ka na magtaka kung alert kami, gnun 🙂

  313. good gawd i read somewhere ellen will be hosting and acting for GMA 7, i can’t help but laugh at the fact this talentless twit is only good at cock sucking and now all of a sudden she’s hosting? mmkay

  314. i used to love ellen adarna cuz i find her nice and obviously, she’s really pretty 🙂 i even had a chance to talk to her in social site and i felt priviliged when she replied on my comments. COOL 🙂 but you know people, ellen is JUST ellen, :)) dont feel insecure gahwwd :)) i dont get these people who keep* on talking shit about ellen. :)) craazy judgemental filipinos :))

  315. gah crap this sucks … I don’t get why you guys are so head over heels crazy over this narcisistic girl … I mean i’ve know A LOT OF GIRLS much prettier than her and she did landed as a Bb. Pilipinas contestant and she did landed second place. She is pretty, BRAINY and she doesn’t brag about it unlike this so called Ellen.

  316. ahaha.. nakakatawa naman mga comment dito… andaming bitter.. isang simpleng punto lang naman eh.. to each his own.. kung gusto ng mga tao si ellen so be it.. bakit ganyan makareact? ahahah..

  317. sayang si Ellen Adarna, may pagka POKPOK pala. madaling bumigay ikanga sa kahit sinong lalaki. Alodia Gosiengfiao pa rin ako. isa lang ang boyfriend kahit maraming nababaliw sa beauty niya.

  318. at kahit super sikat na si Alodia, hindi siya nag-pose sa men’s mag dahil iniisip niya ang magiging epekto sa mga batang fans niya. sa mga hindi nakakaalam, isang napakasikat na cosplayer si Ms. Alodia.

  319. The first time I encountered the photo of Ellen Adarna was in 2004. I just noticed that as years go by there are too many wanabies and pretenders.
    Many years had past and here we are Ellen Adarna’s pics are everywhere.

    She is now the cover of many mags. let me tell you guys that if ever you saw a woman infront of a mag doesn’t mean she is pokpok , hammer girl or whatever you call it. It is just happened that they are flaunting what they have. For the haters and pussy fuck minds grow up ! There are many guys here who are hypocrites who keeps on saying “pokpok girls, paka-girls etc etc” but they love to screw girls and leave them alone.

    Grow up , guys and be a MAN.

  320. my gud… kung kayo ay mas maganda pa kaysa kay ellen… pasikatin nyo nga sarili nyo? e kung kayo ay mas malinis at maganda pa kaysa kanya kahit di kana mag effort… sisikat ka.. pero… buti kapa kilala mo si ellen..ikaw kilala kaba nya? galit ka at kinamumuhi.an mo xa.. eh.. alam ba nya?
    famous people have haters and lovers… and haters makes them pretty much popular …sa mga kampon ni anonymous at iba pa… with conviction pa ang mga comments nyo… at sa ginawa nyong yan… mag iiba ba ang takbo ng buhay nyo? hahaha wala lang… sinusubayan nyo parin ang latest about this ellen… na mas my “life” pa kesa sa inyo…
    🙂 peace out mga panget…( pangget din ako..pero not as bitter as you)

  321. duh? no matter what you do lumalabas na bitter parin kayo…ang ugali nyong panget nagbblend sa mukha nyo….

  322. You guys don’t have the rights to make pakialam to Ellen’s life. If she took a shot with herself with different boys, anong pakialam nyo? Pinapakialam nya kayo? Wanna know why kayo naiinis? It’s simply because you can’t be her or you can’t have her.

    WTF! Don’t tell me na mali ako. Kasi hindi kayo makakarating sa mga forums na hindi naman neccessary at hindi naman sikat kung hindi nyo talaga hinahanapan ng butas at lusot ang isang tao. Pag nakita nyo si Ellen, tell that infront of her hindi ung bumablog kayo ng ganito.


  323. pards… hahhahaha kilala mo ko nito? nakita ko lang yan ellen adarna na yan e… hahhahahahha! nacurious lang… search ako google… nakita ko site mo! hahhahah dating poks2 pala ito? panalo! wapak! hahaha text mo nalng sakin kung tama nga ah!? hahahhahaha may utang kapa inom! hahhaa gegeh!

  324. Hoy pards! napkaputang-ina mo gago kang tang-ina mo ka magpahinga ka na lang sa impiyerno !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. Nice entertaining thread.Ellen Adarna has indeed led a very fascinating life.If I were an alien,handpick human lifeforms and study their brains to check their memories and know what they are thinking about,Miss Adarna would be high on my list.hats off to everyone who commented on this blog

  326. Dont you think na mas ok si Maria Ellena Adarna nung wala pa siya sa showbiz? Were talking FS Days.Ngayon kasi parang nawala na yung mystery

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