The theme song from Grey’s Anatomy

Also, “The Grey’s Anatomy theme song”

Might as well do another theme song post. The theme song from Grey’s Anatomy – the one that starts the show, and starts with that which sounds like a xylophone, is from a British group called Psapp. The title of the song is “Cosy in the Rocket.” It came from an album called “Ben & The Bad Seeds.” If this post succeeds, I will upload a copy of the song. Meanwhile, I have it here and if you want a copy just leave your email in the comments. If you have Multiply, you can also search for it there. Just key in “Grey’s Anatomy theme” in the search box.

I just have to add though, there’s a confusion with another Psapp song which is also included in the Grey’s Anatomy sountrack. The other song is “In My Head.” This is also in the soundtrack but it is not the one that starts the show.

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