The last of Rico Blanco

In Rivermaya, or, “Rico Blanco leaves Rivermaya”

Shocking. Common sense tells us that Rivermaya cannot and will not exist without Rico Blanco. Information came from The Dawn’s mailing list. Francis Brew (The Dawn’s guitarist) sent a text message to JB Leonor (The Dawn’s drummer) – which he posted to the mailing list, that said: “Confirmed! It’s Rivermaya’s last gig!!! They’re breaking up!” Here’s the link, but you must be registered. Then we can see that it has been confirmed because of this article from Indie Culture Online.

At least two things will surely happen – Rico Blanco will go solo and, Rivermaya will launch a reality-tv search for the next Rivermaya frontman, and main composer, and guitarist, and keyboardist, and band leader.

22 thoughts on “The last of Rico Blanco”

  1. ako na yata ang pinaka-sad na tao because of this news… i’ve been a fan since time in memorial….mr. blanco, i really hope you’ll change you’re mind.. to mike,japs and mark- goodluck to you guys!

  2. my spirit is broken.. 🙁
    I will forever love rivermaya.
    I wish a miracle would come and save the band..
    It is very disappointing Rico decided to leave the band at the peak of their career, with their new found fame across asia and bringing honor to our country. But if it is his decision, we cannot stop him.
    I will of course support the future endeavors of rico blanco and the band (if they will still be in the business). I thank the band for bringing good memories with the shows they have done the past years and for their big contribution to OPM. And now, a big farewell to the legends of OPM. 🙁

  3. hi!!

    I love my BF that’s why im doing this. He adores you and youre songs!!! he is always persuading me to like you too, and he will never give up!!!

    He says good bye and he misses you, I bet!!

  4. There’s no chance to produce with a new inspirational album without rico….
    In my opinion lng to diehard fan kc aq ng rivermaya….

  5. its such a bad news for all the fans of rivermaya……. wish q lng makapag produce pa cla ng mga inspirational song w/o rico……(T_T)..

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