Leah Dizon

Who is Leah Dizon?

Everytime I search for my missing Maria Ozawa post in Google, I always see this name oriented with her in the search results. I visited a couple of sites and found out the following.

Apparently, Leah Dizon is part Filipina (and Chinese, and French). She hails from Japan as a tarento, or simply put – a multi-talented celebrity. She did not start her career in Japan though; she was doing covers of popular import car magazines such as Super Street back in the U.S., after which her Asian fanbase grew and she was advised to start a career in Japan.

Her look is uniquely beautiful. A fine example of that new breed of Asian beauties popularized by the likes of Devon Aoki and The Fast & The Furious franchise. “She looks like a doll” is what I imagine me saying if shown a picture by someone. I wish she would find time to explore her Filipino roots, maybe visit us here someday. Get started on your quest for Leah Dizon by visiting her two “official” sites – one, two.


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