Lougee Basabas in person

Probably the least exciting In Person post I’ll do and here’s why. Lougee is a public performer, she lives to perform in concerts and gigs accessible to anyone; therefore many people get to see her if they really want to. Like that, I have seen her countless of times performing with her band, Mojofly. There’s no question she gives one hell of a performance on stage. She knows how to connect with the audience, her voice is excellent and she moves gracefully. I saw her at the Alabang Town Center yesterday around 8:00 p.m. at Food Choices. She was with her boyfriend and a couple of other friends. Her boyfriend, I think he is “someone.” I’m not sure. I always see them together – I’m talking about the one with long hair and a full beard. Lougee’s hair was short, semi-boyish. White skin tone like most celebrities, but not freakishly white. She has a look that is distinctly “Lougee,” I mean, I can’t say that she “kind of looks like… and a little bit of…” In my opinion, seeing her without a microphone is like seeing your typical babe; watching her perform, she becomes a totally different insert-your-favorite-word-to-describe-a-hot-female here. Here is the only semi-decent picture I have of her, taken back in 2005.

Lyndsey Custodio in person

Here’s a funny bonus. Remember Lyndsey? Remember AngTV? For those of you who do, well, I saw her yesterday as well at the Alabang Town Center. If I remember correctly, this is already the second time, at almost the exact location – near the cinema ticket booths. Then I distinctly remember what my companion said: “Kung hindi mo pa sinabi, hindi ko mapapansin.” Well, I’m an AngTV fan so… It’s weird how old she is already. I’m not saying she looks old, in fact for her age she looks young. She probably has kids now, which promotes her to one of my favorite age groups – MILFs – this one word sums up my report.

13 thoughts on “Lougee Basabas in person”

  1. hi im redondo r basabas or dondon for short. maybe were cousin. just ask ur parents kung kilala nila si jose basabas or manong ben. right now im working here at riyadh (kingdom of saudi arabia) as general administrator in our dept. im 32 yrs old. i dont know if lougee is the daugther of tito emmy. basta alam ko may anak sya na mahilig magartista. she so cute pa nga ng makita ko sya before when she is 5 yrs old. baka nga si lougee na ung dalaga na ngaun.

  2. just text me lougee pinsan nga kita for sure yan anak ako ni jose basabas or manong ben alam ng dad mo yan ok? my dad had passed away last june 12. paki mention mo na lang sa dad mo. at the age of 79. bale ung dad ko uncle ng dad mo. so were cousin. di ko alam vocalist ka pala ng mojoply. pero di bale pag balik ko ng pinas. sure nood ako ng shows mo dyan ok insan??? dondon

  3. heres my roaming number insan 09295153629 ok. i just wait for ur text insan! dondon

  4. hehe. ako pinsan ko talaga yan si lougee. 2nd cousins kami from her mother side – sa valdivia. i used to sleep over in their house when she was just a kid.

  5. hi lougee just call me trish im youre no. 1 lagi nga kitang pinononood sa eat bulaga eh can u be my friend or just add me nalang sa friendster ko to email ko archiestic010@yahoo.com try ko nga sana na kunin yung friendster mo pero mahirap eh…

  6. hi lougee im jhell can u b my friend thisis my no. 09096597937plzz txt me ill wait and can you give your no. such as private noplzzzz no. 1 fan aver since napanood ko panga yung show mo sa delara galing ninyo dun

  7. her boyfriend is the one she was with in her band.. the one with long hair formerly, but now he had short hair.. 🙂

  8. hi lougee.. busy k lng ba?? d nkita kc nkkita sa eat bulga,, kw lang reason y nanonood ako… kairita kc c pauleen luna!!! grrrrr

  9. hi lougee im one of ur avid fan, lagi kitang pinapanood sa eat bulaga at asap dati, minsan napapanood kita sa party pilipinas, san magkaroon ka ng regular show sa 7 para lagi ka ngg nita marai kng faito a lugar namin,

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