There will always be someone prettier than the last

When in doubt, in love, in hate, in landi mode, I always go back to that line uttered to me by a dear friend who back then had twice my wisdom in years. “Mark, there will always be someone prettier than the last.” Of course, pertaining to that remarkable creation of a higher power – woman. Women alone, for me, is enough proof that there is a God, and yes I believe that the all perfect creature was created in her likeness and being.

I am no cassanova. I have engaged in successful relationships throughout my years with utmost loyalty; but neither do I wish to entice you with my perfection – I am just human. And so are you, male reader, but I honestly doubt that the opposite sex is just that – human. More of like angels without wings, living goddesses, walking masterpieces.

Let’s take time to think of the most beautiful women we’ve seen in our lifetime, whether in person or otherwise, acquainted or not.

Ah, perfection. Passion. And, before I drift further from my article’s title, let me just remind you that this is written under the premise of admiration. Not desire.

It has become clear to me why women, generally, are less concerned with looks as compared with men. Men only reach this level of maturity at a point popularly known as that time to settle down. Like settling down really means finding that one person, when in fact all it really means is that one is sick to the brim of fooling around. Yes, I believe in the importance of compatibility and that concept of having one that is “right for you,” but how many times have we lost that would-be “right for us” because of our worldliness. Then, to make our reasons even more shallow, we find someone “more beautiful” and move on.

I have seen people desire even those whom we would normally consider undesirable. Foreigners come to our land and adore those in our race who are normally considered unappealing. Then they consider our trophy girlfriends or wives as “plain” to their eyes. Show me your dream babe and I will introduce you to ten people who will think otherwise.

The way I see it, I’m bound to use “There will always be someone prettier than the last” in one of two ways. First would be to enjoy life as a free man jumping from one relationship to another, ending each one in “acceptable” reasons; second would be to stick with the current and sum it up with those nine words. From there, the only mistakes I can make would either be – being with someone I do not personally consider beautiful (pretty) or, being with someone who does not have a good heart.

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  1. I might say yes to this one. prettier, better, lovelier, more angelic.. everything than the last..

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