The Search for Miss Ugly

(No More)

I just saw the most demeaning thing ever. Last night, on one of the most traffic nights ever in history, I almost bumped the car in front of me when I saw this huge billboard over at SLEX that had three women, posed as if they were finalists in a beauty pageant. I mean, sure they were not beauty queen material, more of like your average Filipina, then I saw the huge inscription on top: “The Search for Miss Ugly (No More), Who will be the fairest among the three.”

Apparently it’s a sponsored contest by Beverly Hills 6750 – a new Cosmetic Surgery franchise endorsed by Ms. Dayanara Torres. The winner gets a free makeover. Something like that reality TV show before in the U.S. – The Swan. See, even that show had not the balls to say “ugly.”

I saw a press release in Yehey! while searching for more information. David Bunevacz is the president of Beverly Hills 6750. He says “… the ‘ugly’ in the search does not conform to the stereotype physical defects.” Man, this is just so wrong in so many levels; it’s also the exact opposite of Dove’s campaign for real beauty thing. I’m trying to be open-minded here and understand their side, maybe you could help me with some comments. I’ll say no more… …well, maybe except for go lick your own hairy balls David Bunevacz.

5 thoughts on “The Search for Miss Ugly”

  1. hmmm…

    siguro tinamad na sila mag-isip, kasi wala naman tayong Pinoy version ng ‘the ugly duckling’-who turned out to be a beautiful SWAN- as far as i know.

    alangan naman… ‘who wouldn’t need the Blusang Itim no more?’

    too long…

    plus, magbabayad pa sila sa gumawa ng Blusang Itim.

    nagtitipid din siguro kasi magbabayad din sila ng royalty if they adapt Extreme Make-Over.

    but, they still should’ve thought of something better… ugly is just degrading.

  2. i think its ok, just like ugly betty…….. outward appearance is not nearly as important as whats inside. i dont mind if I am ever called ugly because I know its the person whos saying it who’s really ugly.

  3. Sarah is a Beauty with Brains and the prettiest of her bathmates. She is not seen on TV because she is taking a college degree in Australia. She is a well travelled beauty too with well rounded personality.

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