Thoughts In Binary July 2007 statistics

Here goes my first of the month statistics reporting. I started this in June where I gave a detailed report of my blog’s May traffic. July’s traffic was very good, it was my best so far. So up to now the only month where I experienced a decline in traffic is in June; it’s because I got a very high spike in May and it mellowed down after some posts that were about events expired. Other than that, my blog has experienced traffic growth every month since it’s conception in October 2006. It may be a slow climb, but my goal is simple – increase traffic every month, no matter how small.


I had a total of 14,444 unique visitors in July, surpassing my 12,852 in May. 20,085 visits, 52,341 page views at 2.74 GB bandwidth. I averaged 640.97 visits per day with a record of 962 visits (best ever) on July 25. I had a total of 6,180 referrals from Google, 5,634 from Google Images and 725 from Yahoo!


The increase in traffic is due to a couple of forecast-posts – posts that are about events that will happen in the future. Most of these posts are about the Philippines. I’m dying to monetize this blog, but like I promised to myself, I will not add ads until I reach 1,000 visits in a day. You might think it’s insane putting my traffic to waste but this way I am disciplining myself on traffic building alone. After all, traffic is still the biggest factor in monetization. A change that I did last month was to care less about Search Engine positions and optimizing individual posts. There came a time when I knew exactly what rank my posts were on a daily basis. It gave a headache especially when my rank dropped or my posts were missing. Now, I just decided to mind my own business and just post away. But, I make it a point to post smartly, e.g. I always include posts that have potential for landing searches.

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  1. Hi there! doing good! I’m doing this blog thing, last time i check my stats, it shows nothing to smile about. Care to share some secret? 🙂

  2. Hi Eli! I saw your post about Pinoy Banda statistics. They’re good! I’ll post a comment on your blog soon. No secrets really, I just post what I think will be taken on by the search engines. I’ll try to write a post all about it soon.

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