Western Union now available

Quick Cash for Philippine AdSense publishers

Here’s one topic that will surely circulate the Philippine blogosphere in the next few days so might as well have a Thoughts In Binary take on it. Thanks to Rhodilee.com for catching my attention by linking to my Some dude stole and cashed my AdSense check! post – now I know linking to my blog is the faster way of getting my attention (over sending an email).

I’ve seen some posts on the issue but the question of “How much?” – referring to transaction fees – still remains unanswered. If it is $2 or more cheaper than the $24 DHL service then I’m taking it. I specifically said $2 because the nearest Western Union branch (outside the village) is a 5-kilometer round trip so I have to account for gas. Would be interesting to see the first posts on first hand experiences since payment is just around the corner.

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