Thoughts In Binary September 2007 income

This is only the second monthly income report for Thoughts In Binary. This income report is for this blog alone. I started doing this because the public pressure might motivate me further to increase my income every month; that and because these posts are what I enjoy reading the most among the more popular dot com gurus’ blogs like John Chow’s. My mission to top August’s earnings ended when I figured there were more days in September to begin with (I started monetizing mid-August). When I said that, I was only half-kidding, but then again, too many unfortunate events happened last September.


I was not able to add other monetization mediums like what I had planned. I am still using (only) Google AdSense and Amazon’s Affiliate Program. I earned $33.75 from AdSense and $1.79 from Amazon. Obviously, my total monthly income for September is a whopping $35.54. Now I can start a family.

Final thoughts

If I have more time to think freely this month, I’ll work on improving my blog’s income – optimize AdSense, add more affiliate links, and add more monetization mediums. However, I still have to deal with a lot of things so I’m not expecting much. Do realize however that this measly income is from this blog alone. Who’s to say that I don’t have another 20 more of these (blogs). Well, I don’t. At least I increased my August to September income and like I said, my only goal is to increase every month. If it’s by a $1, I’m happy.

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