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Hey, I have a job. Only the second time (lifetime) to work for someone else, and, only the first time to work while making someone else (other than me or my family) richer. But wait, I did not completely sell out yet, I’m only doing some consulting work. Akala mo ‘no?

I don’t have to go to the office, I don’t have to wake up daily on a regular basis, no driving through shit traffic either. Ok, I have to attend meetings maybe once a week. But that’s it. And, the money will go entirely to my get-your-car-fixed funds and (lately) headphone funds.

I have a history with Hinge Inquirer Publications. I’ve always been invited to join the team (at least twice), but nothing really materialized to a real job. Now, I’m kind of like their internet go-to guy. I don’t know exactly what my job description is, but I’d like to call myself the Internet Head Honcho at HIP. A position that once belonged to,, and Naks, ka-level! But seriously though, it’s basically just traffic building and SEO. My main goal is to get the HIP sites linked over at and ah, my work is done.

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