Do I really need a bigger penis?

“Increase your manhood by 3-6 inches.”

Penis spam. That’s what I call them. Today, I opened my yet-to-be-migrated-to-Gmail email account and got 178 messages. Only 11 were meant for me. 167 spam messages, 108 of which were penis-related. I did not even take into account those I get (daily) from WordPress, forum softwares (PhpBB the worst), gallery softwares, even customized scripts that have some sort of commenting system. “The great penis spam inventory,” if you may.

Some popular penis products

Good ol’ Viagra, MegaDik, Cock Growth Patch, Dick Growth Patch, Magna RX, Andro Extender, Ejaculoid, Stamina Rx, Vimax, ExtenZe, Pecker Booster, Average Joe, Devirginator, Shlong Dong, Bald Avenger, Optimus Prime, Recommended for Asians, Juan Tamod. Ok, I made some of those up.


And to think these are the same spam messages that my mom, my sister, my lolo, my lola, my nieces and nephews, nuns, priests, etc. get. The likes of these – Warning! Mature Content. I’m beginning to think the number of penis spam we get is directly related to how much we need the products. Maybe targeted to Asians – hey, do you think African-Americans get these emails? I don’t think so too. Do you need a bigger penis?

5 thoughts on “Do I really need a bigger penis?”

  1. nah, but i need one with….(sorry it’s censored) you know mark, your website is really magic, i remember typing in in the search engine and it got directed to your site, this is awesome, you must be an internet guru…^^like your site by the way^^

  2. teka, bat nga ba na redirect ako dito?

    btw, ok na ung 5 inches sa Pilipinas.
    5-7 goes great lalo na pag may meat at malasa ung tamod. LoL

    people try to get bigger pennis is because they are insecure of what they have and or not contented.

  3. the ideal penis size for a woman is her height in inches / 12 + 2 inches so a 5 ft woman will be very satisfied by 7 inches and tall american 6 ft women need 8 inches. a 5 inch penis can reach an unaroused 5 ft woman’s g-spot. however when aroused the vagina expands to 6 to 6.5 inches so 7 inches hits it right without going too deep. ouch! a 6 ft woman goes from 6 inches expands to 7-7.5 inches. i have 7.5 inches so i go for women about 5 ft 6 inches for great sex. with 5 ft women i don’t push deep.

  4. Cum now my friend, everyone needs a bigger pecker (well except maybe Hillary,) since she’s already married to the biggest one on the planet! But admit it now, every woman wants to be impaled on a dong nearly the size of a roll of bologna, or at least the friendly neighborhood horse. I mean how can a man be a real man without a Hummer and nine pounds of swinging meat, or at very least an Escalade and 12 inches. It just aint right that these poor women have to settle for some little ten incher that won’t even reach the liver, and only barely causes her to fart and scream. So just get off the case of the pecker pill industry, they provide a much needed service (for the Nigerian economy) and give the gift of hopeless fantasy to millions of perfectly normal guys who know that a “real” man needs both hands to take a piss!

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