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60 GB

Finally decided the Vision:M was my “iPod” of choice. I bought this last Monday (October 22) on BPI’s 0% interest, 12-month installment plan. It cost me Php 16,999 @ Php 1416.58 monthly. Electroworld, Alabang Town Center was the only store down south that carried these, and only came in white, hence, that’s what I ended up with. Also, it came with a free universal power adapter (socket charger) worth around Php 2,500. First, let me lead you to some photos I took, and a short “experimental” video to match.

Short review

I never really liked the idea of limiting myself to iTunes so an iPod was never really in order. However, the recent release of a 160 GB Classic was enough to tickle my fancy. In the end, I thought that having a 160 GB device without being able to use it as a sort of storage device was useless. I don’t have that much songs, nor videos. Being able to “cut and paste,” as well as play a vast array of media file formats was what I really wanted – download videos, copy straight to ZEN Vision:M, ala USB thumb drive.

Up to this point I haven’t read the manual. I did what was vigorously printed in the box and on the unit (via sticker). “Do not connect the unit without installing the software first.” I’m not that “daring” so that’s exactly what I did. The installation disc came with Creative’s Media Explorer, MediaSource 5, AudibleManager, and Windows Media Player (I think). Media Explorer is the only thing you need, MediaSource 5 has some handy music and video converting tools, and a built-in player – I did try it, it was ok – but I already have programs for those.

Thanks to my free charger, I only waited 2 hours before actually plugging the Vision:M to my laptop – by the way, without an external charger, the only way you can charge is via USB (yes, I know it sucks). It was detected in an instant. I opened Media Explorer, and dragged a couple of videos and test tunes. It took me a good 5 minutes to fully navigate through the player. Prior to this I don’t know what a Touch Pad was. I figured it out and thought “Ah, ala iPod!”

Videos are so damn clear. The screen is really small, but somehow, I find watching videos here over the bigger-screened P990i more pleasing – because of the resolution and color depth. I tried watching a full episode of Heroes, I need not rewind to review “I don’t think I saw that clearly” moments.

On to music and sound quality. I am really particular with sound quality, which is why I spent weeks researching how the Vision:M fairs with other portables. First of was the stock earphones. It sounded better than my 10-year old JVC headphones, and my Php 615 Philips SHP 1900. These earphones are not cheapo throw-it away earphones. I believe Creative spent much time getting it to match well with the player. I haven’t heard my music files sound this good in a long time. Hooking a laptop or computer to your sound system does not do it in terms of sound quality. You need a good DAC (Digital-Analog Converter) – found in your soundcard – to make it sound good. Now, unless you’re running a Php 10,000 soundcard, your stock DAC sucks. In the Vision:M, I believe that everything from the DAC, to the small thing that amplifies the earphones are above par. This thing sounds good.

I’ll reserve the minor (unimportant) details of it’s sound quality in other forums. Overall, this player packs a wallop. It’s millimeters thicker than an iPod (does it really matter?). It’s got style as well. Especially that ripple effect on the back. The back portion is made of metal, the front made of standard iPod-like plastic. I’m sure it scratches quick so I really need a case for this. This is my first Portable Media Player (but I’ve had numerous encounters with iPods and others), and I am in no way regretting my choice. Creative ZEN Vision:M, at 60 GBs, for me it has everything, and then some.


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  1. i got the same thing (color & all) last december and it’s been great. i have no regrets and no complain, except maybe i should have gotten the one with a much bigger capacity. it works wonders. when i bought mine it came with a free portable speaker worth around P2,500.00. i compared my ZVM (zen video m) with an ipod of about the same type and man… no competition. the photo… the music… the VIDEO, ipod paled in comparison… kawawa naman yun sa friend ko na napag-compare-an, he suddenly felt he was robbed for buying the ipod. it has more than what ipod can offer at a much lower price. its features compare to an ipod is much better plus, it has features that ipod don’t have….even with their newer ipods.

    i do have a problem though, that maybe you can help ‘rediscover’. one of its feature is having the album art displayed when playing the song. i had this before but when i ‘erased’ all my songs and ‘reloaded’ it, they’re gone. i forgot how i put it there in the first place, i think it has something to do with windows media player 10. or maybe i’m wrong. if you discovered it, ‘instruct me, oh master’!!


    glad to ‘see’ you again… and i hope to see more of your ‘work’ again… ‘ey i’m a fan

    may the force be with you

  2. vertigo: sorry for the late approval of your comment. anyway, to tell you the truth i didn’t know that the album art can be displayed while playing songs. i click on “No” when i get a window saying if i want to copy picture files – when uploading songs (via copy paste). how do you transfer files anyway? my guess is that you might have skipped the album cover art file – this is usually hidden (hidden file) in some cases. hehe, i’m no master =) see you around.

  3. yeah.. creative’s cooler than Ipod but there are features in vision M na wala sa ipod ung wallpaper pero wala tayung notepad parang sa Ipod….

    just insert the picture of the album art in the same folder with your music…
    and viola makikita mo na dun pagka lagay mo kahit di mo na hide….

    Is their any support center here in the Philippines? I need new batteries for my vision:M

    and oohhh… yah… creative earphones are much better that Ipod’s….. ^^

  4. just want to aski if what is the retail price of Creative Zen Vision: M?

    uhm… can i buy it here in Cebu? hmmm…

    paki-email na lang po.. tanx

  5. @flipoy, search other sites. I bought a few accessories through TipidPC. Here’s my trusted seller:

    @Albert, you might find it challenging to look for Vision M models, especially in Cebu. These, as I’ve come to know through the authorized service center, are not in production anymore. So what’s selling now are what’s left. : ( You could also go for the Vision W, although it’s a bit bulky. Try browsing through TipidPC or ebay, as well.

  6. Hi there. Like myself, I bought a Creative mp3 player for the main reason that it is not mainstream as it is not overrated. Thing is, due to the fact only a certain group of people here use/have it, there aren’t so much compatible services available. My problem now is that my Creative is oh so busted and I’m not familiar at all where Creative service centers are. Could anyone here help me with this?

  7. where can i purchase that and how much?
    i can’t depend on the price stated here because we all know that gadgets tend to depreciate easily.

  8. what the hell man, how come yours came with a socket charger and mine with only a USB plug? this blows hahaha! oh yeah, so does ATC(alabang town center) also sell zen earphones, mine just broke down on me. the left earpiece suddenly stopped working..sucksss.. question, how much do i have to shell out for earphones? the simple ones only 🙂

  9. guys do you know where to buy a charger for creative zen vision m 30GB?? please send me a message to this number 09234443357 ok. thanks and God bless

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