Western Union Quick Cash afterthoughts

So, it took me a full three days before I finally got my AdSense money from Western Union. On the first day, I tried to make it to the bank – BPI Alabang Town Center – but I arrived 10 minutes before closing. Naturally, that was my fault; it was too late to have them process Western Union stuff. Good thing I knew of another Western Union branch – inside True Value Alabang, about 20 meters away from the bank. I had printed my AdSense details and my control number on paper. I gave it to the agent and asked, “Miss, meroon kayong Quick Cash?” The agent carefully read the details on paper and proceeded to input some data on the computer. After a good 6 minutes the agent said, “Sir, wala kaming ganito. Try nyo sa may Pasong Tamo.” I did not ask any further questions because I had this idea that not all Western Union branches offer this service. And besides, the branch in True Value was a very small stall. I had to go to one of the larger Western Unions in my area but my car was coding on that day. I remembered another branch inside Pilar Village. I knew I could get there without being caught – via Friendship Route. “Sir, naubusan po kami ng pera ngayon eh. May nag-withraw kasi ng malaki, balik nalang kayo bukas.” Bummer.

The next day I made the same mistake of bringing another bawal car – my sister’s, since she brought to work that which was coding the other day. I went to BPI and I was early. “Pwede na mag-Western Union?” “Ay sir, meron pong problema sa connection namin. Ito nga po si sir, 12 o’clock pa nag a-antay dito.” Great. I still could not go out to the main roads and the idea of going back to Pilar Village… well, I got lazy. I’ll just stroll around the mall once again, maybe I can score on a hot mama (joke). I knew I had to go out again eventually within the week so I’ll just re-schedule whenever.

On the third day (third attempt), I again proceeded to BPI – well, that’s where my dollar account is anyway which is why it is always my first priority. “Sir, nasira po connection namin sa Western Union.” “Ha? sa lahat ng BPI?” “Opo, sir.” Mother funker. Was already on my way back to the parking lot when I thought, let’s walk this whole mall from end to end and see if there are other branches. None. I’ll try True Value again. Great, not the same agent as the one before. “Boss, mag c-claim ako ng pera.” I gave him my already-battle-scarred paper. “Sir, paki-fill up lang po ito.” Wait a minute, this might work! I silently filled-up my money claim paper. “Ok sir, yung butal po ipe-peso nalang natin ha, kasi wala kami small bills.” No problem, as long as I get my money. It worked. After he’d handed my money, I decided to tell him that the other day, the other agent claimed that the service was not available in their branch. “Sir, baka po wala pa yung pera nyo nun.” Impossible, it was already near the end of the first week of November. “Sir, baka po may error lang sa system.” Whatever, hindi mo nga naman siguro ilalaglag ang kasamahan mo.

I might have spent Php 500 in gas in those 3 days. That’s a $10 fee in theory. Plus, the chances of getting system system glitches, errors, money shortage, I never thought so many things could go wrong, and it all happened to me in my first try. With DHL, I’m like this spoiled bastard waiting for them to spoon feed me my money. It was quick, was always on time, and I could even ask anyone who’d go to the same bank to deposit it for me. I don’t know… maybe I’ll give Quick Cash another try. If anything goes wrong again, I’m going back with DHL.

9 thoughts on “Western Union Quick Cash afterthoughts”

  1. got my bucks for Adsense from western union in 5minutes. but i’m actually from cebu city. the good thing there is that you can get the money in just a minute after it was released.

  2. namesake! si baine to sa bilyar.net. turuan mo naman ako ng mga ganyan. wla din me job, pero i have all the time para mag-internet.

  3. Sir just wanna ask, kasi I think you are already a pro-blogger. How do you prevent invalid clicks sa blog mo? Google already emailed that some invalid clicks have been generated in my ads. I know that I didn’t click my ads. Hope you can help me.

  4. Akisha: just explain your side. reply to their email. try to figure out what might have caused the invalid clicks and make sure you (or even your friends) never, never, never, ever click on your ads.

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