Trillanes day


I officially declare November 29, Trillanes Day. Such a weird day, poor Manila Peninsula. Plus, a November 30 12:00 a.m. – 5:00 a.m. curfew to top it all off. Good thing I have nothing planned tonight (NU Rock Awards is tomorrow). But seriously though, who is with this guy? I don’t really care much about politics, and little did I care when my country voted a jail-bound senator, but man, Trillanes did a mighty good job stirring up red-hot emotions of anger and grief in my household. He’s like the second coming of Gringo, only a thousand times less ingenious.

6 thoughts on “Trillanes day”

  1. oh please! this guy’s name shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as the tips of gringo’s mustache!

    the last iota of respect i had for this guy went out the door with him when he left manila penn.

    one word to describe what they staged: POINTLESS.

  2. Badtrip talaga si trillianes.. sabi niya di sya naniniwala sa goverment eh bakit siya tumakbo para maging senator.. my tama talaga!!! grrr… Trillianes GUILTY!

  3. the message clearly says, pinapakita ni trillianes sa buong mundo kung gano ka bulok ang pilipinas , sa pangunguna nya!

  4. at first, i was thinking that what he did may cause the US dollar to fall vs phil peso.. i wasn’t really in favor of his doings but i would love the dollar to fall even just two or three days. but heck, nothing happened. last night when i went to WU to get my money from adsense, the exchange rate was only 42.62 php.. going back to that superhero wannabe, i only got three words for him.. Piece of crap.

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