NU 107 Rock Awards 2007 winners

Nope, I wasn’t there. But let this post serve as an online reference to last night’s event – NU 107’s (107.5 fm) highly-anticipated, yearly tribute to Pinoy rockers – the “Rock Awards.” Held at the World Trade Center, November 30. I was offered V.I.P. passes though, but I had prior commitments. I’ll try to relay some of my cousin’s first-hand experiences from the event.

The Anthem – Francis Brew

This year’s anthem was done by Francis Reyes – The Dawn, Francis Brew of In The Raw. Guitar solo style, ala Hendrix. In the past, the task belonged to, among others – Wally Gonzales and Cooky Chua. And to quote my cousin – “Ok yung Lupang Hinirang ni Brew, kulang lang sa landi. Ginawa lang nya yung notes at binilisan ang timing.”

Best New Artist – Hilera

I like Hilera for this category. Closest competition would be Sino Sikat?, but they (Kat) won something more appropriate later on. The other nominees are Giniling Festival, Hardboiledeggz (Muziklaban), Salamin (Gary V. Jr.), and Wake Up Your Seatmate (all-female, but only 1 true female, band).

Vocalist of the Year – Kat Agarrado

Veteran Kat Agarrado. Has been around the scene for probably almost 10 years now. Former Passage vocalist. No qualms here, Kat rocks. The voice, the looks, the performance. Kind of like a female Bamboo. Other nominees include Bamboo, Miggy Chavez (sikat eh), Steve Badiola (pwede na, Pinoy Dashboard), Ebe Dancel, and Marc Abaya.

Guitarist of the Year – Ira Cruz

Like I’ve always said, I’m still waiting for the day Ira will live up to his hype. I like his playing, don’t get me wrong, but if you’ve heard the stories I’ve heard about his playing, you’d expect more also. Nominees: Mong Alcaraz, Mike Elgar, Boogie Romero, Steve Badiola, Junji Lerma. Except for Steve (no haters please, just not up to par), all are worthy. Especially Junji Lerma, I’m glad he’s in the list.

Bassist of the Year – Nathan Azarcon

Idol in all aspects. I miss guys like Mally Paraguya, Louie Talan, Nino Avenido for this award. Nominees: Carlos Calderon, Japs Sergio, Francis De Veyra, Ivan Garcia. Si Japs saka si Francis magaling.

Drummer of the Year – Vic Mercado, Mark Escueta

What’s with the double winner? Iba naman kasi talaga lebel nitong dalawa, although si Vic, mas angat pa lalo kay Mark. Nominees: Melvin Macatiag – mahusay, magaling sa performance, at mag-compose ng drum parts, Joel Salvador – mahusay din, and Chris Cantada.

Best Live Act – Bamboo

If you ask me – Jeepney Joyride. Depends on what you really consider for this category. Live act as in “a show,” or as in “tight playing?” Besides, Bamboo has won it all. Nominees: Chicosci, Typecast, Kjwan, Radioactive Sago Project, and Hilera. I’m not comfortable commenting on live acts (show-wise) because, like what my girlfriend said, “Huy! Gumalaw ka naman!

In The Raw Award – Reklamo

Mahusay. Yung si LC (?), beterano na rin. Kind of like a Pinoy Primus. Unique music to the Pinoy scene. Nominees: Subsscapular, Teenage Hero, Kastigo, and Sutil.

Song of the Year – “Will You Ever Learn,” Typecast

No comment. Wait, songs from previous years would’ve creamed this year’s list. Nominees include “Vampire Social Club,” “Tatsulok,” “Sala,” “Turning My Safety Off,” “Sundo” and “DVD X.” No one from Typecast was available to claim the award.

Artist of the Year – Bamboo

Bamboo, super-band. No further comments. Nominees include Chicosci, Typecast, Kjwan, Sugarfree, and Radioactive Sago Project.

Album of the Year – “Moonlane Gardens,” Orange and Lemons

Nominees: “We Stand Alone Together,” “Every Moss and Cobweb,” “Tangina Mo Ang Daming Naguguton Sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Pa Rin,” “Tala-Arawan” and “2StepMarv.” No further comments, your honor.

Best Album Packaging – “Moonlane Gardens,” Orange & Lemons

Done by Sarah Gaugler and Clementine. Nominees: for “Twilight,” Paolo Lim for “Isang Ugat, Isang Dugo” and for “Tala-Arawan.” Buti naman hindi nanalo ang, hindi pinapansin nyan mga inquiries ko eh.

Producer of the Year – Lourd and Francis De Veyra

For “Tangina Mo Ang Dami Nagugutom Sa Mundo Fashionista Ka Pa Rin.” You know what, I hope this album is entirely dedicated to Tim Yap. Nominees include Bamboo and Angee Rozul, Typecast, Robert Javier and Jonathan Ong, Robin Rivera, and Angee Rozul.

Best Music Video – “DVD-X”

By Sandwich, directed by Marie Jamora. Nominees include “Frailty” directed by Pancho Esguerra and Bluerain Media, “Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin,” “Loveteam” and “Sundo” directed by Marie Jamora, “Probinsyana” directed by Pancho Esguerra, and “Will You Ever Learn” directed by Pedring Lopez.

I therefore conclude… Well, my cousin is kind of hard to please, he said he only enjoyed performances by Sino Sikat?, Razorback and Radioactive Sago Project. He did however, rave about the tons of “rockstar chicks.” I’m pretty sure I would’ve enjoyed (in order of priority) “rockstar chicks” and each performance easily if I were there.

10 thoughts on “NU 107 Rock Awards 2007 winners”

  1. Hmmmmm… NU107’s way of judging is always questionable. I hope they publish their process of choosing their winners after the voters’ nominations.

    or blatantly say that they choose without bias or payola or label influence.

  2. what pong pagong says is true.. and one more.. why do nu 107 always give priority to the famous ones.. i hope “the home of the nu pop rather rock” conduct a separate event for the small ones like imbue no kudos subscapular,picturefilled,garden of eden.. i think that will be more exciting..

  3. you’re right pongpagong. definitely right, I totally agree.

    and you mark v., you are my god. you know much about the music scene. not to mention you look good too!

  4. buti nga, kahit papano, nanalo ang typecast eh. sana lang walang payola.

    kakasawa na NU, nagiging marketing company na sila. 😆

  5. it’s funny that bamboo won a lot of awards because i heard that one of the judges works for JB music… wherein Bamboo is an “endorser”. and some of the judges have marketing and lifestyle backgrounds. how the hell can you judge good music/musicians with that?

    and i hope they let other new bands play. nakakasawa na may “suki” performers every year. i call for total revamp of lineup every year. to add variety and growth! let the established bands give way for the newer bands who have a lot of potential in making a difference in the music scene.

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