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Let this post help anyone seeking information about Ronej Cues.

You might have heard about Ronej Cues from ebay or from one of the popular billiards forums out there. I, on the other hand, am just happy to share some information about Ronej, his cues, and his business. Ronej is Jenor (spelt backwards) Urate. He is a retired professional from the construction industry. What exactly was his job before, I do not know. He went into the cue making business because his nephew, Steve Urate, a pool player who shifted full time into cue-making, convinced him to finance a cue-making business that will concentrate on the foreign market – particularly ebay. I believe Steve and his friends were taught by a certain foreigner to sell their cues online.

Steve is the primary cue maker for Jenor. They have a team of about 4-5 men who work daily in Jenor’s shop located beside his house. I know from a fact that this team of cue makers came from other well known local cue manufacturers such as Aragon, Linds and Edwin Reyes. I know Raul (part of Jenor’s team) came from Aragon because I have talked to him personally.

I know all of this because I have been to Jenor’s shop a couple of times now. It is the nearest cue shop from where I live. Jenor is a very, very friendly guy who knows how to satisfy a customer. I have yet to own a Ronej cue (my order is currently being made), but I already have had a couple of my cues modified and re-finished. I also get to see and hold whatever finished cue he may have during my visits. The cues’ craftsmanship is excellent. Everything is made by hand but I could hardly see any flaws from the finished cues. They can build exactly what you want. I consider their style of business as “do exaclty what the customer wants.” I can also attest to the playability of the cue because one of my repaired cues has a new Ronej shaft to it. I consider it as a typical solid, aged and treated piece of maple made into a shaft.

Ronej cues is considered as one of the 2nd-level cues coming from the Philippines. The 1st level includes Edwin Reyes, Linds and Viattorre. The first three of course, you are already buying the name. Philippine-made cues have had a bad reputation to the foreign market due to craftsmanship and warpage. This reputation is slowly being reversed by the 1st-level cue makers and for me, Ronej cues can compete with the best of them. Ronej cues does not have a “signature” hit, since I mentioned earlier that they will do exactly what the customer wants, but if you are looking for a particular “hit,” I suggest knowing first what kind of materials you want especially for the joint and the ferrule, as well as the type of tip. They have all kinds of materials readily available. Soon I will update this post and post some pictures of my cues particularly the Ronej cue (when I get it) and the ones I had repaired.

In the meantime, you can browse Ronej cues in ebay.

By the way, there is also a seller in ebay called Vhante Cues. That is Steve Urate. Basically those cues are done by him from start to finish so there may be a signature style there.

If you want to know how to get in touch with Jenor (local number or address), please email me or post a comment. His email is

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  1. Thanks for visiting one of my blogs and for leaving a comment in one of my posts. Btw, i added you in my blogrolls. I like your blog….soon to comments in your posts (previous and current) in my extra time.

  2. I am looking for a hand made Philippine cue. My wife is from there and I currently play with a handmade cue from a small cue maker here in Indiana USA. My price range is 200 to 500 USD. Does anyone know of other cue makers? I am finding some of the big ones w/ google. I also am trying to search through her cousin in Manila. Thanks Trent

  3. 11-21-07
    Just bought a Ronej Cue and I am extremely happy with the cue, period! I get lot’s of admirers here in the Dallas area and all were in awe when I tol;d them I had it made in the Philipines. many are trying to get a hold of Jenor directly to have their cue made. Jenor is a very nice guy who did everything I asked on the cue. I plan on buying another of his or Steve’s soon. This thought just struck me, if my cue was made in the USA by a custom cuemaker it would easily be in the $1800-$2000 witht he materials in my cue, my point is only to share the value in a product. As far as playability, it is true to form and very straight. Only suggestion, have your shaft turned down if you like a thinner shaft (12.5-12.3/4) as the shafts are thick but well made. If you want either Jenor or Steve Urate to make you a cue, well; “Get-R-Done”.

  4. I completely disagree with all that you said about this cue makers quality. My first two cues from this cue maker while they look great have all warped and are unusable shaft and butt…inlays are popping off of the butt… the third cue was so badly made that I never use it and have a very hard time reselling it… This cue makers is the reason Philippine cues have a bad rep.

  5. I have 4 cue from this maker and all i can say that that TWO THUMBS UP!!
    it is absolutely beautiful!! Perfect in every aspect…and the price is so affordable. Actually i met jenor personally..he is very very nice guy..
    I send one of the cue that i purchased to Jenor in my cousin in United States and all of his friends were AMAZED!!…

  6. I just got a cue from Jenor and it is world class in my opinion. The hit is fantastic and the materials and craftsmanship is outstanding. You can’t go wrong with this guy. Two shafts and a great cue at around $200…..can’t be beat.

  7. i purchased a cue a few weeks back and i cant tell if its a ronej cue or not. i believe it has his name on the bottom of it. whats one of his cues valued at. i have pics if anyone needs to see them to tell me or not

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