Zeus ZS-805 helmet

Where’s the bike, you say? Soon, soon. I’ve spent this whole month-long year looking for a good motorcycle, and now that it’s slowly getting closer to reality, I figured I’d get a head start on safety. That, and the fact that it would be silly not to be able to test drive my bike on delivery day – village law requires helmets for all riders.

Research tells me helmets can cost anywhere from Php 600 to an arm and a leg. I needed to find the good medium or the bargain buy. Enter Zeus helmets. Taiwan-made but praised even in the U.S., simply because it passed all the helmet-standards testing known to man. Snell, ECE 22.05, DOT, what have you. This thing costs Php 2,000 only, and is one of the cheapest and simplest models. It’s a full-face, so yosi break means remove-helmet-entirely. Bought it over at Motoworld, Mall of Asia yesterday.

Zeus ZS-805

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