Air Suspension in the Philippines

By my count, this is Air Suspension number two in the Philippines. Excluding of course the Expeditions, Escalades, Cayennes, etc. The first would be Southside Custom’s Impala, which, if you are an avid follower of local car shows, I am sure you are familiar with.

What I have here is a 1999 Nissan Frontier crew cab pick-up with a custom, homemade and hand-built air suspension system that can go all-up, all-down, front-right (up & down) and front-left (up & down). The parts that are not available here were ordered and collected from the U.S.A. and includes the following: 2 Slam Specialties RS-62’s in the back, 2 Slam Specialties RE-62’s in the front, 6 GC Extreme Valves, 1 Viair 350C compressor and a Dakota Digital air pressure guage. All of the custom fabrication for the suspension came from metal scraps at local junk shops and metal-cutting from local machine shops. Installation was supervised and done by me with help from a welder and a mechanic.

The work for this vehicle has now spanned almost a year and is not yet totally finished, but is completely functional. What’s underneatch the body includes: a C-notched chassis (back), custom fabricated triangulated 4-link rear suspension with air bags on the lower bars, re-location of the gas tank at the spare tire area, removal of suspension components in the front (to make room for the air bags), and re-location of all shock absorbers.

At this point (point of no return), I am about 60% satisfied with the design of the system. I completed and perfected the front before dismantling the rear (between a 6-month period) so I am content with it. The rear on the other hand still needs a lot of work. I am thinking of re-doing the complete suspension set-up for the rear just to make it stronger and well, a little more aesthetically pleasing.

The truck rides great, although using it to haul heavy stuff is out of the question, the only other irony to the ride are the 40-series tires which is obviously a pain to have in our road conditions. I do not use the truck daily, but I plan to. It has also been invited to some local car shows but I still think it’s not yet the time. I still have to do a lot to make this ride show-worthy.

If you are all but not the least bit interested in lowriders, hydraulics, air suspension, mini-trucks, or just want to talk about cars in general (or bebots), I bring this truck every Friday @ Petron in Macapagal Avenue (Near Mall of Asia). Look for Team Cramps and look for “bembang.”

1999 Nissan Frontier Air Suspension

My shout-outs to Nissan Minis and Nissan Customs.

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  1. good day! nice ride bro! im kit from QC & am using a ’94 isuzu 2wd p-up and im wondering if i could also convert it to air suspensions. i checked out the net if they have conversions for my car but seems like its not available. for now, im only using the old fashion way of putting lowering block at the rear and adjusted the front. like you, im into low rider. im not in a hurry to have this done quickly. i just wanted to have an idea on how to improve the ride quality on my car. i also used the kind of rims u have now but with a 45 series tires. now am using 15″rims with 60 & 50 series tires from front and back. ill try to drop by macapagal tonight to check out your lowrider. this is my contact # 0917-9670488. thanks bro and hope you could give me ideas on how to install air suspensions in my car. tahnks a lot! kit

  2. nice, i’m also into mini truck. i have an isuzu PUP 2door. it is still in the shop dahil hindi pa tapos ang body works. gusto ko di ipa air ride kaso lang i dont have so much time and i’m afraid na baka pag umorder ako sa states baka hindi ko mainstall yung mga wirings sa valves pati baka kulang kulang ang fittings pag dumating dito. Nice truck Bro!! buti ka pa naka air suspension na!

  3. spring: nice kung 2-door ser. mas maluwag para sa conversion ng rear. don’t worry about wiring ng valves, yun ang pinakamadali! 🙂 ang fittings, binondo lang katapat nyan, pati hose. actually valves rin kaso 220v lang meron sila (sa alam ko). drop me a line – if you need anything. gusto ko rin makita ride mo bro. tapos magsama-sama tayong mga minis.

  4. salamat. sa ngayon nsa shop pa sya for shaving and painjob, luma na kasi nung nabili ko. ask ko lang kung kit ang binili mo? and saan? thanks!

  5. Your frontier looks good bro (though im not into lowridin’). I’m a noob at car stuff and parts. Just want to ask where can I buy some parts to refresh my shocks and suspensions for my L200?

  6. nice truck.i have a 99 nissan frontier but i cant find any air bag kits for it where can i look to fine them?

  7. they dont make any kit specifically for the frontier. but you can get just about any kit and make it work

  8. Hi! I would like to show you my version of the air suspension. I live in Manila and I have a chevy s10 1982 model which I converted 10 years ago. It has front and rear airbags, engine-drive compressor, 10-gallon air tank, tubular control arms and modified 4-link rear suspension with 3.5 body drop and vertical doors. I use it as my everyday car. =)

  9. Hi,
    I am from bacolod and i am interested in getting hold of an air suspension for my suzuki apv. I just want an up and down movement. Up when rolling and down (slammed) when parked. Can you help me find a supplier or builder?

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