6 Underground part two

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Good thing this happened, else, I would still have been update-less for over a week. Blogging is hard! (Wuss…) Anyway, I received this email from a Yahoo! Group I didn’t know I was part of… Below is an excerpt from the email.

After a number of rumors, I can finally confirm that 6Underground will have its rebirth at Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, in Pasig City (near Univ. of Asia & the Pacific). After much deliberation, we decided to reopen it due to a number of opportunities that presented themselves to us that will better promote indie and alternative artists and help our rock industry as a whole. We had often been challenging ourselves to better our features and not be limited to being a bar (2 albums, prepaid cards, mixed martial arts, media tie-ups, etc.). We will reveal our new offerings as time goes by.

So there you go. The new bar will be called 6UG Live & Raw (haha). There’s a “soft launch” tomorrow featuring Plastic Baloo (Baloon?), Publico, Jab, and The Amandas. On the 22nd – performances by Imbuenokudos, Teenage Hero, & Subscapular; and Gayuma, Sunflower Daycamp, & 18th Issue on the 23rd. Beer is said to be priced @ Php 30. Finally, an update.

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