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What a waste

So, Playboy magazine, Philippines edition is officially out. Great right? Not. In Playboy Philippines, there will be no nudity. The magazine was launched last April 2, 2008 at an event in Sofitel. What a shame, what a waste. A “joke,” I say.

It’s a disgrace to the “Hef.” Ok, I’ll stop there, as I might already have established my sentiments clearly. The magazine targets 30 year old and above males. Ah, vis a vis, it is not competing against FHM, Maxim and UNO. Who are they out to get then? Manual? Manifesto? Rogue? May competition ba sa serye na yun?

In their maiden issue, the cover girl is Priscilla Meirelles. Their editor-in-chief is Beting Dolor. They have 5 (or 4?) Palanca awardees as writers – wow! what a selling point! The first issue also has features on “The Pinays of Playboy past,” Chiz Escudero and WWE Diva Maria “in the nude.”

I understand Playboy franchises in other countries are not as racy as the U.S. one. Wastes as well I guess. As I’m writing this, I’ve already read some violent reactions from some “organizations.” Wala na ngang nudity eh, ano pa pinuputok ng budhi nyo? Anyway, all I’m saying is why did they (owners) have to go through all this shit to use Playboy’s name? Although maybe this is good for Philippine porn; as we all know the likes of FHM “slips a little nip” every once in a while. Maybe this is the start of the “movement.” I guess I have to get my hands on an issue first. Although for now, Playboy Philippines = boo!

April 8, 2008; realized something just now. Priscilla Meirelles, a Brazilian national, for the very first issue of Playboy PHILIPPINES. Poor, pinays.

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  1. Playboy Philippines is much more than a BOO… it is a insult to the Playboy editions worldwide.

    Dalisay and Yuson and the other Palanca award winners are excellent writers… excellent but boring. pretty much like their newpaper columns. there’s just no way that they can catch the attention of magazine readers. as i’ve mentioned in other blogs and sites… Beting has formed a dream team… for a NEWSPAPER! they are entering a genre which they cannot possibly comprehend. they are dependent on words… a magazine is not a newspaper… magazines depend heavily on visuals. which none of the editorial team of Playboy… and their useless Palanca writers have. you cannot teach a geriatric dog new tricks. Dolor, Yuson, Dalisay, and the rest are not even willing to embrace this. how can they possibly succeed?

    And the publisher is more concerned about acquiring the Playboy Casino. he does not give a damn about the magazine. At least Gokongwei of Summit and Lopez of Abs-Cbn pub are conscious about the quality of their mags. Mr. Ku… just simply… doesn’t care. that’s why it’s ok for Playboy Philippines to look like crap… as long as he can hold on and wait for Playboy international to foolishly give him the casino franchise… he’s happy.

    but you have to give it to the Playboy Philippines people. they are a hardy bunch. i guess for people like Krip Yuson… this is his last stab at fame and fortune. and for people like Beting Dolor… he’s just too old to do anything else. pretty much like their magazine… it is a desperate attempt.

  2. I AGREE!

    Thank god someone shares the truth. Content is secondary to titties my friend said, and no truer words have been spoken.

    I actually like Butch Dalisay’s work, but it’s not gonna sell a Playboy. Titties are.

  3. new chismis about Playboy. The Hef heard & saw that it was so bad… he had all the issues pulled out.

    anybody out there who can confirm this?

  4. i actually bought a copy for my husband because i thought he’d like it. he liked one story. then i read it. and then we had fun bashing it together.

    it’s laid out like a high school magazine, making the work of great essayists like yuson and dalisay look amateurish and hard to read. wala bang style bible na binigay ang playboy? the visuals are awful.

    and even i, a woman, was incredulous that they chose flat-as-chopping-board ramp models (everybody knows ramp models have the bodies of 12 year-old boys, o baka naman 12 year-old boys talaga ang type nila) for their centerfold.

  5. as i’ve mentioned before… Beting Dolor is an amateur. Mr Ku the financier is a desperate idiot. and the whole staff feel like they’ve made gold when it’s actually just poop.

    i’m sure 100% of people of bought it have felt cheated. Mo Twister said it perfectly… it’s a like buying a hamburger without the beef pattie. it’s empty. Ku is relying on Dolor’s newspaper experience and connections. Hot tip Mr Dolor… a magazine needs visual skill! DUH!!!

  6. heard more inside chismis.

    Priscilla hated the original “Black Mamba Team” that did the photography. it was just a bunch of “feeling-photographer-fellows” who thought that they were good enough to do a magazine shoot.

    But they were idiots and Priscilla was super disappointed. she specifically fixed up the famous SECOND SHOOT (on her own! go girl!) with a better and competent and REAL team. she told the staff of Playboy Philippines not to use any of the shots from the first shoot. but lo and behold… they still used the cooking magazine cover option. She was really pissed but gave up.

    Poor Priscilla.

  7. hehe. maybe not stupid asses. just old newspaper men struggling to do a magazine person’s job.

    they simply cannot do it.

  8. I just can’t fathom why you guys talk about porn as if it is just a cup of coffee. C’mon think hard and real hard, men, it’s a malaise… a malady that will kill you, your relationships and your future families.

    Please, don’t tell me I didn’t say anything when the time comes that you need a shrink to cure you from your depression or emotional, marital or sexual problems…

    Do your part, guys in making the future a better place to live (especially for your children and your children’s children)… don’t support pornography!

    Take care!

  9. Sorry pare kung medyo nang-iinis ako. Kaya lang kasi di niyo na-iisip na degrading sa mga kababaihan ang porn. Imbes na tingnan natin sila ng malinis, eh nagiging object to satisfy our basest instinct sila… take note, they ‘re persons and not objects to be used. Eh itong instinct na to kailangang pangalagaan dahil kung hindi, the perversion of this powerful instinct will lead to dysfunctional people… siguro kung di ka naniniwala nito malamang bata ka pa at wala ka pa masyadong alam sa ganitong mga kaso. Utol ko nalulon sa porn, hirap siya ngayon sa family life niya… depressed at hirap siyang magkaroon ng intimacy (emotional, spiritual and even physical)… and the only thing that he could pinpoint as a reason for his predicament is porn…

    Look around you, separated couples, broken families, teenage pregnancies… and puno’t dulo niyan ay ang unhealthy and perverted understanding of sex… porn contributes to that … and by the way, sex is the most beautiful thing that human beings have, that is, if it is used in the right time, in the right context and with the right (and only one) woman (for a man) or man (for a woman)… o siya, baka mabugbog niyo ko kung hahabaan ko pa to…

    Ingat kayo mga brod! Concerned lang ako… di ako galit sa inyo.

  10. me and my friends saw a copy of the 2nd Playboy Philippines…

    much better! i guess Beting & friends finally got their act together.

    cover girl is Raquel Gibson. one of the Fil-Am international covergirls before. thank god the cover is finally a full body shot! it’s a shot of her on a bangka SS Raquel. much better.

    although i still didn’t buy it… so i have no idea how the inside looks like. anybody out there seen the inside?

  11. Apparently Mr. Ku the financier/publisher was bitchslapped by Playboy International.

    That’s why the second issue (well the cover at least) is looking a million times better.

    Also the current editor in chief, Beting Dolor will “resign” soon. Supposedly he won’t last beyond June or July of 2008.

    Maybe the Hef though it was time to let the old dog go. HAHA!

  12. yah, i’ve seen what’s inside… and it’s a CRAP! an interview with imelda and ferdinand marcos, with tetchie agbayani, with this poker guru something and other lot of crap! also a lot of advertisement and gadgets… what a waste of money, i should have bought T3 if im a gadget fan.

  13. HAHA! i felt that it would still remain the same.

    just found out that the gibson cover shoot wasn’t even done here. it’s from an old U.S. issue. Hoo boy. readers and fans could have just easily downloaded the old copy and it would still have been better.

    hey does anyone want to place a bet on when Beting Dolor, the editor in chief of Playboy Philippines, will be fi… whoops… will “resign”?

    i feel that August, he’ll go down in history as the fastest editor in chief in Philippines history to lose his job!

    Hooray! Maybe this will make him realize that he can only do newspapers and columns. leave the magazine work to magazine men Beting! stop bluffing your way through life. HAHA! oh don’t cry na old man. meme na.

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