Catch me on Y Speak tonight

Y Speak, Studio 23, 7:30 p.m.

Or is it 7:00 pm? Anyway, I’ll be on tonight’s episode – an episode about blogs, blogging, censorship, Brian Gorrell, etc. Nope it’s not live, the episode was taped last April 9 over at ABS-CBN, but they’ve been bugging me since the first week of April. In fact, we already did a short interview/feature at my house last April 3 (?), when all of a sudden they decided to ditch that for a studio guesting. I was with two other student bloggers – Janica and Randel – Multiply bloggers.

I have pictures – during taping, with Janica and Randel, me with host Pat Evangelista, etc. but my stupid laptop just crashed. I can’t access my files and my OS won’t boot up. Just had to make this short announcement so here you go. Will clean up this post when I’m back in my laptop.

10 thoughts on “Catch me on Y Speak tonight”

  1. Nakita kita sa TV.

    Kayo lang ni kuya Jayvee Fernandez ang kilala ko dun (in an online sense). Nang nakita ko ang name caption na Mark Verzo, natawa ako. The name sounded familiar — ilang beses kita nabasa sa blogs — nung kinulong ka (nangyari ba talaga yun? not sure).

    Anyway, TIP ko sa’yo change mo nalang yung na code to

    para di na kailangan magpopup pa. Binoblock ng popup blocker ko eh.

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