Fronting for Apo

I am now officially part of a Filipina artist from Australia’s band. Last night Christina del Mundo who poses as “Swissy,” was given the chance to perform in Metro bar (West Avenue) as a semi-front act for Apo Hiking Society. As a first gig, we played a set of four songs (complete band) plus one (solo) – all Swissy originals. Her style reminds me of the Cardigans, The Sundays, Plumb, etc.

You can check out Swissy’s music here.

Never thought I’d be anywhere close to an Apo gig without Ala. In the dressing room, Swissy told the great Jim Paredes that “these guys” came from Ala’s former band. He did not recognize us but he remembered. Then again, there were so many good things about Apo in that show that I feel the need to post a separate entry for them.

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