Western Digital My Passport Essential

160 GB Portable Hard Drive; Price drop

Storage is cheap; there is really no excuse nowadays to shy away from bigger storage devices. Backups are imperative; I estimate about half of my life’s worth in files lost due to backup unavailability – system crashes, confiscated digital media, etc. Hard Drives have always been in my “to buy” list, I postpone it regularly due to it’s lack-luster “cool new stuff” appeal. This time I prioritized necessity.

I bought this sleek portable hard drive for Php 3,350. Wait, I could have bought it for Php 3,350 in black, but I chose a more expensive colored unit from the next store – Php 3,500. I belive you could buy this thing from TipidPC.com sellers currently for as low as Php 3,000. 3 months ago, this exact same model was selling for Php 5,800. I know, I could have bought an equivalent of 320 GB worth of storage by going the 3.5″ SATA hard drive – external hard drive casing route, but I knew I wouldn’t be happy. I don’t like the idea of plugging it in an outlet – it totally defeats my quest for “ultimate mobility.”

Yes it looks like a Passport, hence; and it is also as small as a passport, just a little thicker. It comes with a couple of programs for easy one-click backups, password-protection and the works – all of which I didn’t even bother install. I see small physical changes from the then-bluntly called “Western Digital Passport,” for instance, the “WD” logo is now situated on the lower right – as opposed to the center. There’s really nothing much more to say about this thing – it’s as boring as it gets. But it serves it’s purpose well, plus it’s small enough, fast enough, and true to it’s plug-and-playability. Buy one, store away.

Western Digital My Passport Essential 160 GB

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  1. Mine’s the older brother. Bought the 120GB at 4800 petot. Ang mahal pa dati, but it serves its purpose well. It’s a no non-sense gadget, function-wise. Sa loob ng HD, puro non-sense ang nilalagay ko!

    BTW, the USB cable can also be used to connect other gadgets to your PC/Notebook. I use it with my Creative Zen and my O2 XDA Atom. Pwede din sa card reader and some digital cameras. As long as USB to mini USB and same voltage and devices.

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