Net Neutrality

Internet ends in year 2012

I just came across this very interesting, weird, insane, and anger-provoking issue called “Net Neutrality.” Maybe you’ve heard about it, maybe not; assuming the latter, let’s take a minute here to discuss the gist of Net Neutrality. Basically, it’s more exacting to say that the issue at hand is “a battle for Net Neutrality.” The “net” or the internet, is neutral at present time. Net Neutrality is what we have now. In the future, specifically in the U.S., giant ISP providers the likes of AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp are planning to offer internet subscription packages patterned on cable television.

Imagine this ad for cable television today – “Subscribe to SKY Cable and get 100 channels including Star World, ESPN, and all the major networks.” Now imagine this ad for internet subscription in the future – “Subscribe to SKY Internet and get access to over 1000 websites including YouTube, MySpace, etc.” Some sites might even be exclusive to other ISP companies the way the way Solar is to Destiny.

The internet would then have lost it’s great stand, it’s fight. The last great free frontier. The level playing field, where nobodies shit on somebodies. Insane and impossible right? Think again. In the U.S., Google and Microsoft, the proponents of Net Neutrality (obviously), lost to a 269-152 vote in the House of Representatives, rejecting the Web companies’ bid for a ban on new fees – new subscription charges brought about by carriers.

Read all about it, make yourself aware. For starters, here’s Wikipedia, and a good article with graphic examples, predicting 2012 as the year all ISP companies adapt this TV-like subscription model – or, The Year That Internet Ends. Nothing better than a global strike led by everyone from geeks to pornstars. Shall we?

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