Got Gout?

I do

You know, I’ve long since made peace with my being old school, but this one… I find hard to accept. I’m experiencing something normally reserved for people easily twice my age. My consolation? It runs in the family. Uric acid, the culprit. Beans, peas, mushrooms, shellfish, shrimps – all of which I rarely eat, but still…

That day I spent in Manila Ocean Park, I was already partly limping. I woke up to an out-of-nowhere familiar pain – kind of like a sprain – that which I’ve had countless of, in my left big toe. I tried hard and wide to remember something I might have done to cause the injury. Nothing. Maybe in my sleep?

Funny just how the day before Ocean Park, I saw an old batchmate and asked him why he wasn’t able to go to our recently-held high school reunion. “Gout,” says he, whilst pointing to his left foot.

Which is exactly the reason why I Googled “gout.” Oh my God. I need not even read the articles, the illustrations themselves were enough for me to make an idiot’s diagnosis.

Colchicine, Celebrex, and a thrice-a-day dip-my-foot-in-icy-water. Alcohol intake should at least be reduced. I’m not guilty of indulging in foods which are high in uric acid but I’ll take it – because I’m guilty of so much more. For me this is a wake up call. I don’t eat right and healthy, which I should. I don’t exercise, which I should. Oh well. Nail in the coffin: “Do something, you’re so laid back.” – Mom

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