New Found Glory, Simple Plan, Philippines

Live in the Philippines with Jamie Scott & The Town

The tour/concert is called “Rock N Rule,” and is actually headlined by Simple Plan. But if at all, I’m in it for New Found Glory, at least. Araneta Coliseum, August 4, 2008, Monday, 8:00 p.m. Tickets – a whopping Php 7,500 for Patron VIP, Php 5,775 for Patron, Php 5,250 for Lower Box, Php 2,300 for Upper Box A, Php 1,050 for Upper Box B, and Php 525 for General Admission.

Brought to you by… I don’t know yet. Tickets by TicketNet – the one in SM Malls. Contact TicketNet at 911-5555. Simple Plan sucks.

16 thoughts on “New Found Glory, Simple Plan, Philippines”

  1. gotcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! simple plan sucks!!!!!!!!! full of posers!!!!!!!! they dont deserve to be with the new found glory!!! a new found glory is so great!!!!!!!!!

  2. This will be the Concert of the year in Araneta.. Need more details about ticket outlets pls advice on 09062555751 see you

  3. You shouldn’t be insulting them. You offend Simple Plan fans allover the world for this. Don’t be insensitive jerks.

  4. New Found Glory rules! Simple Plan SUCKS! much better if new found is the last performer for this concert! wooohooo! im gonna watch this concert for NFG!! *droools

  5. ol of them huv their OWN style..and bsyds, they wudnt huv a single fan f they suck. u kol them suckers, and ur gonna deal with millions of SP fans out there! so zip those mean lips of urs. f u cnt deal with SP, DONT come on the concert, dweeb!! dont EVEN think of coming..ya got the wrong concert girl… its “Rock n Rule”…not “Suck n Drool”!

  6. damn!., why is that i think that many people here in philippines think that SimplePlan is better that NEWFOUNDGLORY., if u will all look in their performance in their music videos, the quality, the melody., NFG will 100% WIN!., if u only know NFG bec. of their revivals then pls here some more of their originals like MY FRIENDS OVER YOU, DRESSED TO KILL,ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE, I DONT WANNA KNOW, HEAD ON COLLISION and OXYGEN., u will not regret listening to this songs!!., NFG IS BETTER THAN SIMPLE PLAN!., but BLINK182 is the best of them pop punk bands of all!! too bad they split up., here some blink songs too., its the BEST!! oh and i will be there in NFG AND SP concert to support POP PUNK MUSIC! for all EMO dont show all ur faces coz there not Emo dumbass!., POP PUNK RULEZZ!!

  7. At the guy above, bet you can’t even tell that to an emo guy/gal personally. Most people are dickheads when they are in the Internet, all cocky and stuff.
    But iRL, surely they wouldn’t do that.

    How can you exactly tell that SP sucks? NFG rules? I like them both. Why don’t you create a band yourself and I’ll tell you how you suck.

    It’s not for the genre, it’s for the songs that people will come for.

    Okay, enough ranting.

  8. Simple plan is great. And you guys should be thankful they’re nice enough to allow new found glory to be in their show here..

  9. ..i hAte U gUys wHo diZcriminAte the SIMPLE PLAN..!!!
    ..i Love pieRRe..hiZ sOngs aRe bEtter thAn the NFG..
    ..yOu know what this cOncert here in the pHil.. fOr the people tHey want to heLp like us(the teenaGerz)..
    ..they are suPporting the mtv aids and make a wish foundation for the africa kids,and abandon children…sOo dO you think that they are sUkz..!!! you said that helping the poor people is sUckk…
    ..bUt for the sake of the Punk pop bands like nfg and the blink 182..
    ..i stll support the punk pop bands..!!!
    ..simple Plan rOckzz..
    ..they Rock n’ Rule..
    ..gO guyZ…

  10. Ok. First of all, jUnz…is it?… just mentioned…ALL the songs of NFG that sucks..cept for 3 (Head on collision, Dressed to Kill, and My friends over you) the resr of the songs you mentioned..are their “shit, we goota make an album for the label or we’ll have to pay em alot” songs…meaning, those songs had no emotions..theyre just novelty songs…kid, seriously…pop-punk is all fresh and jumpy and happy and all…but really, dwell on the songs, and give them proper justice…its not all about how bouncy it is, or how happy it makes you…theres poetry in those songs (and im not just talking about the lyrics)…so next time you go all “NFG RUUUULLLEEEEZZZZZ”…make sure you really know why. Dumbass.

    secondly, to Attraction, i’m not trying to be a dickhead here..but Simple Plan does suck…extremely..'(cept maybe for their first 2 singles. It was ALL downhill after that.) Now before you get all PMS-y, let me tell you why they suck..mainly because of three (3) reasons.. 1) the poetry in Simple Plan’s first 2 songs mirror the image of who they were playing their songs for (not chicks, or kids, but people who appreciate that kind of music), and this was very clear in the beginning…however, come “Perfect” musically they aimed for a ballad…what they got was an annoying mix of high pitches, and a Travis Barker- wanna be- drum line 2) They dont show consistency with who/what they are now. You gotta admit, they do look like posers…specially with the release of their 2nd album. Im not saying Posings bad…ok, fine, it is, but its worse when you’re in a band, why? because being a poser reflects on the output you release as artists (believe me, i would know) and 3) Simple Plan rides ‘waves’. ‘Waves’ are the current ‘fad’ or culture. Think about it, they came out during the height of the pop-punk revolution (a sissy revolution, but a revolution nonetheless), when the pop-punk era died down (offically stated by Blink 182’s brilliant brilliant self-titled release) they started adding more EMOtions to their songs…’Welcome to my life’ anyone? Actually, this third reason reminds me of a local band…can you guess it, kids? Yup, CHICOSCI! aka ChicoScience. i mean, fuck man, they’re hella talented…but…come on..they had opposing genres in three successive albums. hahaha! anyway..Simple Plan has talent..yes…two singles worth..the rest of what excites you probably the same excitement you get when you go to the zoo and you see a bunch of monkeys jumpin around their cages. Hello Simple Plan LIVE.

    On the the next man, xxchuckxx, you’re retarted. New Found Glory is the father to Simple Plan…Simple Plan should be happy New Found Glory agreed to support them…and if anything, we should be happy New Found Glory..yes, N-F-fucking-G, agreed to do charity in the case of Simple Plan.

    and finally…mHain…oh i really didn’t wanna waste my time with you, but…you succeeded in annoying the living hell out of me. TYPE LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. RETARD.

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