Panic! At The Disco live in the Philippines

Concert August 14, 2008

Ah, good stuff. “Panic!,” “PATD” is coming over. Mark your calendars. August 14, 2008, Thursday, 8:00 p.m. at the Araneta Coliseum. Again, I don’t know who brought them over – thanks to blogs posting for search engine traffic. Anyway, tickets are reasonably priced – Php 3,950 for Patron VIP, Php 3,450 for Patron and Lower Box, Php 1,750 for Upper Box A, Php 950 for Upper Box B, and Php 450 for General Admission.

TicketNet again for tickets – 911-5555. Like I’ve said to all Panic! At The Disco doubters in the past, “listen to the whole album, man.” PATD rocks.

10 thoughts on “Panic! At The Disco live in the Philippines”

  1. heeeeeeeyy, just wanna super excited,, i already have tickets..hahahahaha…:D :)) 😛

  2. Super loved their friendly stage presence and man was Brendon on fire! Liked the creative background too.. I also appreciate Ryan addressing the people at the “balcony” – that was a first. There was just one song that I didn’t quite like when they played it live but I’ll watch the video we’ve taken again and see if I still have the same feelings towards that particular performance but all in all they were astonishing. You gotta love not just their musicality but their creativity and their very nice approach to their crowd.

    Let’s not forget their front act Crowned King, which I think is pretty good too.

    I wish they played When the Day Met the Night.. but they’ll be coming back anyway so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed ’til then, I just hope they come back maybe a year or two to give us some time to save up.

  3. I am completely infatuated with Brendon Urie at the moment. Panic! rocked Araneta! I nearly died when they performed “Northern Downpour”. I just love that song. I also wish they played “When the Day Met the Night” ’cause that’s a cool song too.

    I read somewhere that Ryan kissed Brendon on the cheek (as isn’t uncommon) at the concert? I didn’t see it though which totally sucks haha. When did it happen? What song? Does anyone know? Forgive my naughty curiosity 🙂

  4. they were sooooo rad!!! like they were the fucking smex!! like I got really damned close to them!!!! and every cent of it was worth it!!!!! gosh!! bden was sooooo good with voice techniques and instruments!!! I just love them and I thought Jon only played bass but I was proved wrong! gosh I love these guys!!!! I was there at their autograph signing as well!! cause I think they are really talented people and that they are so creative and versatile….. they are always searching for ways to connect and make their music inspirational!! they were awesome and cool….. And people also think they’re hot and even if they aren’t who cares?!!!! they’re damn good!!! 😀

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