Discovery Real Time rules

For the quintessential Petrol Head

Just the other day I while was doing my usual before-sleeping channel surfing – already expecting to bitch once more about Sky Cable’s incompetence and lack of cool channels, I chanced upon a rare too-good-to-be-true program which featured metalworks, custom fabrication, wheels, chrome and paint. The show, American Hot Rod. What the hell channel is this? Discovery Real Time. What should have been an hour’s maximum tube time became five.

Car show after car show after another. If not cars, motorcycles – which rules as well. If not motorcycles, then maybe a hint of boats and planes sometimes, which is not too bad either. Overhaulin’, Fifth Gear, Biker Build Off, The Kustomizer, War of the Wheels, just to name a few.

What I could not seem to digest however, was the running announcement on the bottom. Basically, it says the channel will last only until June 30 (today), unless we upgrade to Sky Cable Platinum.

The solution

This totally sucks. I hate this setup. I find myself watching less and less television since Sky Cable dropped bTV, Solar Sports and the other RPN-owned channels. The whole ruckus between Destiny, Sky and Solar drains the life out of Philippine cable television. I don’t really know who’s exactly to blame, but we still enjoy and like Sky Cable’s Zpdee, which is why we remain with them.

To upgrade to Sky Cable Platinum we’d have to pay an extra Php 840 to our Php 520 monthly-worth Silver subscription. With that much I think I’d rather pay for an extra (different) cable provider (e.g. Destiny), with broadband internet – to be dedicated to torrent downloading. Well, all of The Discovery Real Time shows are available for downloading, which is what I’m already doing anyway, so screw you capitalists. Pirates rule.

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