Since my last update

August 2008

Added one to my age. Was forced to celebrate my birthday when all I had planned was to mukmok at home. Sid’s, the bar where I spent my birthday eve, has been closed since. It is now known as Sub Zero – a suckish music bar wannabe with the tagline, “The cool place for hot music!”

Got a mountain bike for my birthday.

September 2008

Started my health quest. Biked everyday. Felt stronger everyday – I increased my distance (route) and length (time) daily. Literally, I got stronger. I even managed to cut down on my smoking by a couple of sticks per day.

I bought a desktop torrent slash media rig as an additional personal birthday gift. To this day (February 6, 2009), I’ve downloaded 640 GB worth of “piracy.” Good stuff. I also badly want to ditch my laptop and settle for a desktop workhorse for this “internet” thing.

October 2008

Of course whilst ditching this blog, I started blogging on Bebot, Bebot! almost daily. I now know for sure that Bebot won’t make me rich. It will be big someday but the ratio of workload to growth is tight. I will stick with it because there, I can get away with really short posts.

I also tried blackhat. For the first time, I experienced having a site banned from Google’s index. Quite exciting I have to say. I learned that in blackhat, although you think less, repetition will bore you to death.

November 2008

Did some CPA affiliate marketing – actually made a few and learned a few. It sucks that in AdWords, the guys is the U.S. have direct account debit whilst I have to stick with whatever limit my credit card gives me. Them who make $10,000 per day might be spending as much as $5,000 per day on AdWords and the like. How the hell can I do that with a Php 70,000-monthly limit credit card.

I might have already stopped biking mid-November. I don’t know why. I’m just ningas-kugon like that.

December 2008

I’m a sucker for the holidays. Everything just feels different. I wanted to be part of the long vacation so I stopped working as well, only my vacation was a lot longer. Har, har.

People, barkada, a lot, went home last December. I’ve reached this point in my life where I’d rather stay at home or drink in someone else’s than go out. Surprisingly, it was quite cool to hit the bars once again.

January 2009

Farewell, The Alabang. My stuff is now split into three different places – The Alabang, because we haven’t finished cleaning up the junk, Bicutan, where my family now lives, and Las Piñas, where I skipped the “bachelor pad” idea and went straight to “living-in.” Yeah, well, it’s nothing new for me and my girl, but still, I feel like such a grown-up!

To be continued…

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  1. Sids… know it well, and Sub Zero also. Many, many a drink downed in both… the more drinks, the better the music sounds. Seen a couple of good bands there through the years… Beyond Rhythm and Black Verdict to name a couple. Looking forward to revisiting soon… all the way from the US.

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