The less important Paramore tickets issue

Why is it that people my age (twenty-somethings) find it hard to admit they like Paramore?

So apparently, there is an issue surrounding people who bought Paramore tickets for Php 10,000 (like that in itself is not an issue). To summarize, people who bought VIP tickets ended up in the same place as those who bought Gold tickets (Php 3,950). However, I am here to bitch about a less important, if not, useless issue—I was not able to see Paramore.

I was able to hear them though (what?). Having still been undecided on the day itself might have had something to do with it. And, if it weren’t for me dreaming of some Hayley-goodness the night before, I probably wouldn’t have come.

Still without parking, we arrived at Mall of Asia at exactly 8:30 p.m. By the time we reached the concert grounds, the ticket line still spanned about 50 meters, and that appalling-choice-for-a-front act had finished their set. When we were only about 15 meters from the lone ticket booth, some irritating irritated guy announced that Bronze tickets (Php 550) had run out. What choice did we have? I was not willing to shell out Php 3,000+ (Silver ticket x 2) for a concert that was already two songs in.

Thoughts In Binary

About the Php 10,000 ticket scam. If you shelled out that much for a Paramore concert, you should really rethink as to what issue you should address—your fanaticism or what had happened. Either way, you’ve been robbed, big time. On another note, why don’t you make yourselves important and actually be a VIP.

About my ticket (or lack thereof) issue. In my defense, probably 80% of the concerts I’ve been to, I did unarmed (no ticket upon arrival), and, I have not seen a line that long. Seriously, one ticket booth for a concert this big? Even that small Saosin concert had 3 lines leading to the desk which sold tickets.

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