I heart Anne Curtis’ boobies

It’s funny how people refer to this as a “nipple slip”

It was a whole, albeit small, boob that popped out for all of Boracay to see. God, I love that boob. I have not been affected this much by a “boob-bu,” hey, I coined a slang, since Marian’s—and that was a whole lot clearer (video) and bigger (boob).

I heart Anne Curtis

I have always liked Anne Curtis. I’ve been placing myself in all these imaginary sexual scenarios since I saw her all drunk and flirty (with Luis Manzano) during the heydays of Mustang, the bar. I like her look; she looks like a nice person who can punish you in every evil, conceivable way possible. I like her skin tone, I like her curves. And this photo, Jesus Christ.

So, what now…

Now, because you took the time to read my post up to here, and because I heart Anne Curtis’ boobies so much, I’ve decided to host said “boob-bu” video here, and photo here—and none of that RapidShare crap also—self-hosted, and will be archived here for all eternity.

Just remember though, such shall be called “boob-bu” from hereon after.

5 thoughts on “I heart Anne Curtis’ boobies”

  1. Yeah I thought they were pink too… now we know. hahaha. And what’s weird is that prior to the boob slip, she’d always been marketed as somewhat big-breasted or something, apparently her busts are only 31″ according to her vital statistics.

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