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My post about Ronej Cues got the attention of foreign cue buyers and collectors especially the ones lurking around ebay for the cheaper alternative – top-quality Philippine cues; searches are made for the the brand or the cue maker. It seems that recently Vhante has been putting up more cues for auction, therefore more searches and results land here. He does not have a site yet. I then might as well help a friend and have some information about his product.

Who is behind Vhante cues?

Vhante cues is the cue line of Steve Urate. Steve is the nephew of Jenor Urate, the man responsible for Ronej cues. They do not compete against each other; in fact Steve’s cues are made in the same shop Ronej cues are. Steve also happened to come up with the idea of putting up a cue making business, in the process he convinced his uncle to finance a shop for him and his friends.

What’s the difference between Vhante cues and Ronej cues?

Steve might have helped in the creation of your custom Ronej cue but Vhante cues are all done by Steve from start to finish. It is his personal product.

What kind of craftsmanship can I expect from a Vhante cue?

World class and comparable to top Philippine made cues such as Edwin Reyes, Viattorre, Tony Bautista, Linds, etc. However, the intricacy of the design falls between basic and semi-complex. Steve admits that he still has a lot to learn in making complex designs; he does not want to sign his name to a cue that he can’t build perfectly.

What kind of materials does he use?

Anything that is available at the time of your order. He will also try to find your preferred material if it’s not available. Also, Steve is a pool player so he prefers the radial pin and a flat-faced wood-to-wood joint; obviously he can change that and make a joint to your liking.

How’s the hit?

Subjective. However, due to the number of available options for the joint, tip, ferrule material, etc., you can mix-and-match the hit characteristics from your favorite cues. With regards to the shaft, trust me, they only use top grade Canadian maple.

How long will it take to complete my order?

Two weeks to a month or more. Depends on his work load.

What price range can I expect?

$100 up. Depends on the materials and shipping.

How can I contact Steve?

His ebay store. You can email him from there if you have an ebay account. You can also email me.

Here’s a picture of me posing as a cue maker in their shop.

7 thoughts on “Vhante Cues”

  1. I was fortunate enough to purchase one of Jenor’s cues; actually, quite by accident. I was attempting to have a custom cue built by a well known craftsman, however, I couldn’t explain exactly what I wanted. So, I began going thru E-BAY, and came across a cue with almost the exact design I was dreaming about. I looked at the time remaining, and found it to be only a few minutes. So, I waited until the last 30 seconds, and won the auction at a price that I would pay more than twice as much as a premium shaft alone. I was excited, so I called up the name of the maker (Jenor Urate), and read many terrific feedbacks from other buyers. My wife opened the package when it arrived and had to call me at work to tell me just what a beautiful cue I had received. The materials, the finish, the wrap, all top quality. I purchased the cue on the 1st of the month, and was playing with it on the 10th! I play in a league with many top players; most who have invested thousands in their cues. I have several cues that retail over a thousand a piece myself. I can honestly say that any of my other cues hit better, or some even as well and my RONEJ cue.

    Jenor, you are a master builder in my book, and look forward to seeing other cues you develop.
    Tony Predes
    Modesto, CA, USA

  2. I agree with tony. i purchased a cue about 1-2 years back from jenor. i too play in a league and everyone has there own cues. some you see the same. i use to use meucci cues for the past 17 years i have been playing. after i shot with jenor’s cue, i never looked back. i actually just had one custom made for me by him signed and 2 more that where done. he’s craftsmanship and and business end are very acceptable in my book. jenor is definately a true pioneer and craftsman in the art of designing and building cues. thankyou jenor for making a pool cue that shoots awsome and looks great. keep up the good work….alan…..boston, ma

  3. oh ya, i almost forgot. i took my cue to a cuemaker of 25 years. a good friend of the family, and he told me if i were to buy the cue i have in the states, he guessed it would have cost me around 1100$ then i told him who made it and where i got it from. he almost fell off the couch when i told him i paid 25% of his guess….shipped…lol….like i said, a great cue for the money.

  4. I just purchase 2 Philippine made cues, a Kuliat and a TGL, and was wondering how they rate among custom cues. Both are said to be handmade with fairly intricate inlay work. I was wondering what kind of performance I may be able to expect out of them. If anyone has any knowledge of these cues, please e-mail me or let me know. Thank you.

  5. I have purchased several of Steve Urate’s (Vhante)cues and have found them exceptional craftsmanship and great playing cues – I am a collector with a pretty good collection of rare and custom made cues. Steve has become one of my favorite! Recently I have tried to contact Steve but cannot get him through his email account. Can you give me some information about what has happened to Steve? and how can I get in touch with him again,,,,,,, Thanks for your help. Bob Hardin bobhardin-n-chatt@msn.com

  6. hi mike here in canada i have a ronej custom cue 2010 it was made try to find steve had no luck try to find out the value of this cue

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