No cue rolls perfect

Except for mine actually. Ok, there are cues that are perfectly straight and roll perfectly straight but hear me out on this one; Efren’s and Django’s cues are not. As recently confirmed by Jojo, a local hustler; he claims that once in One Side, he and his friends did some testing on Efren’s and Django’s cues. Surprised as they were, none of the cues rolled perfect. Upon telling this story, the people at our local pool hall engaged on endless debates on how a small wobble in one’s cue really affects the game. And come to think of it, if the masters can live by it, why can’t we?

Today, I stopped worrying about that inevitable wobble.

2 thoughts on “No cue rolls perfect”

  1. Mark,

    We call that small shaft wobble in the U.S. taper roll. When the collar and tip stay flat on a level surface but there is a 1mm movement up and down in the center of the shaft when rolled.
    Should not effect play unless more severe. Comes when the cue makers taper is not 100% consistant around the shaft.


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