Some dude stole and cashed my AdSense check!

I’ve been itching to publish this… So it has now been 3 months since I last received an AdSense check. The first month I was alarmed since Google checks come in like clockwork. But I figured what the heck since S happens anyway. The 2nd month it still did not arrive in it’s usual time frame (2nd week of the month here in the Philippines). I cancelled the first check that did not arrive on the 25th, as per Google’s policy, and since I was more worried this time, I tried to ask Google if they can put a stop payment on the check even if it was only around the 15th of the month. Walla! They said that it has already been cashed and I should check my bank records. WTF!? I doubt that Google would have a bug in their system so I started to think… Did I? Have I? But any way I look at it I know that I’m not mistaken. So I politely told Google that I in fact have not received the check nor cashed it. Luckily they replied that they can send me a scanned copy of the cashed check but it would take about 3 weeks. I followed this up after about 2 weeks and they replied with an attatchment.

Google AdSense Scam

Some dude stole my check, signed it, and cashed it. Luckily, we could still see the details in the back. It was cashed in East West Bank in Dagupan. Obviously we called that bank and complained. Next thing I know some dude from a money-changing business in Dagupan called me. It seems that the guy who had my check sold it to the money changer. I didn’t even know they could do this. First of all that would be double endorsement. You just can’t cash a check with someone else’s name into your account. But since these money changer guys have lots of money in their accounts, they are given exceptions. We were told by the money changer that before they buy checks they ask for valid id’s. We asked a copy of the id’s but they haven’t sent us any.

The only good thing about this is that the money changer agreed to return my money. I guess it’s their loss because they already paid the guy and most probably won’t ever see his dumb ass again. That MF SOB!

The culprit? I only have one suspect. Those nice people at our local post office who calls me by my first name and tries to small talk me every time I’m there. I just know. F them!

Now due to this incident I’ve asked Google to cancel my 3rd check and they did even though it still wasn’t the 25th. Thanks G! I’ve also selected the DHL service even if it costs me around $20/month. I guess that’s what I get for being a cheapass.

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  1. The same thing happened to me more than a year ago. A 100-dollar google check in peso denomination never made it to my address. I checked with adsense support and they told me the check has already been cashed. They provided me a scanned statement just like yours, showing that the money was cashed in a Landbank branch in — guess where — DAGUPAN. I don’t think this is just a coincidence. So where’s your post office? Mine is Pasig.

    Here’s a tip: you can hold your monthly payments so you can accumulate your earnings. I have mine sent every two months, so I don’t take too big of a hit with the $24 DHL secure delivery.

  2. Holy mother are you serious!? Dagupan also?? Is this organized crime or something? Were you able to get your money back? Mine is in Alabang. I guess the abrakadabra happens in the main office.

    Yeah I’m going to do that hold payment thing also. $24, that’s good date already.

  3. glad to know that im not alone. er, not that im glad we lost our checks. i was starting to think that im jinxed or something hehe. hindi lang pala ako yung nagkaganun. hay. screw those bastards.

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  6. When I saw the headline “Philippines The Most Corrupt Country in Asia” I strongly disagree and felt insulted by it as a filipino.

    But just this morning I found out that my check was stolen and cashed last april 3, 2007…I started to believe that this country is indeed No. 1 most courrupt in Asia if not the World. You guys lost $100 but I lost almost a thousand dollars by the theives in the Post Office. The senate should do something about this money chargers and banks about stolen checks.

  7. hey I have not received my check too which was sent on july.. can you please tell me how you contacted Google? did you contact through phone, URL or an email address? Please share

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