Entourage theme song lyrics

A couple of days ago I posted a search engine experiment regarding Entourage’s theme song. I was able to land the first page of Google then I realized I also got hits for the search phrase “entourage theme song lyrics.”

Again, the song is an original by Jane’s Addicition entitled Superhero.

Here are the edited lyrics from the show. They removed the first verse, and removed the middle two lines of the chorus.

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

My mind had been enabled
In a memory you overflowed
Want to be your superhero
Even if I tumble fall

I’m ok
You know I need you desperately

I want to be your superhero

Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

And, here are the complete lyrics of the song.

8 thoughts on “Entourage theme song lyrics”

  1. That theme song sucks soooooooooooo hard. I love the show but every time I hear that theme song I want to smash my speakers

  2. “even if i tumble fall”
    what kind of a lyric is that… it’s like he couldn’t decide whether to put “tumble” or “Fall,” however realizing that he would still have syllables to fill once he picked one, he just went with them both. tautology at its worst.

  3. ‘tumble’ and ‘fall’ are two DIFFERENT words.

    Whoever copied down the lyrics simply forgot to include a comma.

    It IS a sentence. 😛

  4. I coulda sworn the first line after the yeahs said something like “oo yeah I’m Bill Engvall,” but either way it makes no sense.

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