Efren Reyes’ cue

What cue does Efren Reyes use?

This is a very popular topic in billiards forums, pool halls, and well, probably every pool player I know at least once became curious as to what type of cue the master uses. Maybe there’s something in his cue, or at least maybe, there’s something wrong in our cues that we can’t make the same shots he does. Nothing’s special with his cue for sure, and nothing’s wrong with ours either; “it’s him” is almost always the most popular end to this debate. But well, like most pool afficionados, especially equipment freaks, we can’t help but be curious.

I don’t personally know Efren. My closest encounter with him was “small talk” in Metropolis Mall some 4 years ago. Metropolis Mall is a popular tournament venue; the likes of Earl Strickland, Johnny Archer, Francisco Bustamante, have all participated in tournaments there. I did ask Efren something about his cue back then, but first let me just clear out that the answers to this post’s subject came from research – both online and offline. If there are discrepancies, feel free to comment at the end of the post.


Efren was under contract with Meucci in the 90’s as seen in this interview from Billiards Digest done on October 3, 1997. He states that it was 21 oz. and 13 mm. But there are claims in AZBilliards Forums that he had his Meucci tapered down to 12.5 by Judd Fuller. He played with the Meucci in the Color of Money race to 120, which he won, against Earl Strickland. The only thing I could remember from that video was that the cue had a white irish linen wrap. Also, in addition, the question I asked him in Metropolis Mall was “What happened to your Meucci?” He jokingly said, “I threw it away, it’s unlucky.”

Pampanga cue

This cue was made by Jesus “Jessy” Bundalian as claimed by Linds, a popular local cue maker, in his about page. It was what Efren used when he won the 1999 World Pool Championship in Cardiff, Wales. If you are from the Philippines, you’d probably remember Efren holding that cuestick in his lifesize San Miguel Beer posters. Apparently, there is another local cue that Efren used before the “Jessy” or “Jessie” cue; it was made by someone named “Boyet,” as said by a man called JoeyInCali in biliards forums. This article claims that Efren’s cue is more than 20 years old, was bought for roughly $10, and was offered $10,000 for it but he refused it; I’m just not sure if it’s the “Boyet” or the “Jessy.” JoeyInCali also said that the “Jessy” cue developed a rattle and was sold to a collector.

Judd cues

From the late 90’s to the present, Efren has been associated with Judd cues. Judd cues are made by Judd and Trudy Fuller. In the 1999 World Pool Championship this is what we could consider as his break cue. There were times that he used it to play as well. It was the JT1 model; birdseye forearm with cocobolo handle and decorative stitch rings. In Judd’s site, you could get a JT1 for roughly $700.00, but I think the wait time is around 12 months. He also switched shafts for this cue; in some pictures you could see that the shaft’s collar is darker but it is still a Judd shaft. I believe this cue is no longer with him.

He does have a new Judd. It features 4 high ivory points and 4 low ebony points with an ivory diamond in the middle, set on a birdseye maple forearm. There’s a thread in AZBilliards that shows the Judd up close; he wrapped part of this cue with masking tape in one tournament because it felt cold to his hands. They say he got this cue from someone named Alex. Here is a clear picture of Efren using the cue.

Efren “Bata” Reyes signature series

There are Japan-made Efren Reyes signature cue sticks made by Cosmo. I believe this is the same company that makes Mezz cues. They have a site, but it’s in Japanese. In Singapore, I was able to try one out. It sold for around $100.00 back then. They say that it is made in Efren’s exact specifications. Here is a picture of him using the EBR-501 model.

Common denominators

All of Efren’s cues are 60″ in length. This is probably the only sure common factor in his cues’ specifications that always surfaces around in discussions and interviews. Efren is surprisingly tall, for Filipinos at least. I would say he is around 5’10”. Definitely taller than 5’8″, my height, since I’ve stood beside him a couple of times, but not taller than 5’11”.

Most of his cues’ are wrapless. Meucci’s are notorious for having a protective varnish on top of the wrap. His “Jessy” cue also has varnish on the wrap. His Judd JT1 has cocobolo wood in the wrap area.

For tips, this post claims that he used Elkmaster for several years and then recently switched to Tiger’s Sniper tips. His Elkmaster’s however, were pressed on a vice to compress more.

Finally, a mop handle

The truth is, you can probably hand Efren a mop handle to shoot pool with and he would still beat us. There’s nothing special on Efren’s cues. There’s no one magic cue as well. He uses what feels right to him, sometimes surprisingly he switches cues or shafts in the middle of racks. He could make a ton of money endorsing a particular brand but if it does not feel right for him it might just affect his game. In addition, Efren is also a very superstitious person, he will let go of a cue if he feels it has become unlucky.

I hope this post has been informative. And again, feel free to post a comment if there are discrepancies. My online sources are all linked from this entry. Also, there is a thread in my billiards forum that is all about Efren’s cue. Click here and feel free to join; it’s mostly in Filipino but you can participate in English.

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  1. There is one cuemaker from the US who has always used Efren’s name on his website…na kulang na lang e palabasin nya na lumuluhod si efren sa kanya para lang magkaron ng tako, implying that efren is so much in love with his cues. hahahaha! You forget to mention his name, thats gonna make him furious, jealous and insane, hahaha! ;P

  2. Hey Efren hows things out on the circuit? man i must say your probably one of the best players i’ve ever watched. i been playing for about 18 yrs and i have finally come to terms with myself that i ain’t ever gonna get any better playing the same guys i have always played. so i started branching off from my team and now doing singles tournaments here in ontario but i wanna play with the pros cause i believe i’m good enough to hang with them. so if you have any advice you could email me at…pedoniquotte_07@hotmail.com

  3. Hi, boys!
    I didn’t quite understand smth. What cue does Reyes use now? During this tournament? I am playing with Meucci UP1 and I am pround with this cue. It makes wonders. I just don’t know why Efren says it’s unlucky. Maybe because it gives slightly less deflection and this messes up with his skills. Still he can beat everyone with every cue he gets.

    Thank you very much for this great article, you did a great job! 😉

    Greets from Bulgaria!

  4. Hello there everyone! I am a filipino and Efren “bata” Reyes is my idol as well as Alex Pagulayan. I’ve been playing 9-ball billiards for 7 years now and I really learned a lot by just watching these great players on TV. I’m using a 19oz. cue with 12mm “blue diamond pressed leather tip which I bought at Playboy Billiards in Cebu City. I have won in local tournaments here in Cebu and I’m still hoping to improve more in order to reach my dreams. I think you dont have to buy an expensive cue in order to win. What is important is once you are familiar with you own cue, then all you have to do is focus so that you gain confidence in every shot you make.

  5. Hello, I’m Marco from U.K.
    It’s just my opinion, okay.. Feel free to comment differently..
    I’ve played 9 ball game since 8 or 9 nine years ago, and I’ve tried 3 cuestick until now. My first cuestick is Meucci, but I forgot the type, since it’s been 7 or 8 years ago, then I tried a Taiwan made cuestick with no brand at all. And finally I bought a predator 5K2 with z shaft.

    I don’t know if it’s just my feelings, but in mty experience, the predator z shaft do increased my accuracy. the deflection is far further then other cue shaft. So I tried to wonder.. But ofcourse, whatever stick you used, your skill is the number 1 factor in this game..

    When I read the posts in this web, I wonder, Reyes never used a predator cues at all. If only Efren Reyes used this Z shaft, maybe he is no loner a magician, he’ll turn to be a God.. hahaha

    Just try to give some info on the Z shaft predator cue. It’s a little bit expensive, but it’s worth it. Believe me.

  6. Hi,
    Im a filipino living in New Zealand, i have played with the locals here and nothing can compare the way filipino plays in my home country. I dont mean to lookdown the local players here, its just different. Most of the filipinos use a cheap cue stick coz of the low income we got back home. So if you are in the Philippines, cue stick doesnt matter. 🙂

  7. I am surprized when I knew that Efren is using a 21 oz cue. I wonder how he controls the spin/english shots he make using a cue with that weight…

  8. Hi, I think efren also used a QuePerfect cue. I am not sure how long he used it for, but I definately saw him carrying it on the 2007 US Open against Alcano.

  9. I just love watching you play pool against some of the more elite players in the world. Your a cold blooded killer when comes to pool competition, you are absolutely an incredibly gifted player. You seem like a great person and one of the best players i will ever see play the game. I will be looking forward to seeing you play in upcoming events.

  10. I had a picture made with Efren the day he picked up his cue from QuePerfect. He played a few rounds of bank pool with us and then took off. He said at the time that he never found a higher quality cue with less deflection than his QP cue. For what it’s worth.

  11. The man named Alex that gave him the Judd owns a pool hall in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. They’re good friends.

  12. Efren does not play with a leather-wrapped cue.
    Did he play with that QP?
    FWIW Efren actually likes high deflection shafts.
    He’s turned down Predator at least once.

  13. comment on His ‘throwing away the white wrap muecci because it was unlucky’ [1st – I realize he’s highly superstitious #2 – whoever found where he threw it away…..sure hope they know how precious and collectable that stick is/was… and in the world of pool/billiards…. many (rather most strokers might say that it is/would be worthy of a billiards museum (is there such an animal?) I a 58 yr old man shooting since 8 yrs old began w/ carom then bumper then a bar ‘valley’ 7′ table…as I have not shot the entire 50 as half of it I was recovering from monster tequila and meth….(etc) so I was led away from such places during that 25 yr interim and yet I feel qualified to state my 3 favorites 1) Steve Davis; 2) Efren Reyes 3) Allison Fisher {though I know all & all she’s the best… I truly can’t pass up watching Jennette Lee} Shoot straight!!!!

  14. Mr. Reyes a rare talent indeed and a great pleasure to strive to achieve his level of expertise. As a man and pool player he has my utmost respect. From where he came from to where he is now. What an accomplishment. Hats off to him people.

  15. I played Efren in Okinawa in 2011 and he is definately not 5’10”. I’m 6′ 2″ and he was much shorter. It was great to play him. The best!

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