NOFX visits the Philippines

April 19, 2007 update

I just came from the concert. It started really late at around 9:30, it was scheduled for 8:00. The Amoranto theater was more than adequate for the event. There weren’t too many people in my opinion. The size of the place reminds me of the Le Pavillion tent where P.O.D. played some 5 years ago. Urbandub opened with four songs followed by Faspitch and The Ambassadors, which I was told was lacking their original vocalist. King Ly Chee followed the Cebu bands. Apparently, King Ly Chee has a female vocalist who sports a mohawk; she looked really tough, and probably the best female growler I’ve heard. The guitarist, who was obviously the band leader, was sort of Indian-Pakistaniish. NOFX, of course, closed the show with around 8-10 songs. I guess their songs were ok; other than that, Fat Mike who is already 40 years old loves vodka and preach atheism.

What else. Well there were two free cups of Red Horse Beer, there were free posters of Urbandub and NOFX as well as a free cd sampler from Lighter Records which had all the 5 bands (I’ve yet to listen to it). And now for the celebrity sightings. First and foremost, Yasmien Kurdi. Have to admit though, we were really starstruck (no pun intended). I think she was there to support PETA. “Malakas pala dating ni Yasmien.” Surprisingly a bit chubby though (but that worked well for her upper body if you know what I mean). Later on we found out that she was with Menaya’s vocalist; reaction 1 – oh my!, reaction 2 – lucky guy! (you choose). NU DJ and Jack TV host, Dylan, with her newfound celebrity status, MTV VJ’s Victor Basa and Maggie Wilson (with the nice legs), Tado and of course, the rockstars - Typecast, Mark Escueta, Hilera brothers, Skarlet, J-hoon and Francis Reyes (Francis Brew) among others. I will try to steal some pictures soon. 

All possible keywords

NOFX. NOFX members, Fat Mike, El Hefe, Eric Melvin, Erik Sandin. King Ly Chee, Hong Kong Hardcore band. Cebu bands, Urbandub, Faspitch, The Ambassadors. Sonic Boom, Lighter Records, Organizers. Location, Amoranto Theater, Quezon City, Q.C., Manila, Date, April 18, 2007, 8 p.m., Ticket price 500.00, 2 red horse beers.

Thoughts In Binary

Is the Amoranto Theater the same as the Amoranto Stadium? I don’t know. Why is this not publicized? Because NOFX stands by their uber-undergroundedness. In line with that, they rarely do interviews and they do not allow their songs to be played on the radio. Who is King Ly Chee? Apparently, a Hong Kong hardcore band. Why are there Cebu bands? Because the event is brought to you by Lighter Records, a.k.a. Urbandub’s label. Am I going? Most definitely.

12 thoughts on “NOFX visits the Philippines”

  1. Hey! When you said that Yasmien Kurdi was with Menaya’s vocalist, did you mean that they’re together at the concert or they’re together “together”?

  2. Hi Mika! If you had commented earlier I would’ve said MAYBE (they’re “together). But I recently saw Menaya vocalist over at Saguijo. She was with another girl (not Yasmien) and this time they looked “together.” Thanks for dropping by.

  3. seein more of yazzie than about the NOFX
    yazzie is really hot! hehehe !

    EYyyy kewl it down
    don’t lame As$ the blogger!

    i love his articles!

  4. Fuck you!! What did you just say?? okay lg ung kanta ng NOFX..? As in ok lg kanta nila para sayo? Eh mamumura pla kita kung gnun.. Brad, d muba kilala ang NOFX? One of the best punk rock band in the world.. Bwisit ang blog n to! Pro yummy c yasmien.. haha! BITCH!

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