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Teka, lumang-luma na ito. Allow me to update this page in a month or so.


I’m already 36 years old, married and have a 4-year-old daughter.

Sumikat ako noong 2007 dahil sa website ko na Boy Bastos. Ngayon, laos na ako.

I make a living purely online. I love music. I love cars. I love the family life.

This blog has been online since 2006. Welcome to my life.

Original, unaltered pretentious About Me from 2007 below:

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And so be it.

I’m Mark Verzo. I’m in my early twenties. I’m a compulsive liar. My time (2006) revolves around the following activities: Internet (creating & updating sites for a living), playing guitar, writing guitar riffs and songs for my band, playing billiards, fixing my truck (1999 Nissan Frontier with air suspension :-)), hanging out with my GF (sorry girls… but if you’re persistent, email me :-)), hanging out with my car-addict friends, gigging and watching gigs, smoking my lungs out, watching pirated tv series dvd’s consecutively, and sleeping like there’s no tomorrow.

Now let’s go through each item, shall we?


I don’t have a job. I make a living from Internet ads (AdSense, AdBrite, etc.), so this might be the gist of my blog’s content. In 2006 one of my sites reached the Top 100 Philippine Sites in Alexa’s rating. I will keep that site secret from this blog because God might see that I created that site and it might cost me my ticket to paradise. My other main site is Bembang!. You should have an idea of my secret site if you look hard enough in Bembang!. All of the other sites that I operate can be found under Bembang!’s Links.


My love affair with the guitar started when I was in Grade 6. I thought it was really cool that my friends could play the intro riff to Enter Sandman and/or the Mr. Big’s To Be With You. So I decided to learn. I took some formal lessons but that didn’t really help much. I learned from playing my ass off. I used to have a really long guitar chord so I could play my electric guitar while crapping. I’m quite good but I used to be a lot better; solely because now I concentrate more on creating original riffs. By the way, I started a Philippine Guitar Community – Kuwerdas.com


My frustration. I found billiards when I was 19. Actually, the first time I ever played was probably when I was around 13 or 14, but I took it seriously when I was 19. That age was too late to ever start a career in Pool. Anything’s possible, I know. But still, the advantage I could’ve gotten if I played earlier would’ve been tremendous. We used to have a pool table. I bought it with my own money back in college. I sold it because we had to move. I play pool 2-3 times a week and try to be better everytime. By the way, I started a Philippine Billiards Community – bilyar.NET

I’ll continue this shit some other time…

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