The theme song from House

Also, “The House theme song”

The theme song for House M.D., the TV series brought to you by Fox starring Hugh Laurie as Gregory House, is entitled “Teardrop” by a trip hop band from Bristol, England called Massive Attack. It came from the album Mezzanine, and was released in 1998.

The song opens with a drum beat that is reminiscent of a heartbeat, which adapted easily to the show’s medical theme. In the show, the instrumental version is used; the single which was launched in 1998 featured vocals by Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins.

I apologize but I have to take out the .mp3 file from this page due to some complaints. Anyway, you can always stream or download it online legally from Napster.

Entourage theme song lyrics

A couple of days ago I posted a search engine experiment regarding Entourage’s theme song. I was able to land the first page of Google then I realized I also got hits for the search phrase “entourage theme song lyrics.”

Again, the song is an original by Jane’s Addicition entitled Superhero.

Here are the edited lyrics from the show. They removed the first verse, and removed the middle two lines of the chorus.

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

My mind had been enabled
In a memory you overflowed
Want to be your superhero
Even if I tumble fall

I’m ok
You know I need you desperately

I want to be your superhero

Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

And, here are the complete lyrics of the song.

The theme song from Entourage

Also, “The Entourage theme song”

After scouring the internet for an answer, I have finally found it. The theme song from HBO’s popular TV series Entourage, is entitled “Superhero” by the band Jane’s Addicition. It’s from the album Strays.

March 2, 2009 update

Posts like these inspired me to create another spin-off blog aptly called, Theme Songs, where I will try to list as much television and movie theme songs as I can. Please do check it out.

Entourage theme song ringtone

Seriously. If you found this post useful, and if you truly are searching for the ringtone of “Superhero,” please consider starting your search from the link below. Thank you.

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Ali Larter in Entourage

Yup, you heard in right. Ali Larter, major-babe, probably best known for playing “Nikki/Jessica Sanders” in Heroes, is in the pilot episode, Season 1, Episode 1, of HBO’s hit series, Entourage. I bet you missed that. She made her entrance at around 7:34 of the episode. At this point they were already at the after-premiere party, Turtle and E were discussing something censored when Drama approaches and says “Legally blond, two o’ clock.” It turns out Ali, who was playing herself knows the group and says “Where’s Vince? I can’t find him anywhere.” Read the rest of the dialogue below.

“I don’t even think he came tonight, Ali.”

“Don’t fuck with me, Turtle! Tell me where he is!”

“Do we really have to do this again tonight, come on!”

“Go fuck yourself, Eric!”

Speak Tagalog

Tagalog language, Filipino, Philippines, Pilipino

I know, I know, this is a uncalled for – a totally unrelated post. But wait, this post will serve two purposes – one for the the reader and one for the blogger. You, being the reader, will most probably find what you are looking for here.

Learn to speak the Tagalog language

I, the blogger, am Filipino. I speak Tagalog everyday. You, the reader, are a foreigner, who most probably will set foot in the Philippines soon. For a business trip perhaps, for vacation, maybe you don’t even give a rat’s ass about the Philippines, or maybe you are a Filipino, born and raised in a foreign country. Let me just say that Tagalog is a fairly easy language to learn, based in Spanish and English, it is though, a dialect of dialects. Filipino like that which pertains to a citizen of the Philippines, is also what we call our national language.

I’m sure you’ve come across those Learn to speak Tagalog websites all over the internet. Let me just say that most of the sites you would encounter on a “speak Tagalog” search query will land you on a site selling a Tagalog-learning software. Whether you like it or not, nothing comes free nowadays, so be ready to shell out some money if you’re really serious about learning Tagalog. In this post, we’ll try to cover all bases and options.

So seriously though, experience is the best teacher, hang around the streets of Manila and you’ll be speaking Tagalog in no time. We, the Filipinos, speak English very well. It is rather rare to come across someone who does not understand English. But, of course you probably already knew that.

Now let’s go over learning Tagalog via purchasing a software learning course. Here’s where the beauty of the internet comes in. No more going through language classes as if you were back to school. One world renowned language learning software is the one made by RosettaStone ( It is quite pricey starting at $109.95, but there are two levels of proficiency. Then, there is the all-products-carried superstore,, which happens to sell three rather cheaper, but more basic, learn Tagalog books – Learn Filipino, Book One, which sells for $29.95, and Conversational Tagalog: Learn to Speak and Understand Tagalog with Pimsleur Language Programs, which sell for $32.97.

See you around the Philippines! Up next, must-see tourist locations.