Manila International Auto Show 2009

MIAS 2009; whoa, an update

The car show season is upon us. Good thing I was able to catch the last day (yesterday, April 5) of “MIAS” 2009. I was there in 2007, but last year, I don’t remember (and can’t believe) how it passed me. Anyway, MIAS is not a Trans Sport Show – tuner and custom car-wise, which means majority of the displays are latest offerings from manufacturers, although there were still a lot of cool “customs.” After all, they need to pack the World Trade Center.

What I really want to see however, is a Trans Sport Show-type show held there (WTC). The World Trade Center is just perfect for such. Imagine a full week’s worth of cars, activities outdoors (e.g. Russ Swift’s demonstration, competitions), food, honeyz (naks), the whole shebang. Someone please create the perfect Philippine car show.

Thoughts In Binary

The photos will tell the story. I was only able to take photos of 2 promo girls. Damn it. I encountered a small hassle issue with the kumander, plus, it was almost closing, so less girls. I did however take photos of all the motorcycles there (haha) – my new “thing.” Click below.


Since my last update

August 2008

Added one to my age. Was forced to celebrate my birthday when all I had planned was to mukmok at home. Sid’s, the bar where I spent my birthday eve, has been closed since. It is now known as Sub Zero – a suckish music bar wannabe with the tagline, “The cool place for hot music!”

Got a mountain bike for my birthday.

September 2008

Started my health quest. Biked everyday. Felt stronger everyday – I increased my distance (route) and length (time) daily. Literally, I got stronger. I even managed to cut down on my smoking by a couple of sticks per day.

I bought a desktop torrent slash media rig as an additional personal birthday gift. To this day (February 6, 2009), I’ve downloaded 640 GB worth of “piracy.” Good stuff. I also badly want to ditch my laptop and settle for a desktop workhorse for this “internet” thing.

October 2008

Of course whilst ditching this blog, I started blogging on Bebot, Bebot! almost daily. I now know for sure that Bebot won’t make me rich. It will be big someday but the ratio of workload to growth is tight. I will stick with it because there, I can get away with really short posts.

I also tried blackhat. For the first time, I experienced having a site banned from Google’s index. Quite exciting I have to say. I learned that in blackhat, although you think less, repetition will bore you to death.

November 2008

Did some CPA affiliate marketing – actually made a few and learned a few. It sucks that in AdWords, the guys is the U.S. have direct account debit whilst I have to stick with whatever limit my credit card gives me. Them who make $10,000 per day might be spending as much as $5,000 per day on AdWords and the like. How the hell can I do that with a Php 70,000-monthly limit credit card.

I might have already stopped biking mid-November. I don’t know why. I’m just ningas-kugon like that.

December 2008

I’m a sucker for the holidays. Everything just feels different. I wanted to be part of the long vacation so I stopped working as well, only my vacation was a lot longer. Har, har.

People, barkada, a lot, went home last December. I’ve reached this point in my life where I’d rather stay at home or drink in someone else’s than go out. Surprisingly, it was quite cool to hit the bars once again.

January 2009

Farewell, The Alabang. My stuff is now split into three different places – The Alabang, because we haven’t finished cleaning up the junk, Bicutan, where my family now lives, and Las Piñas, where I skipped the “bachelor pad” idea and went straight to “living-in.” Yeah, well, it’s nothing new for me and my girl, but still, I feel like such a grown-up!

To be continued…

WordPress is updating more than I post

WordPress 2.6

Time for yet another WordPress update; get WordPress 2.6 here.

In the world of software updates, “just do it” works. And with WordPress, if you are the type of webmaster who delays software updates for when you have “free time,” you will find yourself behind by a couple of software versions in no time.

Besides, the obsessive updating of WordPress’ code means WordPress is the best and most advanced blog software available – millions of supporters and users looking for possible vulnerabilies in the code, and hundreds of developers attending to it.

WordPress is, and will always be, the only way. Seems as though I am directing this post to a non-Wordpress user. Maybe, maybe not.

Ghastly Rick Astley

Rick Astley live in the Philippines

I don’t quite get why Rick Astley is suddenly everywhere; what started out as an April Fools’ Joke – the one where you get “Rickrolled,” although I can’t seem to find the link, then the infamous participation of YouTube. And now, his career is back. But, the joke’s on him.

Anyway, I still want people looking for information on his upcoming concert to land here so here goes. August 1, 2008, 8:00 p.m. Araneta Coliseum. Tickets are priced as follows: Php 5,250 for VIP, Php 4,200 for Patron, Php 3,150 for Lower Box, Php 2,100 for Upper Box A, Php 1,050 for Upper Box B, and Php 520 for General Admission.

Anyway, responsible for bringing him over, just in case you want to bomb their offices are MYX, Mossimo, someone else, and the Puerto Galera Holy Week Congregation. You may call TicketNet at 911-5555, or the gay suicide hotline at 969-6969.

Marian Rivera, the sexiest?

With Marian Rivera clinching the title “Sexiest Woman” in the Philippines, responsible of course for placing her in such high a pedestal is FHM, I find it hard to ignore the issues and questions surrounding this unwanted race for “the most,” in God-given, ergo, not man-made gifts – to the people, the organization and to Marian.

Enough with the drama. Let’s take a minute here and compare the Philippines Sexiest, Marian Rivera, with the global race winner, Megan Fox. Marian Rivera versus Megan Fox, now that’s something; wait, strike that, “nothing.”

When asked to crown the “sexiest,” let us not forget the first three letters which spells “sex,” or, more appropriately, “sex appeal.” Let us then consider how much of Marian’s skin we’ve seen to help us place her even in our lowest of fantasies – granted she has not appeared in any of the three major men’s magazines. Like all which involves voting and ballots, it has obviously turned out to be a popularity race.

It’s tough for FHM as well, borderline “low-blow,” to crown someone they don’t even have pictures of. How credible is a leading publication about women who awards a leading woman they know nothing of? Consolation – they did not let politics get the best of them.

And to the taray queen, who obviously is the winner in all aspects here; not much can be done except to hope that in the future, the title will be given to a deserving someone who bared for the people (just imagine how much a Katrina Halili or a Diana Zubiri had to go through – Dyesebel costume not counted), has no “scandals” doubting her true being, and lastly, is sexy.

I’m not gay nor a hater; Marian, honestly, is near-perfect. She has everything (rather, has been given everything but has yet to accomplish “something”). She is gorgeous and beautiful – in an “I will love and keep you forever, and give everything you desire” kind of way, but once Megan Fox takes off her clothes in front of me… I WILL cheat. But, this, and everything else you read here, is just me.

Photo below was stolen from someone who stole it from somewhere.

Marian Rivera

June 2008 income

As said in my previous post, and like my statistics reporting, my monthly income reporting was stopped last October 2007. The first from last year’s series was a report on August 2007’s income. It then lasted only three months. Nobody gave a fudge as usual – who would care about a $20 income from a blog anyway? But it helped me and it meant something to me. It felt like I was achieving something more every month, no matter how small.

Now, I will give it another try. And like what I realized in my previous post, I stopped increasing my earnings when I stopped pressuring myself from reporting about it every month. This can also serve as a gauge for other bloggers, especially if combined with my traffic figures. But, I will however explain in the end how I don’t care that much for this blog’s earnings.


Last year I had three income streams for this blog – AdSense, Amazon Affiliates, and Text Links Ads. Now, eight months later, I still only have three. I kept promising to myself to add more income streams, but the will ended when the reporting ended. Anyway for June 2008, my income for this blog is as follows: $32.14 from Google AdSense, $22.89 from Text Link Ads and $1.70 from Amazon Affiliates. Which brings us to a whopping grand total of $56.73. Again, I’m right where I left off – $54.13 last October 2007.

Thoughts and why I even bother

I guess I just want to get rid of typical me for once – he who never finishes what he started – plus, I feel that I’m slowly letting this blog slip away from growing. I barely post nowadays, even if I lowered my monthly post quota to ten. When I did this monthly reporting last year, even though it felt like I was talking to myself, I felt happy and content. I felt like I achieved something every month, and I did, and I learned a lot.

You might think $56.73 a month from a blog is a waste of time. To tell you the truth, it is. With my traffic, bloggers can earn twice to thrice $56.73 easily. How? First off, by optimizing ad positions and adding more income streams. All of which I do know, but have chosen not to apply to this blog. Why? Because this blog is my playground, this blog is the “concept car” while my other sites are the ones in production. I learn a lot from doing small experiments here, and I’d like it to stay that way.

June 2008 statistics

After 8 months

Last year I started reporting my blog’s monthly traffic statistics and income regularly, ala John Chow, and for some unknown reason in November, I stopped. I wouldn’t say it was because nobody gave a fudge about it (it’s true), because I did it for myself. I did it because it was challenging – to raise my statistics and income every month. And it worked. From when I started doing it in May last year up to October, my traffic raised by a couple of hundred (daily average) visits every month.

Now my blog is now in a rut, and what better way to relieve it from this slump than to repeat something that already worked before. I will now give it another try, and hopefully, my attitude towards regular posting and general internet marketing for this blog will be affected. I used to love blogging, but now I admit it’s slowly beginning to feel like work. So if you at all know me, to say the least, then you know my sentiments on “work.”


Last June, my blog had 26,337 unique visitors, which means I’m just about right (lower, actually) where I left off – 29,587 in October 2007. I had a total of 40,127 visits – again lower than October last year, and served a total 112,532 pages. I ate up 12.35 GB of bandwidth, from an average of 1,337.57 visits per day. Google gave me 9,249 referrals, and Yahoo!, 2,063. These statistics are based from AwStats, as always, so if you want the Google Analytics equivalent, subtract around 15%.


8 months after, I ruined my blog’s increasing numbers and actually went lower. Although I wouldn’t exactly say I am doing worse now – my blog has more pages than ever, therefore more keywords, but I can safely say I stopped my blog from growing. From this month on, I plan to raise traffic regularly by pressuring myself to want something to report better than the last – even if it means only a couple hundred visits more.

I ruined it. But it’s not too late. By the way, my traffic record stands at 39,119 in November last year, but I admit it was a fluke. Because back then, even my name was being googled. My record for most visits in a day was in October 25 last year at 3,411. Again not counted, because people still visited “BB” back then, which led them here. Here are the rest of this year’s statistics for your curiousitiy. See you next month with more traffic. Next post will be on last month’s income. Get ready to be bored.

Discovery Real Time rules

For the quintessential Petrol Head

Just the other day I while was doing my usual before-sleeping channel surfing – already expecting to bitch once more about Sky Cable’s incompetence and lack of cool channels, I chanced upon a rare too-good-to-be-true program which featured metalworks, custom fabrication, wheels, chrome and paint. The show, American Hot Rod. What the hell channel is this? Discovery Real Time. What should have been an hour’s maximum tube time became five.

Car show after car show after another. If not cars, motorcycles – which rules as well. If not motorcycles, then maybe a hint of boats and planes sometimes, which is not too bad either. Overhaulin’, Fifth Gear, Biker Build Off, The Kustomizer, War of the Wheels, just to name a few.

What I could not seem to digest however, was the running announcement on the bottom. Basically, it says the channel will last only until June 30 (today), unless we upgrade to Sky Cable Platinum.

The solution

This totally sucks. I hate this setup. I find myself watching less and less television since Sky Cable dropped bTV, Solar Sports and the other RPN-owned channels. The whole ruckus between Destiny, Sky and Solar drains the life out of Philippine cable television. I don’t really know who’s exactly to blame, but we still enjoy and like Sky Cable’s Zpdee, which is why we remain with them.

To upgrade to Sky Cable Platinum we’d have to pay an extra Php 840 to our Php 520 monthly-worth Silver subscription. With that much I think I’d rather pay for an extra (different) cable provider (e.g. Destiny), with broadband internet – to be dedicated to torrent downloading. Well, all of The Discovery Real Time shows are available for downloading, which is what I’m already doing anyway, so screw you capitalists. Pirates rule.

Panic! At The Disco live in the Philippines

Concert August 14, 2008

Ah, good stuff. “Panic!,” “PATD” is coming over. Mark your calendars. August 14, 2008, Thursday, 8:00 p.m. at the Araneta Coliseum. Again, I don’t know who brought them over – thanks to blogs posting for search engine traffic. Anyway, tickets are reasonably priced – Php 3,950 for Patron VIP, Php 3,450 for Patron and Lower Box, Php 1,750 for Upper Box A, Php 950 for Upper Box B, and Php 450 for General Admission.

TicketNet again for tickets – 911-5555. Like I’ve said to all Panic! At The Disco doubters in the past, “listen to the whole album, man.” PATD rocks.

New Found Glory, Simple Plan, Philippines

Live in the Philippines with Jamie Scott & The Town

The tour/concert is called “Rock N Rule,” and is actually headlined by Simple Plan. But if at all, I’m in it for New Found Glory, at least. Araneta Coliseum, August 4, 2008, Monday, 8:00 p.m. Tickets – a whopping Php 7,500 for Patron VIP, Php 5,775 for Patron, Php 5,250 for Lower Box, Php 2,300 for Upper Box A, Php 1,050 for Upper Box B, and Php 525 for General Admission.

Brought to you by… I don’t know yet. Tickets by TicketNet – the one in SM Malls. Contact TicketNet at 911-5555. Simple Plan sucks.