My first check via Secured Express Delivery

Since my stolen check incident, I’ve decided to give Secured Express Delivery a try. Today the DHL guy delivered my AdSense check. That was fast! For me at least. No more guessing game on when my check will arrive or if it will ever arrive! According to my account, payment was sent on October 23, 2006. Came in on the 30th, a lot better than coming in on the 15th (normal arrival using standard method in my location). Plus, as with most courier services, there’s a tracking number which you can use to “keep an eye” on the document. Definitely worth the $24 processing fee.

Google AdSense check

World Pool Championships MIGHT be ours for 3 years

I’m sure you’ve heard all the buzz about the 2006 World Pool Championships which will be held here in Manila right? If not, well, it’s only the biggest tournament in 9-ball pool… Anyway, I just got word from Pamela Pascual of RAYA Sports that in line with getting the bid to host this year’s tournament, the organizers have the right to avail the 3-year consecutive hosting package. I guess this is what happened when they held it consecutively in Cardiff, Wales.

Pool fans let’s try to keep the tournament here longer! Support the World Pool Championships this November 4 – 12 in PICC!

Tickets are available through TicketWorld.

Some dude stole and cashed my AdSense check!

I’ve been itching to publish this… So it has now been 3 months since I last received an AdSense check. The first month I was alarmed since Google checks come in like clockwork. But I figured what the heck since S happens anyway. The 2nd month it still did not arrive in it’s usual time frame (2nd week of the month here in the Philippines). I cancelled the first check that did not arrive on the 25th, as per Google’s policy, and since I was more worried this time, I tried to ask Google if they can put a stop payment on the check even if it was only around the 15th of the month. Walla! They said that it has already been cashed and I should check my bank records. WTF!? I doubt that Google would have a bug in their system so I started to think… Did I? Have I? But any way I look at it I know that I’m not mistaken. So I politely told Google that I in fact have not received the check nor cashed it. Luckily they replied that they can send me a scanned copy of the cashed check but it would take about 3 weeks. I followed this up after about 2 weeks and they replied with an attatchment.

Google AdSense Scam

Some dude stole my check, signed it, and cashed it. Luckily, we could still see the details in the back. It was cashed in East West Bank in Dagupan. Obviously we called that bank and complained. Next thing I know some dude from a money-changing business in Dagupan called me. It seems that the guy who had my check sold it to the money changer. I didn’t even know they could do this. First of all that would be double endorsement. You just can’t cash a check with someone else’s name into your account. But since these money changer guys have lots of money in their accounts, they are given exceptions. We were told by the money changer that before they buy checks they ask for valid id’s. We asked a copy of the id’s but they haven’t sent us any.

The only good thing about this is that the money changer agreed to return my money. I guess it’s their loss because they already paid the guy and most probably won’t ever see his dumb ass again. That MF SOB!

The culprit? I only have one suspect. Those nice people at our local post office who calls me by my first name and tries to small talk me every time I’m there. I just know. F them!

Now due to this incident I’ve asked Google to cancel my 3rd check and they did even though it still wasn’t the 25th. Thanks G! I’ve also selected the DHL service even if it costs me around $20/month. I guess that’s what I get for being a cheapass.

Balik blogging!

Hello World! I’m back to blogging. I’ll give this one more try. See, according to my old blog, which used Movable Type, I started blogging in July 24, 2005. I think my last post was in July 25, 2005. Now, I’m going to try to update this POS blog everyday… Why? Because I can earn from this! A bunch’a Noyps out there are blogging for a living. I want a piece of the pie… You know why I wasn’t able to continue my old blog? Because I’m an O.C. SOB who can only look at and update a site if the design feels right. If IT feels right to me. And believe me, what looks good to my eyes is not even pretty to most of you. It’s a sickness. I might have already been Big-Bucks-Mark-Verzo if I prioritized form over function. But NO! SOB!!! Check out that dude who earns about $300,000 a month from Ad Sense. The stupid site’s design is FUGLY! F that SOB! Oh, by the way, I’m Mark Verzo, I’m pogi, I’m always single but never lonely, I make and maintain sites for a living and I love Mini-Trucks! So join me in this journey… Because most of the time I will put a lot of sense into this blog. I need visitors to earn from the G’damn ads!

P.S. I’m now using Word Press (Obviously).

P.P.S. And I will NOT modify this F’N default theme!!!