My Kawasaki Ninja ZXR 250

Unleashing the biker in me

When I was a kid, people would “angkas me” on all sorts of motorcycles. My father owned a motocross-looking bike; my home-service barber, just to be able to snip an inch of my hair, would promise to give me a ride after – if I behave properly whilst getting a haircut. He called it “one-round,” so I was “one-round boy” back in the day. In high school my dad brought home one day two 50cc scooters. Those were my “rides.” I’d bring it to band jamming – one trip to bring my guitar, another to bring a small amplifier, to the park to play basketball, to school, to Town Center.

Although I’m still a car-boy at heart, I figured I needed another means to get me by the near places. Fetch my girl from work outside the village, go to the mall, bring her home, before finally returning home averages at around Php 100 for gas – an almost daily expense. I wanted a scooter to begin with but a thought entered my mind – “Si Mark hindi na naka-graduate sa scooter.” Then my cousin started yapping about how he’s thinking of riding a motorcycle when he goes to nursing school.

So, after about a month of lurking over all sorts of classifieds and motorcycle forums, I had a clear idea of what I wanted and a working budget. A 250cc standard or sports bike fits the bill nicely. My type – slow and low driving – screams cruisers (Harley, Honda Steed) , but I still can’t fathom how I’d look on one of those. I also crossed out China-made bikes early on, but don’t blame me, I just believe what I read. After checking out a handful of really thrashed bikes, things were starting to look good. I did stretch my budget far and wide from the original, but I honestly think I found a good deal.

Below is what I got – a 1997 Kawasaki ZXR 250 RR (race replica) Ninja. A 250cc, non-highway legal, old but new-school looking sports bike. Condition is excellent. Seller is a veteran player, owns a shop, will take care of maintenance, and is an honest, bike-loving married couple. Honestly, I’m not digging the paint scheme much, but I figured I’d get future, inevitable scratches and dings out of the way first before I even consider pimping it up. I do consider myself a semi-beginner biker. Vroom! The coolest thing that blogging bought?

Kawasaki ZXR 250

Found the service manual of this bike.