dubshop now in Alabang

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That nice little shop along Timog Ave., the one with all the bling wheels, the one I’ve always wanted to check-out, is now in The Alabang. Yeah, yeah whatever, but this is important for me. The one in Timog Ave., well, I can’t seem to catch it open since I only find myself within the vicinity during nighttime. Anyway, I got the idea for this post, since someone over at bilyar.NET posted what I had first thought was something really off-topic. Then I saw this picture. Yup, that’s a Brunswick Metro in their lounge area, the exact same thing used in the World Pool Championships.

Anyway, I checked out dubshop Alabang a couple yesterday. Unfortunately, there was no Brunswick Metro, but, I finally got to see some nice dubs. I estimated their display stocks to be around 100 unique wheels. They are located within Minerva Tyre Gallery – something I thought and hoped had already closed. They just rent out the display area of Minerva; it’s just beside Total Gas Station, over at Westgate, and you could see the display from Commerce Ave. or Petron. I’d rather not post the poor-quality photos I took with this post, but here’s one, and here’s another one.


Just a really, really short story about Minerva Tyre Gallery. A few months ago I went there to have some tires mounted on my mags. I arrived early and was advised by the counter to wait for their general meeting to end. I noticed the manager was really, really pissed. He was yelling and cursing all over the place, and me plus some other waiting customers could see easily see and feel his wrath on the poor employees. When it was time to entertain me, I noticed his tone had not changed. “Sir, customer po ako hindi empleyado, kung pwede lang paki-babaan boses nyo.” In fairness, I was asking something really hard to pull-off done – but it was doable. Toned down and all, he said, “Boss, 20 years na po ako nag ma-mount ng gulong, hindi po pwede yang pinapagawa nyo. Masyado makitid ang mags at masyado malapad gulong nyo.” I proceeded to my suki in Sucat. Boom. Done in 5 minutes. My attempt to save a little gas to go to the nearer Minerva did not pay off. And besides, Minerva was charging me Php 400 for what cost me only Php 50 (per tire) in Sucat.